Ken Ham Is Shocked — Shocked!

It’s always amusing to see the things that upset Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He just posted this at Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: A Christian Equips Atheists to Debate Christians. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

A rather sad article appeared recently in the publication Skeptical Inquirer, published by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. This article was titled “Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened.” In it, the author, Lorence G. Collins, a geologist, critiques the idea of a global Flood, claiming the evidence simply doesn’t support such an idea.

This is the article: Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened. It’s heavy on geology, which makes it different from our own Top Ten Reasons Noah’s Flood is Mythology.

Hambo says this about Collins’ “rather sad” article:

The sad thing about the article is that Dr. Collins is a professing Christian. He begins his article by saying,

[Hambo quotes Collins:] I realize that readers of Skeptical Inquirer accept modern scientific views on this subject [the formation of the rock layers], but this examination of the creationist claims might be useful when communicating with others less imbued with scientific thinking.

The bracketed material within that quote was added by Hambo, but it’s accurate. After that he tells us:

Apparently Dr. Collins must think that if someone disagrees with the naturalistic model that rejects God’s Word and is an interpretation imposed on the evidence, the person is “less imbued with scientific thinking” than those who do accept this framework.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course that’s what he thinks. It’s a flamingly obvious fact! But not to Hambo. He continues:

Many creationists love science, of course, and are quite knowledgeable. Indeed, many hold degrees — even PhDs — in their field, including several who work here, such as … .

He gives us a roster of the creation scientists on his payroll, whose posts at AIG are familiar to us. We’ll skip that and read on:

Now, we’re used to hearing false claims like that. What made me sad was that Dr. Collins was specifically writing this article to give Skeptical Inquirer magazine readers counter-arguments to use against Christians.

When Hambo says “Christians” he means creationists — the only true Christians. Another excerpt:

And who are the readers of this magazine? Most are skeptics and atheists! [Gasp!] A professing believer (who claims on his website [Collins’ website] that he has “sought to bring people to Christ”) is trying to equip unbelievers to tear down the faith of believers!

This is an outrage! Here’s more:

Ultimately, he is helping atheists attack God’s Word and the Christian faith. I would not want to be in his shoes standing before our holy God — he will give an account one day!

Ooooooooooooh! It’s the Lake of Fire! And now we come to the end:

As believers, we are commanded to tear down arguments that are against the knowledge of Christ and make our thoughts obedient to him [scripture reference]. Dr. Collins certainly isn’t doing that when it comes to origins. Instead, he’s taking man’s ideas and reinterpreting God’s Word in light of them. No longer is God the authority — instead Dr. Collins has made evolution-believing scientists and their interpretation of the evidence (and thus, even himself) the authority.

Strong words indeed! But we didn’t see much that discredited Collins’ arguments. No doubt, Hambo’s creation scientists are working on it.

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26 responses to “Ken Ham Is Shocked — Shocked!

  1. Lewis Thomason

    Ham would be even more shocked to learn that most Israeli archeologist really don’t think that the Exodus out of Egypt ever happened.

  2. Please note that there is nothing in the Bible about the Grand Canyon. Nothing about the Flood and carving canyons. Rhee is no reason for Bible-believing Christians to have any opinion about the origins of the Grand Canyon. To say otherwise is to enlarge on the Bible. I would hate to stand in judgement for that.

  3. Ross Cameron

    Nibble by nibble, the ground is disappearing from under creo`s beliefs. But I reckon in another 100 years (if Odin permits), there will still be Hambos running around saying they have proved the bible.

  4. Mark Germano

    “What made me sad was that Dr. Collins was specifically writing this article to give Skeptical Inquirer magazine readers counter-arguments to use against Christians.”

    And, yet, here he is giving his readers counter-counter-arguments to use against other Christians. Hypocrite, thy name is Ken Ham.

    “I would not want to be in his shoes standing before our holy God — he will give an account one day!”

    Here is a reminder that Ken Ham isn’t just an anti-evolution creationist clown, but also a terrible, frightful human being.

  5. Anybody know what Hams resident status is? Did he become a citizen? Would love to deport home for being a con man.

  6. Theodore Lawry

    As always, Ham identifies Christianity and God’s Word with what he believes. If God exists, I hope for Ham’s sake He has a sense of humor!

  7. Dr. Collins has either read St. Augustine’s admonitions, or he intuitively understands that if you want people to follow the teachings of Jesus, don’t ask them to believe things that are plainly not so.

