Creationist Wisdom #912: Time To Fight Back

Today’s letter-to-the-editor (it’s a column, really) appears in the Scott County Times of Forest, Mississippi (population 5,987). They have a comments feature. The column is titled Everyone has religious freedom, unless you’re a Christian.

Unless the letter-writer is a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name — but today we’ve got a journalist. It’s James Phillips, described as their news editor, “responsible for assembling and producing the editorial content of the newspaper.” Here are some excerpts from his column, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Being a Christian in this country that was founded in Christianity [Huh?] is not so easy these days. The mob of people and special interest groups that are attacking every core American tradition, moral and value have one sect of people, and one religion, right in their crosshairs, and that is Christians. After being the guiding force in this country since the first settlers arrived in 1607 Christians, and everything we believe, are under attack like never before.

No one is attacking Christianity. As for James’ understanding of history, he’s a bit muddled — see Is America a “Christian Nation”? Then he says:

The first wave of attacks on Christians and prayer started subtly with pre-game prayers at high school football games around the country. This is where atheist and other non-believers began wrongfully crying about the separation of church and state and threatening school districts with civil lawsuits. Rather than standing firm against the detractor’s [sic] school district officials, afraid of costly lawsuits, buckled and started appeasing these individuals. Now look where that has led us.

Yeah — the school district officials stopped prayers at games. That’s horrible! The journalist tells us:

This is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. [No, the founding principles were based on the Enlightenment.] You have to look no further than the number of churches in this country, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 175-to-1. So tell me this, what do you expect? [We don’t expect theocracy!] Other religions in this country are allowed to worship and believe as they see fit without interference from Christians or big brother. Why is Christianity the only religion that must fight to practice and opine what we believe?

We’d like to see the journalist’s reaction if there were Muslim prayers at high school football games. Anyway, he continues:

When I was learning my way through school I was taught that my ancestors evolved from monkeys. [Gasp!] Without a doubt, I knew better than that, and I have never even remotely agreed with Darwin [Hee hee!], but I didn’t go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught the theory of evolution.

So James is a creationist theocrat. Okay, let’s read on:

We Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek while our courts work to strip us of our rights. We were taught to pray before eating, before we go to sleep and any other time we feel the need during the day. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now a handful of people and their lawyers, along with politically charged judges are ordering us to cease praying.

The journalist is free to pray all day long, but the public school system can’t officially have prayers at school events. Why is that so difficult to understand? Ah well, let’s see another excerpt:

It is far past time for the majority to rule again. [Hooray for theocracy!] It’s time we tell them, you don’t have to pray, you don’t have to say the pledge of allegiance, you don’t have to stand for the anthem and you don’t have to believe in God or attend services that honor Him. That is your right, and we respectful people will honor your right. But you are no longer going to take our rights away. We are ready to fight back.

Wow! Here’s more:

Thankfully, we finally have a president who believes in God and this country above all and is willing to fight for us — and with us.

Don’t count on it, James. Trump doesn’t appear to be a theocrat.

And now we come to the end, in which James gives us his killer argument — which you will recognize as Pascal’s Wager:

I have absolutely zero doubt when it comes to my faith. And when it comes to the biggest wager in life I would much rather go through my entire life believing in God and living my life accordingly only to find out there is no such being. What did I loose [sic] by being a better person, nothing. How about the flip-side of that wager? You go through your entire life believing there’s no God, and live your life accordingly, only to find there is a God and you must stand before him and answer for your actions and lifelong denials. That is not a position I wish upon anyone.

All I have to say is; God, help us all, and if that offends you, good luck, God bless and just sue me.

So there you are, dear reader. James is angry — really angry. Our advice to him is: Learn to live with it, James.

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21 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #912: Time To Fight Back

  1. I sense that James is upset about something. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but that man is heading for a heart attack if he doesn’t calm down.

  2. As a professional journalist his English is pretty poor, not to mention his knowledge of history.
    His observation skills and logic don’t reach very far either if he regards his president as the saviour of Christian faith.

  3. James likely is a product of the Mississippi school system and it shows.

  4. Yep white Christians just can’t get a break in this country.

  5. “What did I loose [sic] by being a better person, nothing [sic].”

    This is a professional journalist and editor? I hate to beat a man when he’s
    down, but Christianity hasn’t done much for James’ basic literacy, never mind all the rest.

    Actually, I take it back. James’ hubris (“a better person”) entitles him to a good kick in the rear end.

  6. Michael Fugate

    Someone needs to go back to bed and wake up on the other side…

    Perhaps actually reading the Constitution after he gets up…

  7. Knowledge of history …
    He says that “the first settlers arrived in 1607”, ignoring, of course, the real first settlers from thousands of years ago, the first being in Alaska, as well as the first European settlers in what is now the USA from Spain, the first continuously settled European settlement in today’s USA being in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1521, and in the continental USA in Saint Augustine, Florida, in 1565.

