Creationist Wisdom #853: Hawking Is in Hell

Today’s letter-to-the-editor (it’s actually a column) appears in the Morrow County Sentinel of Mount Gilead, Ohio. It’s titled Atheism is genuinely flawed, and the newspaper has a comments section.

Unless the letter-writer is a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name — but today we’ve got a preacher. It’s Stephen Howard, pastor of the Morrow Bible Church. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

On March 14 of this year English theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, passed away at the age of 76. … He even had Isaac Newton’s old job, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at The University of Cambridge. And like other popular scientists today, Hawking was an atheist.

You will notice that the rev regards the terms “scientist” and “atheist” to be virtually synonymous. Then he says:

In a 2011 Discovery Channel documentary, Hawking said, “We are each free to believe what we want and it is my view that the simplest explanation is there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate.”

But is that really the simplest explanation?

Ooooooooooooh! The rev has a simpler explanation. He tells us:

In order for Hawking and anyone to be a scientist they must make use of scientific laws. These are laws like Newton’s laws of motion, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, and the laws of thermodynamics. These and many others are the foundation for scientific research and discovery. … Stephen Hawking was no dummy. He was very knowledgeable. But his atheistic viewpoint cannot make sense of the laws of science. How could the laws of science be the result of a big bang?

Good question! The rev continues:

If the world came to be merely by chance, why are these laws so orderly and consistently true? Atheistic scientists are inconsistent because their atheism gives no basis for the laws of science, yet they use them any way [sic].

Scientists are fools! But wait — what about the sin of Adam & Eve, which caused a radical alteration of the universe? And what about the Flood, and all the other miracles in the bible? According to the rev, the laws of science are wildly variable, but he doesn’t mention that. Let’s read on:

The laws of science were created by God. The Bible says [scripture quote]. Of course, many evolutionists and atheists say it is wrong even to suggest that God created the universe. They think humans are the result of random chemical reactions and mutations, and therefore, can do whatever they want.

Yes! Evolutionists are a wild bunch. They run around doing whatever they want. Another excerpt:

And yet, they have a huge problem with people teaching creation. Wait a minute; that seems like a double standard.

Wow — he’s right! Here’s more:

The Bible explains what is really going on in the atheist’s heart [scripture quote]. Deep down inside the atheist actually does know there is a God, but he doesn’t want to be accountable to Him. Atheists don’t need more evidence for God.

Right — the evidence is all around you. And now we come to the end, where the rev returns to Hawking:

While they have the opportunity, they need to quit rebelling against what God has already showed them. The day will come when it will be too late like it did for Stephen Hawking.

Egad — Hawking is in the Lake of Fire! Don’t let that happen to you, dear reader.

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21 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #853: Hawking Is in Hell

  1. Let me see ….. according to Pastor Stephen this is the mutually exclusive choice: after I die I can spend eternity in his company listening to creacrap or in the company of Physicist Stephen teaching me physics. Ai ai ai, now that’s a difficult choice – it might take me even two splitseconds!

  2. Michael Fugate

    “He graduated from Bob Jones University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and in 2011 with a Master of Divinity.

    No wonder he is incapable of critical thought.

  3. @mnb0: Indeed. If nothing else, people like Pastor Stephen have convinced me that all the interesting people will be in Hell. I think I could learn more from Stephen Hawking in a half hour than from Pastor Stephen in an infinite amount of time.

  4. Heaven for climate Hell for society
    –Mark Twain

  5. Richard Bond

    The laws of science were created by God.

    Pastor Howard is, unsurprisingly, wrong. The most fundamental physical laws are the conservation laws, and there are far more of them than the three about which you learn at school. A century ago, Emmy Noether proved that each conservation law arises from a symmetry (in the generalised sense used by mathematicians and physicists). A search for “Noether’s Theorem” provides many articles, of varying levels of difficulty, and also this rather good simple description:

    A state of symmetry is the default condition. A necessary but not sufficient condition for a symmetry of a system to exist is that nothing outside the system is affecting it. A god mucking about with the system in such a way as to give rise to a new set of physical laws would destroy the symmetry, and thus our most fundamental physical laws would be corrupted and useless.

  6. Richard Bond

    Apologies: I did not mean to embed the whole thing, merely the link.

