Ken Ham Is Not Prejudiced

A large percentage of the blog posts by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else — are about his opposition to gays. He seems to dislike them as much as he dislikes evolutionists — but in a loving way, of course.

A quick search at his website on the word “homosexual” turns up 871 posts. We always avoid those posts because they don’t interest us — although a bit of it crept into Hambo Is Going To Rescue Australia, when we quoted him claiming that the decline of creationism in Austrailia was caused by the gays. He said:

I’ve been saddened to read articles over the past number of months from Australian news sites reporting on radical changes taking place in that nation, largely due to the increased pushing of the LGBT agenda. … It’s a very small percentage of the population that is controlling the entire culture and forcibly trying to impose their anti-God worldview on people.

One might suspect that Hambo is obsessed with the issue — but he’s not prejudiced, except, perhaps, regarding those who don’t follow his view of the bible. He recently wrote something that demonstrates this. At the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), Hambo’s creationist ministry, he posted One Blood for Kids Now Available from Ken Ham. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Issues regarding so-called “race” and racism are swirling in our culture right now, and it’s vital that our children and grandchildren be equipped to think with a Christian worldview based on God’s Word. …. And I’m excited to announce the release of a brand-new resource that kids — and their parents — will love: One Blood for Kids.

No, it’s not about vampires. Hambo says:

[The title] comes from Acts 17:26 that states God created all people from “one blood” (from one man: Adam). Scripture is clear — we’re one blood, one race, one family, all descended from Adam and Eve.

That’s nice, in that would mean that all the different-looking people in the world descended from one couple who lived only 6,000 years ago. Oh wait — it’s worse than that. He tells us:

So why do we have different cultures and ethnicities around the world? This goes back to the division at the Tower of Babel (Genesis chapters 10–11) that separated the gene pool. Because the entire human population was divided and then spread out, we have different people groups today.

Wow — all that diversity, including Pygmies, Eskimos, Vikings, Japanese, and even Australian aborigines, are descended from one family that lived only 4,000 years ago. And we almost forgot the Neanderthals — see Hambo and His Neanderthal Relatives. They’re descended from Noah too. Amazing! He continues:

And that history, as recorded in the Bible, provides the answer to racism. You see, if we’re all descended from Adam and Eve, we all have the same problem: we’re sinners in rebellion against our Creator. And that means we all need the same solution: the Lord Jesus Christ who stepped into history as a descendant of Adam, or relative, to take the penalty of death that we deserve.

Yes, thanks to Adam & Eve, we’re all in this mess together. Let’s read on:

These are the answers that our culture — and our children! — need, especially in these tumultuous times. My new full-color book introduces kids ages eight through teens to the idea of the “7 R’s of Race”[The what?] Created Race, Fallen Race, Rescued Race, Divided Race, Saved Race, Lost Race, and Lamb’s Race.

Wowie — the “7 R’s of Race.”

Okay, that’s about it. And so, dear reader, this has been a good lesson for us. Despite what may seem like prejudice, not only against gays, but also, of course, evolutionists, you may be certain that Hambo is a good and holy man, totally free of base motives. His only concern is to save you from the Lake of Fire.

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10 responses to “Ken Ham Is Not Prejudiced

  1. “Created Race, Fallen Race, Rescued Race, Divided Race, Saved Race, Lost Race, and Lamb’s Race.”

    Yep, the “saved” get to live an alleged wonderful afterlife while the “fallen” get to be tortured for eternity. No division there at all! Ham isn’t even capable of understanding what *he* says, let alone what other say.

  2. The continued existence of Ken Ham is proof positive there is no god.

  3. Derek Freyberg

    The seven races reminds me of John Sandford’s books – the ones with Lucas Davenport as the protagonist – which all end in “Prey”.
    Come to think of it, you could substitute “Prey” for “Race” in those 7 R’s, and imagine the vultures like Ham preying on them.

  4. Michael Fugate

    Is the lamb’s race the result Adam mating with EWE instead of EVE? An easy mistake, if one isn’t paying attention…

  5. Seven races? How does that match up with O, A, B, AB, each having a + and – subtype. Oh wait, physiology doesn’t count, unless maybe there’s a special 8th race, Ham’s Race.

  6. Karl Goldsmith (@KarlGoldsmith)

    PZ Myers once upset Ken Ham, as he took a photo at the creation museum and then said of it “I pointed out that one of his displays is a relic of a racist theory of human origins.”

  7. If one reads the early chapters of the Bible (I know that one is supposed to believe what we are told that it says, rather than actually reading it, but bear with me), chapter 4 (which is before the story of the Flood) tells us about these descendants of Cain, half-brothers:
    Jabal, the father of all that dwell in tents, and such as have cattle
    Jubal, the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.
    And then there are the descendants of Seth (the third son of Adam and Eve), including Noah.
    It sounds as if there were some lineages other than Noah’s, which survived the Flood.

  8. Ham eliminates one problem- racism, just like that!- but creates another one called “sin”, so don’t think you’re gonna’ get off that lightly. There’s hell to pay, literally in some cases.

    As for all that “racial” diversity after Babel, amazing the way God’s design works. Just don’t call it the E-word. I mentioned it once in a group of creationists, but I think I got away with it.

  9. “Wow — all that diversity, including Pygmies, Eskimos, Vikings, Japanese, and even Australian aborigines, are descended from one family that lived only 4,000 years ago. And we almost forgot the Neanderthals”

    Well you see Curmie, they all descended from the …… (wait for it, wait for it)…. “Man kind”!!!!!

    That explains the quick genetic diversity. How’s that for a dodge?

  10. @Michael Fugate: “Is the lamb’s race the result Adam mating with EWE instead of EVE?”
    When JHWH was trying to find a suitable mate for Adam, he offered him all the animals. Maybe Adam gave Ewe a proper try-out before rejecting her?