    Again, if Ken Ham is genuinely interested in having people be “good Christians”, at least as far as their behavior is concerned, he should read St. Augustine and take his message to heart. He’s got way too much invested in his “museum” and Ark Park for that to happen, though.

  8. Dave Luckett

    I suppose it’s worth saying again: Ham believes in a terrible god, a god of infinite vengeance, endless cruelty and unlimited ferocity. This god drowned the world; it killed the first-born of an entire nation none of whom bore any responsibility for the acts of its ruler; he demanded and committed genocide, not once but several times. Random murder and whimsical torment mark this deity’s path. Psychopathic demands are its currency. Threats of infinite agony are its ordinary discourse.

    Christians like Dr Collins have the reasonable comfort of knowing that none of those hideous crimes ever actually happened, but Ham demands, as an essential of his religion, a literal belief in them, and in the infinite cosmic sadist who committed them. But not only belief. Worship. Praise. Submission. Obedience.

    And that’s what fills me with cold creeping horror. I can get along with Christians like Collins, and have no desire to insult their faith. But when I contemplate Ham, I see a monster.

    So I suppose, for me, it’s not Ham’s perversion of the facts, and it’s not his willful embrace of ignorance. It’s his towering depravity, made far worse by its presentation as moral goodness. Contemplation of it, even now, when I should be used to it, brings on actual nausea.

    And what horrifies me even worse is that Ham has a following.

  9. Looks like Collins’ article contains some ‘new’ debunkings, ie ones previously written by him, of a ‘worldwide’ or ‘global’ flood – and of the YEC arguments trying to use ‘science’ to confirm one.

    Ham’s tribalism – evident in response to such articles – is such that he obviously detests the ‘wrong sort’ of Christian as much as non-Christians/atheists.anti-Christians. And instead of addressing any of the detailed arguments in the article he just spouts his usual guff that ‘biblical creationists’ ‘love’ science (and that many of the people who work for his outfit – unlike him – have PhDs ie the argument from authority).

    And you can make a biblical case for that (especially if you assume the critic is some sort of a ‘pretend Christian’ whether deceiving or deceived. Though you can also make a biblical case for loving your neighbour and forgiving your enemies…

    More from (Lorence) Collins here:

    No wonder Ken Ham is rabble rousing against Collins. Unlike bigots like him, pro-science and rational Christians accept that ‘atheists’ are not ‘wrong about everything’ or always ‘lying to discredit the Bible’. Hence the loose alliances between reasonable and honest Christians and non-Christians and ‘sceptics’. Something which is anathema to fundamentalists especially ‘biblical creationists’. Ham probably also hates it if atheists offer to Christians arguments against ‘biblical creationist’ ‘flood geology’ claims.

    Collins is neither attacking the Bible nor Christians/Christianity in general. He is attacking debunking pseudo-scientific and extra-biblical claims made by modern young earth creationists like Mr Ham. People who in reality, because the natural world does not confirm their narrow beliefs, could not care less about what the rock and fossil record at the Grand Canyon reveals (not only what probably did happen in the past but also what could not have happened or could not have happened within ‘biblical’ timescales).

    No dinosaur fossils found at the Grand Canyon either …

  10. Ol’Hambo declares that “Many creationists love science, of course,” This is a sure sign that they reject those part that don’t suit them.

    Ashley speculates: “Ham probably also hates it if atheists offer to Christians arguments against ‘biblical creationist’ ‘flood geology’ claims.”
    I doubt it. Materialist athiest nazicommies are doing the devil’s work anyway and if christians get seduced it only confirms Ol’Hambo’s views. He will claim it makes him sad that so many christians are off the right path. Silently it will make him feel righteous and superior. That’s unchristian, of course, but someone who predicts what YHWH’s judgment will be if another person stands before him incurably suffers from the sin of vanity anyway.

  11. We should also note another, more subtle form of hypocrisy. Creacrappers Always complain that scientists (ie professionals, not the clowns that get paid by outfits like AIG and DI) don’t pay attention to their creacrap. Now an actual scientist does and Ol’Hambo still finds a reason to whine.

  12. One should not forget that the one and only Dr Andrew Snelling is on the staff at AIG – correction: he is the “Director of Research” at AIG. Snelling, an Australian (oh, the shame!), practised for many years as a geologist in Australia, including mining companies as clients; he has a PhD in geology from the University of Sydney.

    What surprises me is… why didn’t Ken mention Snelling? Why didn’t Ken announce that Snelling will debunk each and every one of Collins’ arguments using scientific evidence? I mean, Snelling, of all people, is perfectly qualified to do this little favour for Ken.

