ICR: Spiders Prove Creationism

The evidence for creationism keeps piling up, yet you continue to cling to your evolutionist fantasy. Well, dear reader, this may finally bring you to your senses. It’s at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom. Their headline is Amazing Design of Black Widow Web Silk.

It was written by Frank Sherwin, M.A. (Note that he touts his Master’s degree.) At the end of the article he’s described as “Research Associate at ICR.” Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Evidence for creation is seen in both the sudden origin of spiders [Sudden origin!], as demonstrated in the fossil record, and their amazing design. [Amazing design!] All spiders are created with four pairs of walking legs. Spider fossils are rare. Only about a thousand fossil species have been described worldwide. But they always display their iconic eight legs, remarkably complex eyesight organs and are, as creationists predict, 100% spiders.

All the fossil spiders have eight legs? Wow! Where are the seven-legged spiders they evolved from? Frankie says:

The Jurassic Period was supposedly 165 million years ago [Hee hee!], and yet spider fossils found in Northern China show spiders have evolved very little since then. This is because spiders didn’t evolve from an unknown non-spider ancestor — they evidentially didn’t evolve at all.

Ooooooooooooh! Spiders didn’t evolve at all! That means you should pay no attention to the Wikipedia article on Evolution of spiders, which says: “The evolution of spiders has been going on for at least 380 million years, since the first true spiders (thin-waisted arachnids) evolved from crab-like chelicerate ancestors.”

After informing us that spiders didn’t evolve at all, Frankie tells us:

Although invertebrate zoologists have known the structure of spider-web fibers and the main sequence of amino acids that make up some spider-silk proteins, current research has further uncovered how black widow spiders (Latrodectus) produce their steel-strength silk webs. It’s not a simple process by any means …

We’ll skip Frankie’s discussion of that because it’s not relevant to anything. He concludes his post with this:

Creationists give the Creator — not time and chance — credit and praise for designing spiders and their incredible silk production. Chance processes can’t create complexity no matter how long they try.

So there you are, dear reader. You’ve been looking for evidence of creation, and now you’ve got it! It’s time to give up your blasphemous belief in evolution — before you end up in the Lake of Fire.

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14 responses to “ICR: Spiders Prove Creationism

  1. Chance processes can’t create complexity no matter how long they try.
    Evolution doesn’t try.

  2. Derek Freyberg

    “Do, or not do, there is no try”?

  3. Michael Fugate

    He he!

  4. Dave Luckett

    Sure, sure. The slight individual differences in the chance processes involved in a really chaotic situation like a blizzard, acting on water droplets, can’t possibly produce the billion different intricate, highly ordered patterns of its snowflakes. Order never comes out of chaos. Sherwin says so, and he’s got an MA so he must be right.

  5. Complexity is not necessarily a hallmark of good design.

    God designed spiders to do — what? Keep fly numbers down?
    Humans designed the fly swat — much simpler, and just as effective.

  6. The “sudden origin” of spiders is “demonstrated in the fossil record”. How’s that possible? Are they practising historical science?
    All spiders have eight legs, and that’s what creationists always predicted.
    It is getting more and more ridiculous. Do I sense some kind of desperation?

  7. Karl Goldsmith

    Unless anyone knows better, it seems he hasn’t been on a research paper since 1988.

  8. If the spiders we’ve found are 100% spiders, that’s because we identified them as being spiders, on account of their physical properties. Otherwise we wouldn’t call them “spider”.

    I pity those invertebrate zoologists, they may need a backbone when confronted with the likes of Sherwin.

  9. “All spiders are created with four pairs of walking legs.”
    After Ol’Hambo hitting me hard (see the previous post) Frankie Doesn’t Go to Hollywood delivers the knock out. Yes, where are the intermediate species (ie between insects and spiders) with seven legs? Checkmate, as your dear SC notices!

    @ChrisS is stubborn: “God designed spiders to do — what?”
    Tsk! You think you are capable of fully grasp god’s intentions?

    @Hans435 fools himself too: “Are they practising historical science?”
    Of course! And correct historical science is either in the Bible or is consistent with Ol’Hambo’s and ICR’s interpretation!

  10. Stephen Wolfram is onto something in my view. Cellular automata are explanatory enough but Wolfram goes further and suggests simple networks have created all we see around us including time and space.

  11. Boris the Spider ( The Who, 1966 ) will be relieved to know that he is identical to his Jurassic ancestors according to Ham man. Perhaps that’s why the song was written . I hope Hammy has that tune on his iPod playlist.

  12. Sherwin holds position #1140 in the Encyclopedia of American Loons, described as a “standard creationist.”

  13. I love this line from EoAL
    According to his sister Elisabeth, Sherwin is a creationist because he is “irritated by the arrogance of evolutionists who claim to have all the answers,”