Evidence that God Is Female

Creationists like Near-death experiences. They regard them as solid evidence for their beliefs — see, e.g.: Discoveroids & Near-Death Experiences.

But they may have a problem with one that’s reported in the Daily Express, a national tabloid newspaper headquartered in London (with an active comments feature). Their headline is God is FEMALE: Life after death victim finds God is a WOMAN in afterlife shock. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

God is depicted as a man in biblical texts, and is also known as the Father. However, one person claims to have evidence to the contrary and believes that God is a woman. [Gasp!] The woman, who gives her name as Rebecca, had an anaphylactic reaction to a prescribed medication. This caused her heart to stop beating and leaving her without breath.

Wow! Then what happened? The tabloid tells us:

She technically died for a few moments and in this time claims to have been given supernatural powers and the chance to meet God. [Ooooooooooooh!] As Rebecca was slipping into the afterlife, she says she could “read the thoughts of the emergency medical technician (EMT) who was with me”. She said: “He was thinking that I was so young to die. I then sensed a presence with me.”

A presence? How exciting! The tabloid continues to quote Rebecca:

The presence spoke to me in a kind and soothing female voice. I did not see her. She did not speak with words but with thoughts. That is the best way I can describe it. When I thought ‘Am I dying’ she spoke with surety and said, ‘No! that would never be asked of your parents’. Then it was like she became even more soothing than before. She told me not to fear because there would be nothing wrong with me. She told me this several times.

The tale goes on:

Rebecca was revived after a few minutes, and just as the soothing voice told her, the medical professionals ran tests and found nothing. Rebecca is convinced what she saw was not a hallucination.

The tabloid then gives some information about skeptics who doubt the reality of such experiences, but we don’t care about what those hell-bound naturalists think. We’re trembling about the news that god is a woman! What do you make of it, dear reader?

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29 responses to “Evidence that God Is Female

  1. Dave Luckett

    Another anecdote about a near-death experience (NDE). They’re all over the internet. It must be a slow evolutionary news day for SC to make a post of it.

    It used to be said that the uniformity of NDEs was evidence for their external reality. They were very often described by the subject in the same terms – a tunnel that led to a light, an intense feeling of peace and well-being, the presence of another, variously described – God, or gods, an angel, deceased relatives. These elements crossed cultures.

    This particular NDE is a little variant – God is female. But even in the Old Testament, God sometimes has female characteristics. See here:https://www.cbeinternational.org/resources/article/priscilla-papers/feminine-imagery-god-hebrew-bible.

    It was found that oxygen deprivation to the brain – or rather, specific parts of it, as in a centrifuge, for example – duplicated the effect. The subject need not be actually dying, at all. But it must be conceded that if the oxygen deprivation were severe or lasted long, the subject would be dying, ipso facto.

    I can think of no evolutionary explanation for a quirk of our brains that makes the process of them malfunctioning as death approaches a pleasant, comforting one. Yet that is what is often reported. It’s one of the very few threads that still connects me to a sort of theism, of the warm fuzzy nondescript kind, on a good day, with the wind behind me, while well aware of the the fact that I would like to believe it, and recognizing the trap in that.

  2. Of course god is a woman. How else can you describe the wacky decisions made (ducking) 🙂

  3. a lurking guest

    Isn’t it ironic… heh…

  4. Of course, there is a long article, with plenty of references, in Wikipedia on Near-Death Experiences.
    And an article on Gender of God, with several related articles linked to it.

  5. Not only a woman, but possibly a lesbian too, if she was shacked up with Asherah for a while. And a female deity impregnating a virgin mortal with Magic Sperm is even weirder (and better! More kinky!) than the official story. How’s a good little Catholic like Mickey Egnor going to explain this irrefutable NDE?

  6. We all know what the idiot xtians will say about this NDE! She was talking to satan who was trying to get lies spread. But some may be really dim enough to claim that this time it was delusions, but the earlier ones were true!

  7. @L.Long

    A bit of arthouse film buff trivia: Fellini depicted Satan as a little girl in the Toby Dammit section of “Spirits of the Dead”; and Bunuel imagined the Devil as a lascivious temptress in “Simon of the Desert.” Granted, they were being more than a little satirical. Both directors came from Catholic backgrounds (though later became anti-clerical).

    Make of that what you will. But there does seem to be a bit of a pattern with the Church associating demonic guile with the fairer sex.

  8. Express: “However, one person claims to have evidence to the contrary and believes that God is a woman.

    “The woman, who gives her name as Rebecca, had an anaphylactic reaction to a prescribed medication.”

    No small amount of antecedent ambiguity here.

    Anyway — be that as it may — for me the Last Word in NDEs is the Institute of Preparation for the Hereafter (IPH).

    Fountain, mountain — whatever.

  9. I too have sensed presents near me. This often happens on my birthday and Christmas. None of them have ever spoken to me however.

  10. Cruzing to Victory

    NDEs can be fake. Anyone can come up with a story with vivid details and visions. That doesn’t mean all NDE experiences are fake.

    How does a committed materialist explain how a clinically dead person, blind from birth, can give visual details of hospital room events along with comparative color confirmation of objects?

