Creationist Wisdom #926: Moon Landing? Trivial!

Today’s letter-to-the-editor (or column, or something) appears in the Morung Express of Nagaland, a state in Northeast India. It’s titled Man on Moon, and we don’t see a comments feature.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure — at least we don’t think he is — we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Khreituonyil. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

After several paragraphs describing the first Moon landing in July of 1969 he says:

This article is not against the moon-landing. Far from it, I acknowledge the splendid achievement of man in general and America in particular. However, through this article, I wish to bring to the forefront some of the fallouts of this amazing achievement. Today we make a great deal about man walking on the moon. There are songs, poems and movies composed and made as tributes to this amazing achievement. But in the process, we seem to have totally taken for granted the first steps taken by a man named Adam on the planet called earth thousands of years [Hee hee!] before Armstrong was even born. I guess we have had enough of the first walk on the moon and so today I want to ponder over the first walk on the earth.

Yeah — phooey on the Moon landing. He’s going to talk about something far more important. Here it comes:

We naturally make a great deal about the first walk on the moon because it was an amazing achievement. But I feel compelled to think that when the first man Adam took his first steps on earth, it also must have been a sight. Nobody was watching him on TVs, no news reporter was covering this story and nobody was applauding and cheering on as Adam walked his first steps. All those who were watching silently were probably the stars, the planets and the other celestial bodies besides, of course, the Creator God. And as Adam took his first steps on earth, the one who felt the happiest and the proudest was God because He had created a masterpiece out of nothing. God saw that it was good and complimented Himself over his wondrous creation.

Yes, it was quite an achievement. Khreituonyil tells us:

The first man on the moon Armstrong was elevated from one celestial body to another and no doubt it was a marvelous achievement. But the first man Adam was not transferred from anywhere but was created out of nothing and made to walk on a planet where no being had ever treaded before. [Wowie!] Everything was new for Adam. He was the first one created in the image of God and he was the first one who could think, feel, talk and walk like God Himself. In a way, it was like God had created another God when He created Adam because He put all His ingredients in him. God wanted Adam to have an independent existence and think and comprehend independently. And this was where the potential fallout also lies.

Fallout? You know what’s coming next:

Armstrong was not supposed to stay on or live on in the moon. But Adam was initially created to live on forever as long as he understood the purpose of his creation and paid the due respect and reverence to his Creator. But Adam being created in the image of God with the ability to think, feel and communicate independently like God Himself, pride, arrogance, ambition and selfishness crept into his heart and he began to think that he might even be able to survive without his creator.

After telling us about the Fall, he continues:

But since the first man to walk on the earth was created in the image of God Himself, the Creator did not wish his most priced creation to just disappear into the dust without any chance of reunion with the Creator. And so the Creator Himself took the form of a man, came into the world and walked upon the planet earth as a man 2000 years ago and changed the course of human history.

You know the story. Let’s skip that and read on:

Yes indeed, it is astonishing to know that a mere mortal was able to walk on the moon in 1969. But it is much more awe inspiring to know that man was created in the image of God out of nothing and was given the opportunity to walk on the planet earth with the stars, the planets, the celestial bodies, the angels and God as witnesses. But the wonder of wonders is to know that the Creator God Himself took the form of a man and walked upon this planet some 2000 years ago to bring light and life back into a fallen world.

Indeed, it was amazing. Another excerpt:

So rather than focusing on and talking about the first walk of man on moon even though it was a remarkable achievement of man and science, I prefer to meditate on the first man to walk on the earth because it takes my imagination to a whole new arena with which I can connect myself.

He can really connect with Adam. Here’s more:

Similarly rather than spending myself focusing on the success of a man-made mission in 1969, I prefer to spend my time and energy meditating on the walk that the Creator Himself took on planet earth some 2000 years ago because I feel enriched, enlightened and fulfilled whenever I do so.

And now we come to the end:

[W]hich one is actually more inspiring and touching, man walking on the moon in 1969 or God walking on earth 2000 years ago?

Great question! Well, dear reader, which one is more inspiring?

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10 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #926: Moon Landing? Trivial!

  1. Our writer keeps saying that Adam was created out of nothing. But our only source of information, the eyewitness account recorded in Genesis, tells us that Adam was made out of the dust of the ground.

  2. TomS, absolutely correct, just as that account does not say that God created life itself from nothing. Rather, God caused the Earth to bring it forth. In fact Genesis doesn’t say God created anything from nothing. It says that in the beginning, before God began the work of creation, that the Earth was formless and empty, a waste of waters in darkness.

    Those who aver that they take scripture literally often change what it actually says to suit themselves. I take both the literalism and the alterations as symptoms of an authoritarian mindset. Authoritarians are absolutists who both require and reflect authority – and assume their own.

  3. Impressive research finding this beauty!

  4. We are patently awaiting Adam’s publications in peer reviewed science journals telling us all about life on Earth 6K, or 3.9B or 64B+ years ago (creationists can’t even agree on the age of the Earth).

  5. I imagine that Khreituonyil might find some disagreement with the billion-odd Indian citizens who are not Christians. But leaving that aside, it is some time since I have seen so many words used to say so little.

  6. “created out of nothing”
    And that was supposed to be a problem for naturalism, including Evolution Theory?!

  7. Great historical moments that serve as mere pretext to cite Jesus:

    THE LAUNCHING OF THE QE2: Yeah, I guess it was impressive, and all that, but Jesus walked on water without aid of any sea-going vessel.

    VICTORY AT STALINGRAD: Come off it. Jesus changed hearts and minds without firing a single shot.

    9/11: So they knocked a couple of buildings over. Jesus overturned whole tables of stuff, and tore up the joint!

  8. @tedinoz
    I just took a look at Wikipedia about Nagaland, the Indian state where this was published. It is a small state, a couple of million population, but it is about 75% Baptist and about 5% other Christian. And its main language is English.

  9. @TomS My thanks. Reassuring to know that the author should be safe in his bed; though still guilty of preaching to the converted.

  10. @tedinoz:
    Better that Khreituonyil write long-winded creationist letters to editors than call us to tell us we “have a problem with our Windows compyootor”.