ICR Is Getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is the only news we could find today, so make of it what you will. It’s at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom. This is their headline: T. rex is here! We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Wanna come face-to-face with this toothy tyrannosaur? Visit the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History when it opens in 2019! The Discovery Center will showcase an abundance of evidence that confirms the accuracy of the Bible.

Ooooooooooooh! Exciting! Let’s read on:

T. rex is making his home in the Post-Flood World exhibit hall [Where else?] for two reasons. First, ICR will show how well Genesis explains dinosaurs, including evidence that they roamed Earth both before and after the Genesis Flood. [Hee hee!] Second, this particular exhibit hall is the only place he would fit!

Fascinating! They tell us:

Just how big is he? This animatronic creature [Oh, it’s not a fossil] stands over 16 feet tall, stretches 33 feet from nose to tail, and weighs about 10,000 pounds! In fact, even though he arrived piece by piece, we still had to cut a larger doorway to get him in his new home.

Sounds wonderful. And now we come to the end:

Stay tuned for more Discovery Center news. Our dynamic dino can’t wait to meet you!

Better make your reservations early, dear reader. That place is going to be crowded!

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19 responses to “ICR Is Getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex

  1. Ross Cameron

    How come the kangaroos and koalas made it to Australia after the Flud, but T-Rex didn`t?

  2. Eric Lipps

    I can just see the Tyrannosaurus now; huge, with six-inch teeth . . . and a saddle.

  3. Its not a real Tyrannosaurus. Its in the 1800 block of Royal Lane which is uptown Dallas half a dozen blocks away from the Perot Science Museum. I’ve been to the Perot and it is a great museum. A phony T rex is NOT going to compare favorably to the Perot.

  4. “This animatronic creature …”
    So it is identical to the dinosaurs in the bible! Historically accurate “science” from creationists yet again!

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    A Doctor Dino interview came up on my YouTube page. In it he hangs his hat on the ‘fact’ that animals became carnivorous AFTER the flood. Hambo says animals became carnivorous after the fall. If we go see this T-rex’s teeth, maybe ICR can be the tie-breaker.

  6. I thought they were the Institute for Creation *Research*? How does having an animatronic T-Rex aid them in their research? Couldn’t be clearer evidence that, for all their scholarly pretensions, they’re just another Creationist dog and pony show.

  7. So, ICR and AiG both claim authority of the Bible in a literal interpretation, and then can’t agree on when they became meatasauri?

    Almost like they’re both making sh*t up…..

  8. Somehow I suspect the display will ignore the operational science involved at dating fossils by radiometry.

    RossC thinks he’s smart: “How come …. T-Rex didn`t?”
    Because YHWHJesus didn’t let him pass Timor Sea. Duh.

    OchW is snarky: “is NOT going to compare favorably”
    Yeah, but who’s going to compare anyway? Only materialiast athiest darwinist nazicommies like you and me.

    Hrafn is baffled: “*Research*?”
    Do you have any idea how much research is required to build an animatronic creature that is compatible with what the Bible says according to creacrappers?

  9. I am really curious. I know all about the dinosaur in Job, but in Genesis?

  10. Let’s face it: a lot of those Genesis stories are pretty square and tedious, when they’re not just plain weird and unsuitable for children, anyway.

    What better way to bribe the kids than with dinosaurs?

    I can almost hear Mary Poppins now:

    “A spoonful of sugar
    helps the medicine go down…”

  11. Shame about the animatronics, I was kind of hoping for a Jurassic Park sequel called “The T-Rex ate the Creationists”.

  12. Genesis 9:3 “Every living thing that moveth shall be meat for you” is taken by some as the first lifting of the sanction against carnivory. Applying to all non-humans also. Therefore, dinosaurs, along with the rest of life, had to become carnivores only after the Flood.

  13. Why is it every time a fossil or fossils are discovered that the creationists claim is the result of the flood are never found with accompanying human fossils? Surely if they coexisted one would expect to see them both together.

  14. @DavidK –

    Duh… humans can swim, dinosaurs can’t.

  15. @Kosh
    When the world is covered by the Flud, who can tread water long enough to survive, let alone to swim, but to where?

  16. ICR claims,
    “…ICR will show how well Genesis explains dinosaurs, including evidence that they roamed Earth both before and after the Genesis Flood.

    …which implies they have evidence of a Genesis Flood. Now that would be interesting.

  17. The Discovery Center will be no different from Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter.

    This supposed evidence they have of the Genesis Flood will be laughed at and mocked just like the Ark Encounter.

    So yeah in the end it’s just a typical nonsensical creationist Museum that nobody will take seriously.

  18. “The Discovery Center will be no different from Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter.”

    And maybe that’s a good thing? It will pull traffic away from AiG and lower attendance figures!

    As we used to say in “Risk” – Divide and be conquered!