Creationist Wisdom #857: New Zealand Creationist

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the New Zealand Herald, which has the largest circulation of all newspapers in New Zealand. It’s published in Auckland, the biggest city in that country. The letter is titled Higher ground, and if you click on that link, you’ll have to scroll down to the fourth letter. The newspaper doesn’t seem to have a comments section.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name isn’t given, but his first two initials are F.R. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

Steve Baron (Chronicle; April 20) – you got it all wrong; your letter about Israel Folau is based on absolutes. Absolutes only stem from the uncreated. [Baron implies that] Israel Folau is infallibly wrong.

We had to Google around to find out what he’s talking about. Israel Folau is an Australian rugby player who says that according to the bible, gays are going to hell. Our nameless letter-writer seems to agree, but he’s complaining about an earlier column in that newspaper: Reminder of how intolerant religion can be, in which Baron criticized Folou. Baron’s column said:

So all gay people are destined for hell, unless they repent of their sins and turn to God. If people like Folau weren’t so serious, you would have to laugh. Who do these religious zealots think they are? Why do they think that they are better than anyone else? Why would they think for a moment that gay people needed saving? Because their fictitious god says so?

Today’s letter-writer strongly disagrees. He says:

Mr Baron is matching himself with the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to have a look at his CV. Writers who declare the value of rights (as an absolute) would need to, in turn, allow the rights of a paedophile priest.

Huh? After that he tells us:

This man [Steve Baron, apparently] is an atheist who claims intellectual superiority by default. This is not good enough – he hasn’t provided scientific proof God doesn’t exist.

Aha! Baron can’t prove a negative. That means God does exist, and Baron is a fool! The letter continues:

Make an effort, please, Mr Baron, before you make categorical statements claiming the higher ground.

So far that wasn’t about anything we usually blog about. But then it gets better. Let’s read on:

As an aside, there is a groundswell in Europe and America that is sweeping the theory of evolution out the back door.

Ooooooooooooh! A groundswell! The letter ends with a bold prediction:

I would like to make a categorical statement: The theory of evolution will be equated with the flat earth concept within 50 years. Our children and grandchildren will look back on Darwinian theory with incredulity.

And that’s the view from New Zealand. We have only one question — if the the letter-writer is correct and bible is true, why don’t he and Israel Folau fall off the bottom of the world? After all, the bible is very clear that The Earth Is Flat!

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5 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #857: New Zealand Creationist

  1. Another Christian offended by someone disagreeing with what another Christian had the audacity and honesty to reveal about what the bible clearly declares…
    He should have just, if he were honest himself and less cowardly, to just agree with the rugby player and be done with his ‘letter’. But, alas, when Christianity and what Christians biblically believe is revealed in the full sunlight of public display… their most common response is counter attack and threats of Eternal torment in an equally fictional Hell.
    This guy should start a WordPress blog. 😉

  2. Yet another example of
    The Imminent Demise of Evolution: The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism
    Glenn R. Morton

  3. SC:
    “We have only one question — if the the letter-writer is correct and bible is true, why don’t he and Israel Folau fall off the bottom of the world? After all, the bible is very clear that The Earth Is Flat!”

    He must believe in the Heavyside Layer — an incredibly dense, gravitationally-loaded layer believed to be pressed in the middle of the Earth-disk, thus providing an equal pull of gravity to both the north and south sides of the disk. I first heard of it while listening to a performance of Cats.

    Actually, F.R. is totally nuts.

  4. Robert van Bakel

    As a New Zealander I should like to apologise for my fellow countryman. I would however like to make clear that we are a rather secularist bunch ‘up’ (heh:) here, with atheism, and agnosticism on the rise.

    The evangelicals amongst us largely get their bread and butter from US and UK sources.

    So Mr Curmdgeon keep up the good work, most of us in Aotearoa support you.:)

  5. @Robert van B feels guilt and shame: “As a New Zealander I should like to apologise for my fellow countryman.”
    Why? Are you resonsible for his stupidities? I can’t accept that – that would mean I am responsible for the stupidites of my creationist compatriots as well. So thanks, but no thanks.