  8. Thanks, ChrisS. I missed that typo.

  9. I wonder if it would be possible to poll these ideologs concerning their knowledge of the thirty years war and it’s relevance to the idea of separation of church and state? Maybe it’s been too long since Catholics and Protestants destroyed their corner of the world for anyone to remember the catastrophe it caused. But of course that was then and this is now. Such a mistake could never be made again could it?

    @TomS Good point. Are schools even including the Louisiana Purchase in history lessons anymore? Maybe it’s just a rumor or conspiracy theory now.

  10. Michael Fugate

    Weren’t many Christians a mere 500 years ago. Christians have no issue with their destruction of the cultures here and elsewhere, but now are complaining? Religions come, religions go and religious truth remains iffy.

  11. Michael Fugate

    What do you want to bet James will write an article next week complaining about the treatment of minority Christian communities in Egypt and China.

  12. Poor James. He can pray to whatever god he happens to like today whenever he wants. What he can’t do it on my time with my tax dollars.

  13. @Dean
    It hasn’t been long since there was trouble between Catholics and Protestants in parts of the USA.

  14. Actually, if James had complained about the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, he might have had a case. I believe they do tend to get their behinds kicked by the Islamic majority, which must be a bit galling, as Egypt was once predominantly Christian.

    But James would no doubt overlook the irony of one theocracy persecuting a religious minority, provided it was his brand of theocracy.

    As a man who wasn’t Karl Marx once said: “You big bully, why are you hitting that little bully?”

  15. “After being the guiding force in this country since the first settlers arrived in 1607 Christians …..”
    Well, as a hardcore atheist I have no interest in contradicting Jimmy Phil on this point. He admits here that his religion is responsible for the genocide committed on the original people. Of course Jimmy Phil will immediately start to whine, because he wants it both ways. Ah well, Jimmy Phil is a christian, hence a sinner, hence a hypocrite.
    (Disclaimer: I do not maintain that christianity was the guiding force for said genocide – humans are complicated beings and this is way too simple – almost as simple and stupid as Jimmy Phil’s burps).

    “We Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek ”
    Christians have been sick and tired of this since Jesus died at the cross. As soon as they got the chance they started to smash each other heads over theological disputes and persecute non-christians (yes, there always have been people like Franciscus of Assisi, Helena Kuipers-Rietberg and Martin Luther King; they are exactly so admirable because they are exceptions). Jimmy Phil stands in the firm tradition of christian intolerance. After he has succeeded he undoubtedly will start the religious wars of the 16th and 17th Century over again, but this time on American soil.
    Not that I overly care – chances are already next to zilch that I ever will set foot on it.

    “It is far past time for the majority to rule again.”
    Excellent idea, Jimmy Phil! Even in the USA creacrappers don’t form the majority. So let Evolution Theory rule!

    “Trump doesn’t appear to be a theocrat.”
    No. There is a whole lotta wrong with Donald the Clown (though I don’t close my eyes for the uninentional positives either – eg if the Brexit will be canceled Donald the Clown deserves considerable credit for putting people off with his shenanigans) but a theocrat he is not. He pays lip-service now and then and that apparently is enough for self-delusional types like Jimmy Phil.

    “What did I loose [sic] by being a better person, nothing.”
    Big problem is that Jimmy Phil isn’t and hence already has lost.

    “That is not a position I wish upon anyone.”
    Rather that than being like Jimmy Phil, let alone waste eternity in the company of souls like him.

    “and just sue me.”
    No need to. Jimmy Phil does a fine job suing himself.

  16. @TomS: “It hasn’t been long since ….”
    Neither in The Netherlands. For six years I’ve lived in a village with a catholic school, a protestant one and a public one. The kids of the first two used to fight each other now and then. They probably themselved didn’t understand why; just being catholic or protestant was enough.
    And of course there were the Troubles of Ulster/Northern Ireland, that remnant of a brilliant Dutch victory near the river Boyne. Jimmy Phil is longing back to those good old days. Tyranny, injustice, daily violence, a nice genocide now and then – what’s not to like?

  17. Another ahole, persecuted xtian clearly demonstrating their st00pidity (because he is not just being ignorant-he has access to google) and bald faced lying.

  18. Pete Moulton

    abeastwood proclaims, “Poor James. He can pray to whatever god he happens to like today whenever he wants. What he can’t do it on my time with my tax dollars.”

    I’d like to add that he has no right to proselytize my children at the state-sponsored school they’re required to attend.

  19. One thing for sure about the early history of Christian European settlement in the New World: Whether or not the settlers had suffered persecution in the Old World for their religion, they had no qualms about persecuting others for a different religion. Celebrating Christmas, for example, was considered Papist – or at least, German.

  20. James Phillips fulminates

    We Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek

    –and thereby disregards the purported words of Jesus at Matthew 5:39

    38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
    39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. [KJV]

  21. The comments to this article are all good ones, and a Michael Phillips (not James?) has replied very politely to them. That is a class act, very civil.