  13. Deep trachea

    According to Wikipedia Ham is only an Australian citizen.

  14. There’s a nice piece about Snelling called Will the real Dr Snelling please stand up? on the NoAnswersInGenesis website.

  15. Deep trachea: Sob!

  16. “… Indeed, many hold degrees — even PhDs…” means NOTHING!!
    It aint called “piled Higher & Deeper” for nothing! I know 3 PhDs that when they open their mouths, make my non-degreed ass look way smarter! Anyone can go to a “college” and bribe a PhD out of them. AiG is full of them!

  17. Who says something is generally not imporrtant. The first issue is what they say. And no one has offered an alternative to evolutionary biology as an explanation for the variety of life. The most that can be claimed is that there is a fatal flaw in evolution. But until there is an alternative, evolution is the best – the only – explanation, for example, for the tree of life.

  18. Flood geology “explanations” of the stratigraphy and geomorphology of the Grand Canyon have always been absurd creacrap. Collins patiently lays out 21 simple explanations for why this is, in his article. I think Hambo identifies these types of papers to his readership in order to give the impression that a scientific debate is occurring regarding the evidence supporting the “flood”. Hambo’s article is an appeal to the piety, faith and confirmation bias of his adherents isn’t it? Great business model actually but a total rejection of the scientific method, as always.

  19. Hambo is wrong about another thing (surprise!) Skeptical Inquirer is the religion friendly publication of CSICOP where Free Inquiry is the atheist/free thinker publication. Apparently there are a lot of skeptics that draw the skeptical line at their religion.

  20. docbill1351

    I know 3 PhDs that when they open their mouths, make my non-degreed ass look way smarter!

    HEYYYYYYY!!! I resemble that remark!!!

  21. Michael Fugate

    Isn’t the number one reason the flood is a myth is that no god’s bladder could be that big?

  22. Stephen Kennedy

    It is telling that Hambo fumed about the paper but did not offer any kind of rebuttal to the 21 points that Dr. Collins made. It is true that for a layman reading this Geology paper is not easy but Hambo claims to have world class scientists on his staff but none of them seem to be able to counter any of Dr. Collins’ points either.

    Hambo claims his organization is full of scientific expertise but when actually challenged with scientific facts by a real scientists they are unable to offer any kind of relevant counter argument.

  23. AiG attempted a rebuttal here, with Andrew Snelling: (from 4 minutes in to nearly 26 minutes: comments are ‘disabled’ for this video)
    And failed.
    Now – for instance – we have an AiG ‘global flood’ during which the waters were allegedly ‘super saturated with salt’. Which is NOT mentioned or remotely implied in the BIBLE.
    The lying bigots also question Collins’ Christianity. Surprise Surprise. I question theirs at times, frankly. They weren’t there either. But they ‘know’ that uniformitarianism ‘must’ be ‘wrong’ (as it falsifies their pseudo-science)…
    The angry liar Snelling also claims that “these guys misrepresent us”. Broken record. And claims they ‘ignore’ chalk beds in Kansas that contain large fossils (of reptiles) – as if that somehow helps the YEC ‘flood geology’ case.
    And apparently ‘rushing’ water can ‘sort things into layers’ …
    And from 16 minutes in the pseudo-science and made-up extra-biblical claims get even worse concerning the flood and the ‘pre-flood world’ …
    And LIAR Ham spouts that Collins didn’t do any research. Oh yes he did LYING hypocrite.
    Snelling also wilfully ignores uplift of the plateau where the Grand Canyon is and tries to deny that the gorge was formed by slow and prolonged erosion by what is now the Colorado River (he claims the canyon pre-dated the river):
    And of course the false Mt St Helens analogy is paraded yet again …
    Looks like AiG may not bother with a written ‘rebuttal’ than can be more easily fact-checked by any AiG supporters who are interested in facts …

    Click to access Nr38Reasons.pdf

  24. Ken Ham on Facebook: “When I realized that my faith wasn’t necessarily…about the Bible but about my relationship with God…” Therein lies the problem! Without the absolute authority of the Word of God, we have no foundation for our worldview and to know what to believe. Most Christian colleges are to blame for this mess for compromising with evolution and millions of years and not taking a stand on Genesis as they should, thus teaching students man’s opinions are in authority over God’s Word! That battle is over authority”. Call me cynical but what Ham wnts is young earth creationist authority over Christians – especially their thoughts. Sinister?

  25. Sorry – the first sentence of his post is him quoting someone else (a ‘compromiser’) – so my last quote mark should be ignored (if that makes sense).