  11. @Cruzing to Victory: “NDEs can be fake. . . . . How does a committed materialist explain yada yada . . . ”

    Comments also may be fake.

    Have you got a cite or link?

  12. How does an anti-materialist explain such phenomena?
    What happens, how, etc. so that visual details – those material details, some materials are transparent to visible light, some are not, the tracing of material rays of light, and their locations in space and time, make the same difference to the non-material as they make to material sense organs. And the non-material agency decides to make them known to the observers, somehow, for some reason.
    Lots of unknowns.

  13. There’s only one question to ask here:

  14. Michael Fugate

    “How does a committed materialist explain how a clinically dead person, blind from birth, can give visual details of hospital room events along with comparative color confirmation of objects?”

    How do they explain how a person can be sawn in half? the three of hearts picked out of a deck of cards, a rabbit out of a hat? It must be gods behind magic, no?

  15. Hey, why should male mystics have all fun? You go girl!

  16. Cruzing to Victory

    TomS, you get more incoherent with each passing day.

    So no explanation for NDEs of the blind. Thought so. You guys get a C- for effort

  17. Cruzing to Victory

    Oh yeah. Good article over at ENV on orphan genes you won’t be reading about on this blog.
    hee hee

  18. So, you don’t have an explanation for NDEs of the blind.
    All you have is, at best, there are some things without verified explanations.
    Why is a fat chance the same as a slim chance? I have my guess, but I can’t prove it. Am I being stubborn in refusing to consider that the reason is supernatural?

  19. @Cruzing to Victory: “[E]xplain how a clinically dead person, blind from birth, can give visual details of hospital room events along with comparative color confirmation of objects?”

    They can’t.

    @Cruzing to Victory: “So no explanation for NDEs of the blind.”

    Nothing to explain.

  20. Cruzing to Victory

    More incoherence.
    Random, who is “they”? The materialists or the blind? They can’t what? See or explain?


  21. Mark Germano

    “How does a committed materialist explain how a clinically dead person, blind from birth, can give visual details of hospital room events along with comparative color confirmation of objects?”

    Other than a blind person faking an NDE with the help of an accomplice, I can’t think of any way one could do that. So, I guess you’ve got us.

  22. Michael Fugate

    Hallucinations – all manner of things can induce them. It is a technique used by religious leaders to get closer to the “other” world. Hunger, isolation, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, fungi, plants, etc. are all used. If you wake up in sweat over being chased by a monster or falling off a cliff, was it real or just a dream?

  23. Mark Germano

    Ther are many important questions around this issue. Many believe that the most important question is “how,” but I think it’s “why.” As in: why did the clinically dead chicken have a near death experience?

    Because he couldn’t get to the other side.

    You’re welcome.

  24. @Cruzing to Victory

    Sorry — I thought repeating the verb from the quote would be sufficiently clear.

    “They can’t” =

    “a clinically dead person, blind from birth” CANNOT “give visual details of hospital room events”

  25. Locked-room mystery
    (See Wikipedia for an explanation)
    How could the perpetrator escape from the locked room?
    I’m going to write a detective story in which the detective solves the mystery by proving that there is no possible materialist explanation. Therefore, the mystery is solved: the crime was due to Intelligent Design!

  26. Cruzing in Victory

    Ah! I now see Random is being purposefully obtuse; so my turn to elucidate. True. Clinically dead persons, blind from birth, can’t give visual details but some who were revived can…and have. Better?

  27. Mark Germano

    There are also audio described movies, Blind people can learn about “hospital room events” and colors from film narrations made for the vision impaired.

    But, other than that, and also audio books or knowing someone who works in an emergency room, I can’t really think of anything else. Except for someone making up an NDE with the help of an accomplice.

    What’s your explanation?

  28. @Mark Germano
    What’s your explanation?
    That’s the critical question.

    Although we haven’t been given enough detailed information, let alone any reason to accept the facts as they are presented, to rule out any “materialist” explanation, at the most we have an unsolved problem. The world teems with unslved problems. Some people like to think of “easy” “solutions”, the sort of thing which skips the hard work of answering the “who, what, when, where, why, and how”, something like
    *ESP (“the patient has a sixth sense which allows him to understand things beyond his capacity to see, etc.”)
    *space aliens (“the patient was kidnapped by space aliens and replaced by a double who has the needed knowledge, somehow”)
    *the spirit world (“angels or devils or something-or-other did something-or-other for some reason, somehow, and you can’t prove that is wrong, can you”)
    *conspiracy (“all the scientists of the world are engaged in a conspracy to suppress my particular belief system”)

  29. @Cruzing to Victory

    No, not better.

    And no, I was not being deliberately obtuse.

    Of course we’re discussing blind survivors of NDEs. I felt no need to specify that since you yourself had not specified it in your original claim. It went without saying in the context of the OP and your original Comment.

    You claimed that “a clinically dead person, blind from birth, can give visual details of hospital room events” after surviving a Near Death Experience.

    I call BS. I reject your premise. I say they (blind survivors of NDEs) cannot (give authentic visual details).

    I have asked before (8-November-2018 at 10:40 am), and now I ask again — please provide support for your preposterous claim.