Creationist Wisdom #856: The Biggest Lie

Today’s second letter-to-the-editor (because there’s nothing else going on) appears in the Sun Herald of Gulfport, Mississippi. It’s titled Anger and lies, and the newspaper has a comments section.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Mike. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

There is much going on in this world to be angry about, but our anger must be rightly focused, measured and righteous, with truthful responses made.

Mike is angry, but that’s okay, because his anger is the good kind. He says:

On the other side, unbridled anger, baseless and unfounded in truth produces hatred and violence. It binds up resentment and bitterness in the person and blinds them to the rational, the reasonable. We see this anger regularly on the Hard Left.

We see it other places too, but that’s not relevant. Mike tells us:

Our culture is full of lies, lies that have been thrust and pressed upon us and as we oppose them we are demonized, intimidated and harassed. This is especially true of Christians who try to speak biblical truth to each issue.

Lies have been thrust and pressed upon us. You may have noticed that Mike likes to use synonyms — lots of them. He continues:

The biggest lie is that there is no Creator God but that we are products of mindless, purposeless, meaningless Evolution.

Ooooooooooooh! Evolution is bad — it’s also abominable, dreadful, and icky. Let’s read on:

This lie spins other lies about a vacuous, moldable human nature, its unbounded sexuality (heterosexual promiscuity, homosexuality and transgenderism are normal and natural), and that human life itself has no inherent value (free to abort).

Egad — unbounded sexuality! Here’s more:

Opposing these lies are the fact that God actually created distinct genders (male and female) with purpose and with sexual boundaries; and that life is sacred at all levels of development — made in the image of God from the womb.

Mike is right — those are the facts! And now we come to the end:

The difference between truth and the lies couldn’t be more stark. Have you given thought to what you actually believe?

Well, dear reader, have you given the matter any thought?

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22 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #856: The Biggest Lie

  1. Dave Luckett

    Pretty much the standard spiel from a hard-right conservative: “I’m not extreme, you’re extreme. Goddidit. It’s the Bible. Everyone should do as I say, and think what I think. Everything has gone to the dogs. Get offa my lawn.”

    Point out the statistics that show that the society he lives in has become measurably less violent, less criminal and more peaceful over the last three generations, and he’ll call you a liar or worse. Speak the truth about the provenance, origins or actual words of the Bible, and he’ll double down. Make an actual argument from fact and evidence, and he’ll simply ignore it.

    Look, I’m considered conservative in Australian terms. I dislike the ideas of the hard left, but I’ve known and respected Trotskyist waterfront organisers who’d eat this guy for breakfast. I find post-modernism and many iterations of current – not earlier – feminism idiotic, and worse, self-destructive. I resent being welcomed to my own country by someone who no more owns it than I do. I won’t call someone by an invented pronoun. Safe spaces? Everywhere should be a safe space for people, but there are no safe spaces for ideas. Multiculturalism? No, thanks, I have plenty of room in my own, Different cultures have different values, and different values clash. I don’t like some of those values for their own sake, but also I don’t want to live in a society in serious conflict with itself.

    But compared to this guy, I’m a wild-eyed pinko librul hippy like that commie radical Dwight D Eisenhower – the guy who coined the phrase “military-industrial complex”. I think that who screws who and how (always assuming the parties to be consenting adults of the same species) is none of my goddam business. I think that what a woman decides about her own body and future is also none of my business. I don’t think a nation is improved by the general right to carry arms, and is badly disfigured by the death penalty. I am dead set against detention without trial – for any reason, no matter what. But then, so was Magna Carta. I really, really don’t like the supposed executive privilege of ordering murder for raison d’état.

    And what is to the point of this blog, I accept that we all are the products of evolution.

    So I think he’s wrong, and the facts and evidence are against him. He’s calling me a liar. So, in the light of John 8:44, who’s demonizing who, here?

  2. Ross Cameron

    Even better, Dave, might be John 8:7.

