Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — November 2018

This is becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated features of our blog — thanks to the ceaseless efforts of our clandestine operative in Kentucky, code-named “Blue Grass.” He has once again provided us with the latest official ticket sales figures for people visiting Ark Encounter — the creationist tourist attraction built by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia.

As you know, Hambo has to pay a safety tax of $.50 (fifty cents) to the City of Williamstown for each ticket sold, and the results are available through the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA). Our operative showed us a copy of the latest Monthly Safety Assessment Report. It reveals that Hambo’s Ark Encounter sold 40,193 tickets in November 2018, resulting in a fee due to the city of $20,096.50.

Now the question is: What were the ark’s ticket sales for the same month during the preceding year? As we reported in Hambo’s Ark — True Figures for the 2nd Year, in November of 2017 the Ark sold 51,914 tickets.

This November there were 11,721 fewer tickets sold than in November of 2017, which is more than a 22% decline. Nevertheless, we’ll give Hambo credit for selling a lot of tickets. Although the numbers keep dropping, he’s probably taking in enough revenue to keep things going.

We know what Hambo’s response to this news will be, because he says the same thing every month. He’ll say that the secularists are spreading misinformation about his glorious ark because there are enormous numbers of uncounted visitors, due to the fact that little children get in free with their ticket-buying parents, and lifetime pass owners don’t have to buy a ticket each time they visit.

And we’ll respond again by saying that those factors were also true last year, and it doesn’t change the fact that actual ticket sales have declined — so there’s less money coming in.

We don’t know if the recent declines in ticket sales will continue. The important thing is that despite Hambo’s claims to the contrary, the numbers aren’t increasing. It’s quite the opposite — at least for now.

As before, it’ll be fun to watch Hambo’s reactions when the press reports his ticket sales figures. And we’re grateful to our clandestine operative for his excellent work.

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6 responses to “Ticket Sales for Hambo’s Ark — November 2018

  1. And inquiring minds still want to know when the city and state are going to be reaping the benefits of the big box (an ark is a chest or box) tax giveaway that the HAMster had promised them so long ago?

  2. As you know, Hambo has to pay a safety tax of $.50 (fifty cents) to the City of Williamstown

    Put like that, it sounds like a protection racket. Imagine a sturdy fireman visiting the Ark: “That’s a beautiful ship you have here, Mr Ham. All timber. Beautiful. Beautiful. But so frail. Suppose it caught fire. Wouldn’t want to end up with smoked ham now, do we? Bwahahaha!”

  3. Has anyone tried graphing the decline in ticket sales? It would be interesting to see how long it might be until they reach zero.

  4. I agree that the town’s safety tax is a protection racket. As much as I despise creationism & professional creationists, I also despise abusive, greedy, corrupt, wasteful politicians & bureaucrats.

  5. I disagree that the safety tax is a racket. Contrary to the idealized notion of the fireman sitting around all day like the Maytag repairman waiting for the one or two fires that happen every year, the reality is that they are actually quite busy. My cousin was fire chief in the rather small town America town I used to live. Even in a small town you’re talking about at least one instance per day. Medical services are typically a part of the purview of most fire departments. With up to a few thousand visitors in one day the Ark Encounter likely gets more than its fair share of emergency calls. The town also needs to have the equipment to service such a large and unusual structure. Obviously, someone has to pay for it, and incidentally it is the crowds themselves, not Hambo who foots the bill. You use something you pay for it.

  6. @Troy: Agree 100%. The “City” of Williamstown is hardly a city, with a population of about 4,000. On a summer Saturday, Ham’s Ark probably draws a crowd that doubles Williamstown’s population. Just handling all the extra traffic puts a strain on the town, possibly requiring more traffic lights, more police, more EMTs, more emergency equipment, and road improvements. Heck, Ham’s getting off easy with just 50 cents a pop. I doubt if it comes close to covering Williamstown’s extra costs.