Creationist Wisdom #915: A Commie Plot

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Daily Astorian of Astoria, Oregon. They have a comments feature. The letter is titled Examine the truth about evolutionary theory.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Carl. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

In 1970, when called up by my country, I fought against the Communists. [Good show, Carl!] How ironic that this same mentality, which subjugated a couple of billion people in Asia and Europe, would dominate much thought in America today.

Egad — the commies are taking over America! Carl says:

No, we’re not communists, yet. I’m not saying that, but we are beginning to act the way they do in many situations. For instance, the Left in this nation does our whole country a huge disservice when it silences free speech and free scientific inquiry.

We think we know where Carl is going. He continues:

Students here are not allowed the privilege of examining the truth about origins. [Groan!] Teachers and students are effectively brainwashed by humanistic ideology, or threatened by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) into an inability to truly examine science, if it conflicts with the state’s interest.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Why does the state have an interest in evolution? Stalin didn’t like it. He preferred Lysenkoism. And as we said in Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection, the theory of evolution is remarkably compatible with free enterprise economics, especially regarding the “invisible hand.” Evolution doesn’t have and doesn’t need a designer. Carl continues:

Just a simple look into the fact that there are many misleading and erroneous statements in evolutionary theory is prohibited by those in power.

What? People can visit the Discoveroids’ website, and Hambo’s, and hundreds of others whenever they like. Let’s read on:

Propositions like punctuated equilibrium, which opposes the neo-Darwinism position, irreducible complexity at the cellular level, transitional forms, coal formation, and radiometric dating methods could all, and should have, the light of truth thrown on them.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What an ark-load! Punctuated equilibrium is a controversial idea in evolution to explain what seems to be the sudden appearance of new species in the fossil record. It’s widely debated, and not suppressed at all. As for transitional forms, an ever-growing number of them are being discovered — see List of transitional fossils — and we’re not aware of that news being suppressed either. Oh — the news that there are no transitional forms doesn’t get much publicity, but there are good reasons for that.

Also, Carl also wants “the light of truth” to be thrown on coal formation and radiometric dating methods. We assume he thinks it’s all a pack of lies that somehow serves the interests of our commie masters. Anyway, his letter ends with this:

But at last, to do so would remove one of the false legs the Leftist use to silence wisdom.

Somehow, Carl’s “wisdom” wasn’t silenced. The Daily Astorian published it. And as for evolution being a commie plot, we rebutted that clunker in Marx, Stalin, and Darwin. Anyway, we thank Carl for his military service — and for his entertaining letter.

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15 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #915: A Commie Plot

  1. Our dear SC needs a slight correction:

    “the concept of theistic evolution is remarkably compatible with free enterprise economics,”
    Theistic evolution also recognizes an Invisible Hand.

  2. BS!! He NEVER fought against the Communists!! He doesn’t even know what the word means! He fought against a totalitarian dictatorship that CALLED itself a communism which it never was! Just as so many call USA a democracy, and thanks to our founders, it is actually a represented republic controlled by a constitution! This shows the true level of the intelligence of the rest of the crap he wrote.

  3. FrankB says: “Theistic evolution also recognizes an Invisible Hand.”

    Smith’s invisible hand doesn’t exist. He said that free enterprise functions as if there were such a thing.

  4. Sounds like a Trump supporter and they are noted for being especially fact free.

  5. As well as being very proud of the level of ignorance that they have achieved and maintained over their lifetimes.

  6. From the diary of Carl Yates:

    October, 1964:
    Went to see this incredible documentary today, with Biff and Chet, all about this Army General who’s found out about how the commies have infiltrated our water supply through fluoridation. It’s sick, evil stuff, and hardly anyone knows about it! At the end, our side started dropping bombs on the Russians. I haven’t seen anything on the TV about it yet, but it won’t be long before the Russians start bombing us! I hope I can still remember my “duck-and-cover” training.

    Anyway, we were all pretty outraged when we came out of the theater. Biff said it was probably the best documentary he ever saw! I said there was an even better one from just two years ago, about how the Chinese commies have taken us over, using brainwashed assassins — except Frank Sinatra foiled them. Everyone knows Sinatra can sing, sure, but I bet they didn’t know he was helping the Government, too!

    When we’re old enough, Biff and Chet and me are going to enlist and fight those commie SOB’s!

  7. You’re right, he never fought true communism. Nobody outside of a hunter-gatherer band ever experienced society-wide communism. He might have fought a totalitarian dictatorship that called itself communist, but was actually the inevitable devolved product of it.

  8. Thanks for confirming what I wrote, dear SC. The same applies to theistic evolution. God doesn’t exist either. Still theistic evolution maintains that evolution functions as if the Invisible Hand of a god exists.

  9. Why that way of referring to it: “invisible” hand? Why not “fictional”, or “metaphorical”, or “unreal”?

  10. I commented in the paper: I am sure that Carl is quite sincere in telling us what he believes. However, what he says about evolution is wrong from beginning to end.

    There is a vast scientific literature on all the topics that Carl mentions. Punctuated equilibrium is largely accepted by the scientific community, as an extension (not a contradiction) of more old-fashioned neo-Darwinism,
    irreducible complexity was publicly dismantled by a Republican, George Bush-appointed, Judge, transitional forms abound, coal formationis the subject of numerous scientific studies, and radiometric dating methods have been validated by such methods as tree ring counting and comparison with historical events. There are also flourishing (and lucrative) organizations whose sole purpose is to pretend that there is evidence against evolution, and no one has ever suggested, nor should they, that they should be prevented from publishing their nonsense.

  11. While there are various organizations interested in combating evolution, and such activity over many years, no one has produced an alternative explanation for any of the complex phenomena touched on by evolutionary biology.
    For example, why is the species Homo sapiens most close to
    other species of the taxonomic family
    Hominidae, among all of varieties of life today? Explain that without making any reference to evolution.
    There is nothing to be discussed beyond what is always true of whatever one says: maybe somehow something is wrong.

  12. It’s easy to explain why humans are closest to other members of the Hominidae; they’re all members of the same “kind.” However, since ‘kind” is an invented classification which means whatever creationists want it to mean in any given case, and creationists insist on putting humans in a “kind” all our own, even that won’t do. So we’re back to “Well, it’s true because the Bible says so.”

  13. @Eric Lipps
    Saying that humans are cosely related because they are of the same kind is not informative. It is like:
    “Quare Opium facit dormire: … Quia est in eo Virtus dormitiva.
    “Why Opium produces sleep: … Because there is in it a dormitive power.”
    Moliere, Le Malade Imaginaire, Act III, sc. iii

    I am not complaining about the lack of evidence, or the character of the evidence for any supposed aternative explanation. I am pointing out that there is no alternative to evolution. There is nothing for there to be evidence for.

    BTW, the Bible does not say that humans are of the same kind as chimps and other great apes. The Bible does not say anything about there being a “kind” of humans. (Search any of the online concordances, or just read Genesis 1 – while the word “kind” is used several times for the creation of other livng things, it is missing when it comes to humans.) And the Bible does not say anything at all about chimps, gorillas, or orangutans, or about gibbons, either. (The word “ape” in King James Bible English referred to what we today call “monkeys”. Those apes were unknown to Europeans of that day.) (Don’t believe everything that a creationist says about what is in the Bible witout checking on it.)

  14. Michael Fugate

    Given all the conspiracy theories fomented by our current administration, isn’t it highly probable that they are creationists?