  3. Dave Luckett

    Ah, yes, the story of the woman taken in adultery, and Jesus’s word on who gets to throw the first stone. A case more or less in point. One of the greatest of His sayings, but it is from a passage that is found at various points in John’s Gospel, and also in Luke’s, depending on the manuscript, which means almost certainly that it was inserted later. That is, it is not original to that Gospel. Doesn’t mean it isn’t what Jesus said, for it is typical of Him, but nevertheless an odd little quirk of the textus receptus. Pointing that out to Our Correspondent would simply cause his incomprehension. And visceral rejection.

  4. “Mike” resorts to a typical extremist maneuver: blame one thing you don’t like (it doesn’t even actually have to be real: think “Deep State” or “Illuminati” or “International Jewish bankers’ conspiracy”) for everything else you don’t like, and so what if it doesn’t make sense.

    Unfortunately, history shows that being flaming crazy doesn’t necessarily keep one from gaining power. One shudders to think what the U.S. would become if people like “Mike” took it over. (This website would surely disappear, for instance, and so would the Curmudgeon and as many of us here as the fundamentalist New Order could track down.)

  5. Mike sounds like a very determined, hard-nosed evangelical that supports a misogynist, cheating, lying, dishonest (fake) president. Probably watches Fox and Hannity and gets his ‘truthful’ news from the ‘presidential’ tweets as well.

  6. Eric Lipps warns,
    “One shudders to think what the U.S. would become if people like “Mike” took it over.”

    Well, they may have already. Consider the Mike now in the office of Vice President. One impeachment away from the presidency. This writer is a resident of the VP’s home state, Indiana. Trust me — VP Mike thinks very much like letter-writer Mike. He and Trump have turned this life-long Republican into an independent who now plans to vote straight Democrat until we have balance. I urge all to do the same. One-party rule is corrupt, whether it’s in the US Congress, the Indiana Statehouse, or Chicago. It doesn’t matter much whether the one-party rule is Republican or Democrat — if one party is in control, it will be corrupt — especially now, given the weakness of the traditional press.

  7. Unfortunately, Angry Mike completely left out the lizard people. He needs to get in a prayer meeting with Alex Jones and Trump to get updated, STAT!

  8. RSG, Whadda you mean by one party system in Chicago? With have a two party system, we have liberal democrats and conservative democrats. Technically, Chicago mayoral candidates don’t list party affiliations on ballots anymore. I’m, not sure why or what they thought it would change.

  9. “The biggest lie is ….”
    of Mike’s own making: the false dilemma Creator God or Evolution.

  10. I suppose dear ol’ Mike has never heard of intersexed people, with his claim of only male or female, clearly defined by God.

  11. There are multiple mating types in several species of fungi.

  12. Much as I love what the internet has done for knowledge proliferation (helped liberate me from religion!), I sometimes do miss the pre 90s where morons like this didn’t have a voice.

    that includes Ken Ham and Kent Hovind!

  13. Eddie Janssen

    Mike says: “Opposing these lies are the fact that God actually created distinct genders (male and female)…”

    Strangely enough, God thought it wise to create a lion and a lioness, and males and females of every other animal (even plants!) but also thought it wise to create only a male human. As an afterthought he was persuaded by Adam’s plight to create a female human.
    One wonders what the original plan was…

  14. Eddie Janssen

    My take on this somewhat strange episode of the Creation is that man[:)]kind would have been better of if Adam had asked for a pinballmachine.

  15. Michael Fugate

    Maybe we would have been better off if only women had created God instead of men.

    One also wonders why God didn’t use one of his ribs to create Jesus…

  16. There are species of whiptail lizard which do not have males.

  17. Michael Fugate

    If one were to read Genesis literally, then shouldn’t humans be the only living things created with males and females; there is no mention of this trait for any other animal or plant. Why single out humans?

  18. See the Wikipedia article “Sequential hermaphroditism”.

  19. Michael Fugate

    Of course sex and gender aren’t fixed – the phenotype is a result of the genotype and the environment in which it develops. Adding or subtracting hormones during development can significantly alter phenotype.
    Look at this occurrence in humans:
    What was God doing there?

  20. “There are species of whiptail lizard which do not have males.”
    AND a newly discovered species of crawfish that are females only.

  21. Make America Christian Again

    Trump Christian

    Trump Christian