Kathy Martin of Kansas — Back Again?

It’s difficult to explain to new readers how important Kathy Martin was to this humble blog a few years ago. She was featured in our Gallery of Creationist Hotties, because she was a major force in the Kansas evolution hearings of 2005, about which we wrote Kansas Flashback: The Crazy Days. The Kansas State Board of Education, led by Kathy Martin and Connie Morris, actually decided to re-define the meaning of science in Kansas so that it would also include supernatural phenomena — thus allowing creationism to be taught in science class.

Since then she’s run for office a few times, without success. Our last post about her was a couple of years ago — see Oh No — Kathy Martin Was Defeated! We thought we had seen the last of her.

But to our great delight, we were alerted by one of our clandestine operatives to this six-week old headline in the Clay Center Dispatch of Clay Center, Kansas, which is where Kathy resides: BREAKING: Martin files for Kan. House of Representatives.

We can’t read anything in that article except the first couple of sentences — unless we register, which we won’t do — but here’s what it says:

According to the Kansas Secretary of State website, Kathy Martin has filed as a Republican for the 64th District seat of the Kansas House of Representatives. Martin will face Clay Center Municipal Judge Susan Carlson, also a Republican, in the primary race in August.

Then we found another article from four days ago in the same newspaper: Martin: Kansas on ‘slippery slope’ toward normalization of homosexuality . That one starts off saying:

In talking about her bid for the Republican nomination to the 64th District Seat of the Kansas House, Kathy Martin told those at Wednesday’ Chamber Coffee that she’ll make decisions based on her faith.

That sounds like Kathy! We couldn’t find her campaign website, but we did find this at BallotPedia: Kathy Martin (Kansas). It describes her past defeats, and mentions that the election will be on August 7.

That’s all we can find on this — for now — so all we know is that Kathy is back and running again for a seat in the Kansas legislature. We have no idea what will happen, but if she wins, she’ll give us plenty of entertainment. So stay tuned to this blog!

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11 responses to “Kathy Martin of Kansas — Back Again?

  1. Gwyllm Griffiths

    “In talking about her bid for the Republican nomination to the 64th District Seat of the Kansas House, Kathy Martin told those at Wednesday’ Chamber Coffee that she’ll make decisions based on her faith.”

    How is that not a direct and open admission, up front, that if elected she promises to violate church/state separation?

  2. Mark Germano

    You can read the “Slippery Slope” article here:

    Remember, her strongly held religious beliefs should also be your strongly held religious beliefs!

  3. docbill1351

    Back in the day when Martin was on the Kansas SBOE she would visit the venerable Kansas Citizens for Science discussion board and get savaged. She called me out, personally, for being “rude” to her. (Moi, rude?) Said that she was a grandmother and I should be ashamed of myself. Well, I did call her something like a “stain on the fabric of humanity.” I thought it was poetry.

  4. I clinked the link for the “hotties”.
    Funny man

  5. Michael Fugate

    On her facebook page:

    As the secretary and chaplain for our Cowboys for Christ Saddle Club it was my honor to introduce the flag bears for this year’s Cowboy Church service at the Clay County Fair. Carrying the American flag is Anna Kelly, and carrying our saddle club flag is Haylie Avery. Haylie is also the 2018 Clay County 4-H Fair princess. Our message was given by Bret Graves from Shiloh Ranch Ministry by Solomon. It was a beautiful cool morning to worship our Lord!

  6. Mark Germano

    @Michael Fugate: Flag bears sound really dangerous.

  7. “Liars and Bibles and bears, oh my!”

  8. “Kathy and Cowboys for Christ, oy vey!”

  9. I guess “Clay Center” implies they still live in the Stone Age? Like Bedrock.

  10. Gwyllm Griffiths

    Can’t imagine why the notorious Connie Morris didn’t also make the Gallery: http://americanloons.blogspot.com/2018/06/2030-connie-morris.html