Mitt Romney’s Nephew — Creationist

As most of you recall, Mitt Romney was the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States in the 2012 election, and he was defeated by Barack Obama.

Romney’s nephew, Doug Robinson, is running for the nomination to be the Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado. There’s an article about him in the Post Independent of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Their headline is Race to June state primaries continues through Glenwood Springs. They have a comments section, with no comments so far. Here are some excerpts from the news article, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Mitt Romney’s nephew, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Robinson, made a campaign stop in Glenwood Springs Wednesday afternoon at The Pullman [a restaurant]. He was the third candidate in the crowded field of both Republicans and Democrats to pass through Glenwood Springs in less than a week.

They list the other candidates who had visited their town and then say:

With the June 26 primaries rapidly approaching, Robinson, who made the ballot after a district judge ruled in his favor, will face off against fellow Republican candidates Lopez, the former mayor of Parker; former state Rep. Victor Mitchell; and current state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who was the top choice among Republicans at the state party assembly this spring.

Robinson shared his views on a number of relevant issues.

They go through his views on a whole list of issues, such as minimum wage (it shouldn’t be raised), marijuana (he’s concerned), selling public lands (he’s generally against it), higher education (student loans shouldn’t be forgiven), sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants (he’s opposed), and the Second Amendment (he won’t support a ban on assault weapons). Then they get to what concerns us:

Evolution, creationism, intelligent design: When asked if, as governor, would he support the teachings of creationism or intelligent design in Colorado’s public schools the candidate replied, “I think there’s a place for teaching evolution, teaching creationism, teaching intelligent design. Our kids should know what’s out there, they should be exposed to all of that.” Robinson continued, “Let’s present all the facts to our kids. Let them decide how they feel about it.”

The man is an idiot! Oh, one more issue:

Climate change: Robinson said he believes in climate change.

Whatever he means by that. This is the article’s last paragraph:

Ballots for the June 26 primaries will be sent out June 4. Voters not associated with either the Democratic or Republican Party will receive two ballots; however only one may be completed for the votes to count. Registered Democrats and Republicans will receive their respective party’s ballot.

We don’t know anything about the other candidates, and we won’t be following this race too closely, but because of the Romney connection, we thought Robinson’s views were interesting.

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13 responses to “Mitt Romney’s Nephew — Creationist

  1. Doug Robinson attempts to please all …
    “I think there’s a place for teaching evolution, teaching creationism, teaching intelligent design. … Let’s present all the facts to our kids. Let them decide how they feel about it.”

    …and thereby pleases no one. Although if he sticks to his word (“Let’s present all the facts to our kids.”) , he would only be advocating the teaching of evolution.

    And on the Second Amendment issue — since he won’t support a ban on assault weapons, in essence he’s saying that some parents should involuntarily sacrifice their children to support his right to own a weapon designed for the sole purpose of quickly killing a large number of people. Nice Christian attitude there, Dougie boy. And yet, he’s probably anti-abortion. Rather discordant, wouldn’t you say? Pro-life, and yet pro-assault weapons.

  2. Even Ken Hams believes in Global Warming (ref: second “debate” with Nye at the Ark Encounter). He just refuses to admit that we are the cause of it. At one point he stated YHWH wouldn’t let us do anything bad to destroy the earth ( that’s reserved for YHWH himself!)

    Idiots. History will mark them as such.

  3. “Let’s present all the facts to our kids.”
    Pretty good idea, if Dougie is thinking of facts like

  4. It should not be forgotten that today there are “alternative facts”, so who’s to say what’s true or not?

  5. Even if there are alternative facts, And there are people who deny evolutionary biology. Yet no one has suggested an alternative for the pattern of the variety of life.
    There are those who pretend that there is an alternative to be taught, but no one has described an alternative.

  6. Dougie is likely aligned with the typical Mormon as shown below:

    “God created Adam and Eve sometime in the last 10,000 years and humans did not evolve from other life forms.”

    53% “I am confident and know this is true.”
    21% “I believe and have faith that this is probably true.”
    13% “I believe this might be true, but I have my doubts.”
    7% “I believe this is probably NOT true.”
    6% “I am confident and know this is NOT true.”
    In our survey, more than two thirds of Mormons say they are confident (or have strong faith) that Adam and Eve were created literally by God and that their bodies were not the result of biological evolution. This jumps to 78% among Mormons who say that they are active members and 81% of those who attend church at least once a week.

  7. Michael Fugate

    Doesn’t AiG keep telling us they have the same facts, but different interpretations? It all depends on your “worldview” according to Ham as to how you interpret those facts. If the universe is 6000 years old, the speed of light is not a constant but a variable, ditto for radioactive decay rates.

  8. If the speed of light or rate of radioactive decay is much different, then the Anthropic Principle is falsified.

  9. Eric Lipps

    Just goes to show that anyone can have an idiot nephew.

  10. Holding The Line In Florida

    Come on asteroid. Humans have been in charge long enough. Planet Earth needs a new dominant species.

  11. Yeah, let the kids decide on creationism and intelligent design:
    ” We call B.S.!”

  12. I wonder if Romney the younger would also allow the children to be taught about Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Satanism and atheism as alternatives to Christianity and then “decide how they feel about it”.

  13. Remember that Romney himself believes that there were Christians,indeed a peaceful Christian theocracy, in America a thousand years before Columbus