Canadian Creationist School Board Candidate

We mention this just to remind you that creationism isn’t entirely an American phenomenon. The headline we found is: Biblical creationist joins Chilliwack school board race.

It appears in the Chilliwack Progress, British Columbia’s oldest community newspaper, published in Chilliwack, the seventh largest city in British Columbia, Canada. They have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

The latest candidate to step forward to run for the Chilliwack school board on Oct. 20 said he wants to see “inclusivity for all” and a “quality, fact-based curriculum.” This despite several social media posts expressing homophobic and transphobic views, and a belief in Bibilical creationism, often referred to as Young Earth creationism.

Sounds like a great guy! Then we’re told:

Darrell Furgason who has a PhD in religious studies [Ooooooooooooh!] and who has lectured at Trinity Western University, said he has been involved in education for 35 years, teaching in Australia, the U.S. and Canada.


And despite his desires to achieve academic excellence; inclusivity for all; quality, fact-based curriculum; and parents rights in education, it is among his postings on his Worldview Studies Center page where there are links to websites expressing Islamophobia, homophobia, and claims that the world is actually 6,000 years old.

Here’s a link to Furgason’s website: Worldview Studies Center, which he describes as:

an educational ministry that seeks to equip Christian teachers, professionals and students with the “critical thinking” tools necessary for the development of a comprehensive Biblical perspective on every area of life …

Back to the Chilliwack Progress, which quotes the candidate:

“Theistic evolution is a wrong view of Genesis, as well as history, and biology. Adam & Eve were real people….who lived in real history….around 6000 years ago,” he posted on his page with a link to

The newspaper goes on and on, describing his other views, and then they quote his full campaign statement, which you can click over there to read if you like. We’ll give you just one more excerpt:

Furgason is the eighth person to officially announce a candidacy, following Barry Neufeld, Willow Reichelt, Dan Coulter, David Swankey, Kelly Janveaux, Erma Vietorisz and Kaethe Jones.

Now it’s up to the people of Chilliwack to express their preference. The election will be on 20 October. We’ll be watching to learn how things work out. Stay tuned to this blog!

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9 responses to “Canadian Creationist School Board Candidate

  1. Michael Fugate

    “He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Jesse Helms School of Government, at Liberty University, Virginia.”

    He links to something called the “Schwarz Report” which has a glowing review of the anti-evolution meeting in Turkey. He is clearly a theocrat.

  2. Our dear SC is neglecting my hard work: “We mention this just to remind you that creationism isn’t entirely an American phenomenon.”'s_Ark

    Given religious special schools

    I am pretty sure that at least some board members of orthodox-protestant schools are creationists too. They just don’t have the power to introduce creacrap text books.

  3. Michael Fugate

    I also like that he puts critical thinking in scare quotes; what he is doing doesn’t involve actual critical thinking?

  4. @Michael Fugate: if it involves “…tools necessary for the development of a comprehensive Biblical perspective on every area of life…” thinking, critical or not, is not involved

  5. On Furgason’s website: “Who is the Worldview Studies Center?”

    “The Worldview Studies Center is blah blah blah ‘critical thinking’ tools blah blah blah blah blah…”

    Anyone who advocates critical thinking yet believes Adam and Eve were real people ought to be fined for crimes against reality. And Furgason seems to be a bit confused on interrogative pronouns, too.

  6. On the misuse of scare quotes: there is a common misconception that quotes can be used for something like emphasis.

  7. SC guilty of American exceptionalism again! He should know better. There is Ham’s own strong base in Australia, the disastrous prevalence of creationism in Middle Eastern countries (see my , or Taner Edis’s Islamic Creationism In Turkey ), the biblical literalism of Haredi Jews now interfering with museum displays in Israel, and Calvinist literalism very active in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Plenty other examples elsewhere. It may be that in creationism, as in such matters as incarceration, executions, and murders, the United States is at the forefront of industrialised nations, but it is far from alone.

  8. Paul Braterman says: “SC guilty of American exceptionalism again!”

    Yes, I tend to boast about how popular creationism is in the US.

  9. There once was a man called Darrell
    Who was clothed all in saintly apparel
    But when that crazy Canuck
    Started running amok
    He was sent naked over Niagara in a barrel.