The Latest News from ICR

This is another short one from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom. The title is “Experience” Answers to Your Questions. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

My name is Ernie Carrasco [Hi, Ernie!], and I work at the ICR School of Biblical Apologetics.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Then he says:

I grew up believing that every word of the Bible is true. [How Wonderful!] But in my late teens and young adult years, I was often confronted with the challenge of defending the Bible against the story of evolution.

How did Ernie respond to the challenge? He tells us:

The only defense I could offer was “the Bible says.” That defense sufficed for me, but my challengers were never impressed.

They weren’t impressed? The fools! Ernie continues:

I discovered ICR about 12 years ago and learned that good science confirms the truth of God’s Word.

Ah — good science confirms the bible — and that’s the kind of science they do at ICR. Let’s read on:

I am excited about the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History because it will provide young and old alike with the tools they need to give an answer in addition to “the Bible says.”

We’re excited too! Here’s another excerpt:

In my work at ICR, I receive many questions about Noah’s Ark and the global Flood. One exhibit in the Discovery Center will include a 1/60-scale model of the complete Ark as well as a life-size portion of the vessel for visitors to walk through.

Why would anyone go to see ICR’s ark, when Hambo’s ark is 60 times bigger? Ernie gives you what he thinks is a good reason:

Nearby, a four-foot globe will demonstrate the Flood’s progress all over the earth.

A globe? That’s not how the bible describes the world — see The Earth Is Flat! Here’s more:

Visitors will “experience” the answers to their questions. And more than that, they will understand God’s grace through such a catastrophic event.

Huh? Killing almost everything on Earth was an act of grace? Maybe. What do we know? And now we come to the end:

I hope you will join me in prayer and financial support to see this wonderful project come to fruition.

Ah, it ends with a request for money. That’s good creationism!

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14 responses to “The Latest News from ICR

  1. Sadly thousands will indeed pray and send money.

  2. Ernie says “I hope you will join me in prayer and financial support to see this wonderful project come to fruition.” I say not a bloody chance!

  3. I don’t have a problem with fundraising, but you’ve got to be upfront. Instead we get this piece of mind-numbing drivel and we have to wait until the very last line for Ernie to get to the point and ask for money.

    Will this article generate any revenue? No, not in a million years.
    Will we hear from Ernie again? I doubt it; his article will probably have one of the higher bounce rates on the whole ICR site.

  4. “Visitors will “experience” the answers to their questions.”
    My questions are:
    1. Where did all the water come from?
    2. Where did all the water go afterwards?
    3. How did the sloth travel from South America to the Middle East?

    I’d rather not experience any of these questions, so Ernie has given me another reason not to visit this crap.

  5. Dave Luckett

    FrankB, I think you mean you’d rather not experience the non-answer they give to any of those questions. Or, rather, not experience it again. Or to again watch their eyes glaze over when you point out exactly why all of their non-answers are non-answers. This reaction indicates that they are comparing what you say, not to reality, but to the model of reality that they carry around in their heads.

    We all do this to some extent. In most cases, the model is close enough to reality for working purposes. Even in a religious fanatic, that is still mostly true, and their denial of reality is limited in area – but not in scope. To maintain their denial, a creationist will believe anything – anything at all – that supports it.

    Where did all the water come from? Why, from the fountains of the deep, which sprung up from the hydrosphere beneath the earth, or from the vapor canopy. Or God simply created it. Where did it go? Into the new ocean basins, which opened up when the strata that had overlaid the hydrosphere collapsed. How did the sloth travel to South America, or the koala to Australia? On the vast floating mats of vegetable matter that would have followed the flood, from the great forests being torn up.

    And so on. They will advance these notions, or others equally or even more absurd, and here’s the thing: they believe them. But there’s even worse. Their rearrangement of reality for this purpose is so radical that they also believe that they answered the evilootionist, but Satan had such a grip on his/her mind that the pellucid truth of the explanation was immediately dismissed.

  6. Sloths are pretty slow (not as slow as creationists though). Even more so how did the giant earthworms get from Australia to the middle East and back again?

  7. @DaveL: “I think you mean ….”
    You think incorrectly.I am guilty of a quite cheap pun on the word experience.

  8. @Zetopan
    A common description of Noah’s Ark says that only air-breating vertebates needed rescuing on the Ark. Invertebrates like worms floated on mats of vegetation.
    Of course, there is always the solution to any problem: It was designed.

  9. Michael Fugate

    If they used the biblically-correct flat-earth model, then they could use real water to demonstrate the spread of the flood over the earth. You could have the kids build the cities, towns and farms and let the flood destroy it all over and over again. It could be just like building sandcastles on the beach. What kid wouldn’t want to play God and destroy mankind. What better way to demonstrate God’s love to the masses?

  10. What happens if the ICR’s scale model of the Ark doesn’t look just like Ken Hams version?

  11. Then neither was that intelligently designed.

  12. Michael Fugate

    Maybe different gods are revealing the ark characteristics to AiG than ICR?
    Satan? – I’m sure the fallen one is involved in any deception?

  13. “Intelligently designed” does not mean “well designed”.
    Also, come to think of it, “designed” does not tell us how much the manufacture follows the design.

  14. Thanks for explaining the point of my little joke.