  7. Ya! religious dimwits do show their near perfect stoopidity when they open their mouth…” Deep down inside the atheist actually does know there is a God, but he doesn’t want to be accountable to Him.” Is st00pid to a point beyond st00pid! If gawd is real then what atheists want is of no importance and we will be judged, or is the buyBull saying that if we don’t believe in gawd hard enough, we get away with sinning!??! MMmmm

  8. I always found it interesting that finite creatures should die and then live on in eternity with our heavenly father.The whole asymmetry of that delusion just doesn’t make sense to me. An entire universe and everything contained within, is born and then dies within a finite time. Really, nature doesn’t hide anything from us if we care to look with open eyes but the deluded ones somehow need a fairy tale for reassurance.

  9. If there is conservation of complex specified information, then is there a corresponding symmetry?

  10. Dave Luckett

    It is, as L.Long remarks, stupid to a point beyond stupid, but the idea that atheists secretly know that there is a God is as much a staple of fundamentalist discourse as the idea that science, or evolution, is a religion. There’s no getting the notion out of their heads.

    I suspect that the first is the product of a mind that cannot conceive of a lack of God. The idea is literally unthinkable. But if that mind cannot think it, it cannot believe that anyone else could think it, either.

    The second… I don’t know. It may be a product of a parallel mindset – to some people any belief is religious in nature. Which is to say that some people cannot grasp the concept of evidence at all. To such a mind, all belief relies on dogmatic assertion. It would be postmodernist, if it were actually examinable, but invariably such an attitude comes bundled with an inability to think about it.

  11. The fool hath said in his heart there is no god
    Psalm 14:1

  12. TomS asks: “If there is conservation of complex specified information, then is there a corresponding symmetry?”

    I donno about that, but the most symmetrical religion I know of is Zoroastrianism, which pre-dates Judaism and Christianity, and it still exists today. It’s clearly dualism — with a good god and an evil who have equal powers. Today’s Western religions propose only one god, but the Evil One somehow still exists. This is never explained.

  13. Richard Bond

    Tom S: you are begging the questions of whether complex specified information is conserved, or even if it exists. (I trust that you are indulging in your typical ironical habit of quoting creationist tropes.)

  14. @RB
    I wonder whether complex specified information is well defined.

  15. Richard Bond

    Tom S: more or less my point.

  16. Michael Fugate

    Thanks Richard.

  17. TomS wrote: “The fool hath said in his heart there is no god
    Psalm 14:1”

    If even fool can get get why can’t the theologians? I assume it’s because they are too ‘stoopid’ – that puts them even dumber that the fool!

  18. It is interesting to observe that if an event appears to contravene the order of nature, the theist is the first to proclaim that a natural law has been violated and that this miraculous event is evidence of a supernatural influence. Yet this same theist will appeal to the presence of order and natural law as evidence for god as well. If nature is not uniform, this proves the existence of god. If nature is uniform, this also proves the existence of god. Whichever way we turn, god gets the credit, which, of course, is remarkably convenient for the theist. In the typical style of theology, all exits are covered, contrary evidence is defined out of existence, and the theist is insulated from attack. This is a clear case of eating one’s cake and having it, too.
    –Atheism:The case against god
    by George H. Smith

  19. “I wonder whether complex specified information is well defined.”
    Allow me to doubt the first two words – I suspect you don’t wonder that at all.

    @Matt: that’s a perfect example of both X and -X being evidence for a predetermined conclusion.

  20. … Stephen Hawking was no dummy. He was very knowledgeable. But his atheistic viewpoint cannot make sense of the laws of science. How could the laws of science be the result of a big bang?

    As is usual for creationists when discussing such matters, Rev. Howard gets things backward. The Big Bang did not create the laws of nature; rather, it was a consequence of those laws.

    In any case this is irrelevant. Say that an omnipotent Creator established the laws of nature. How does this, by itself, invalidate evolution? How does it support Genesis? Q, er, I mean God, er, the Designer could have set up the laws of nature so that life would emerge without further intervention and evolve on its own.

    “But that’s not what it says in the Bible, which is the inerrant Word of God™!” So what? Who says the Bible is God’s Word? All right, millions of people do, but how do they actually know? The short answer being that they don’t; it’s a matter of faith, and if you don’t share that faith, that means you worship Satan.

  21. @Eric Lipps
    One detail about the Bible. There is nothing about evolution. Nothing for microevolution. Nothing against macroevolution. The concepts don’t exist in the Ancient Near East.