The Discoveroids Are Begging for Money

We’ve always assumed that the Discovery Institute had plenty of funding from their generous patrons, but posts like their latest cause us to wonder if that golden flow may be coming to an end. They just posted this at their creationist blog: #GivingTuesday Message from Stephen Meyer. It has no author’s by-line. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and our director, Stephen Meyer, wish friends a blessed holiday season. Thank you for all your wonderful support!

Hey, you’re welcome! Then they say:

In a brief #GivingTuesday message from his office [video embedded in their post], Dr. Meyer recounts highlights of the past year and gives some hints as to what to expect in the year coming, in research, writing, teaching, and public advocacy.

We already know what’s coming — another ark-load of creationist nonsense. They tell us:

You can be part of that [Really?], advancing the theory of intelligent design and exposing the faults in its materialist Darwinian alternative, by joining us and contributing to the work of the CSC [their creationist “think tank”].

Wowie — who wouldn’t be excited about such an opportunity? The Discoveroids continue:

To share in our efforts, please take a moment now to go here.

As you suspected, that sentence links to a Discoveroid donation page. And it’s funny! Here’s some of what it says:

Evolution News & Science Today is a great tool for countering pro-Darwin propaganda. And for opening minds. [Hee hee!] The spirit of the age says mindless evolution turned microbes into men. [Gasp!] It whispers this “fact” in countless classrooms, textbooks, and academic articles. [That’s terrible!] The media then recycles the message in a steady flood of approving stories.

Isn’t this great? Let’s read on:

The writers at Evolution News [their creationist blog] are our first responders. They wade into this flood of pro-Darwin misinformation and rescue the truth with evidence and logic. [They’re so heroic!] In 2017, they published over 750 articles dealing with new scientific findings and philosophical arguments. They provided ammunition to defend the case for intelligent design.

It goes on, but you get the idea. Let’s return to their blog post:

In 2018, #GivingTuesday falls on Tuesday, November 27, but your crucial assistance counts all year round.

They link once again to their donation page, and then they end with this:

The staff and writers at Evolution News join Steve Meyer in extending to you our deep gratitude for making this work possible.

And the Curmudgeon is grateful to the Discoveroids for making our work possible — providing our readers with creationist entertainment.

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15 responses to “The Discoveroids Are Begging for Money

  1. Karl Goldsmith

    That piece of crap gets over $250,000

  2. what to expect in the year coming, in research, writing, teaching, and public advocacy.
    Let me be the first with a New Year’s prediction:

    There will be no advance on describing what Intelligent Design is, when or where it may take place, how it results in the way that life is, or why Intelligent Designers resort to that particular design , among the choices open to them. (Or even why they resort to Intelligent Design, rather than just relying on their more-than-natural powers.)

    (I will not make a prediction about what will be said about who (or what) Intelligent Designers may be.)

  3. Eddie Janssen

    Are you not a little bit worried? What if the DI money runs dry? You will only have Ken Ham left. Maybe you should give Uncommon Descent some attention?
    Or maybe you could make FrankB your clandestine operative in the Netherlands.

  4. Come on, dear SC, don’t be premature. The IDiots from Seattle will never receive enough money for all the work they don’t do.

    “advancing the theory of intelligent design”
    Compare the Wedge Document and judge how much advance they’ve made last 20 years.

  5. Michael Fugate

    The only thing the DI cares about is the public acknowledgement that their god is necessary for the universe to exist and be sustained. Perhaps we could make them go away, if we just made a disclaimer: nothing discussed in this science course precludes the existence and/or intervention of your favorite supernatural entity.

  6. @Michael Fugate
    I have been pointing out that the concept of Intelligent Design is not appropriate to omnipotence and even supernaturality.
    And I have, on occasion, pointed out that the arguments against evolution are, from the point of view of taditional Christianity, more directed against reproduction, if they have any validity.
    And I have, on occasion, cited traditional Christian sources. For example, for the concept of creation, and likened creationism to deism, gnosticism, universalism and other non-traditional Christianity.
    And I have argued that creationism has scant Biblical support. (Some of you may recall that I have defended the Bible against pi=3 and bats are birds.)
    That does not produce any positive response for creationism.
    I think that much of the “discussion” is taking place at the level of “dog whistle” language. What is really the matter of concern is whether we are physcally related to the rest of the world of life. Most especially, whether we are relatives to chimps and other apes. Most especially so (not despite) it being so obviously true.

  7. Having practiced for eons by tweaking DNA sequences, maybe the Designer will secretly tweak a digit or two on their bank account to add more money. Or maybe they’ll all take a pay cut.

  8. ”They wade into this flood of pro-Darwin misinformation and rescue the truth with evidence and logic.”
    Their begging for money is nothing new. Maybe all their ID Fellows” are expecting big raises. Additionally it’s very expensive to maintain their green screen lab and the ID printing presses. But maybe the well IS running dry.

  9. I really liked their comment

    …they published over 750 articles dealing with new scientific findings and philosophical arguments. …

    Hm. How many of those are blog posts to which nobody may comment? Not especially a relevant source when making the claim of “articles with new scientific findings”.

  10. It’s a complex food chain.

    The Discoveroids trawl the evolutionary waters, looking for real science they can tear chunks out of. They swallow the chunks whole, barely chewing, then void it out the other end as articles, before proper digestion can even take place.

    Enter the Curmudgeon — the pooper scooper — who recycles their waste into nuggets of comic gold, and delivers it to all parts of the flat Ear…er, globe, where all the hungry little Curmudgeonites pick over the tasty tidbits.

    Why, it’s almost like the whole, interlocking process has been consciously designed that way.

  11. Michael Fugate

    One does wonder if the DI fellows sat down in the same room, would they agree on anything – other than their need to be paid?

  12. “They wade into this flood of pro-Darwin misinformation …”

    As opposed to ignorant fools who peddle an alleged ancient and entirely non-existent world wide flood? Creationists are deaf to their own ironic claims.

  13. Expecting the occult hand of intelligent design for rescue from the desert of purple prose.

  14. All religions ask for money, whether they need it or not. Money means commitment

  15. Michael Fugate

    Do you think little Stevie will update his book…