The End of the World Is Coming — This Year!

We were shocked — shocked! — to see this headline in the Daily Mirror, a national tabloid published in London: End of the world: Biblical prophecy predicts Rapture in 2019. They have a comments feature. Here are some excerpts from the news, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Bad news everyone, the apocalypse is coming this year and we’re all doomed. [Aaaargh!!] Apparently December this year will see God return to earth to judge humanity. In his 2013 book “End Times and 2019: The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Day”, author David Montaigne says that there’s plentiful evidence to suggest that this year is the last for humans.

We found the book at Amazon: The publisher is Adventures Unlimited Press, which seems to specialize in fringe science. The Daily Mirror says:

It’s all about the stars, apparently. In ancient visions biblical writers and races like the Maya all described a particular alignment of the stars and using computer models we can see that this will happen in December this year.

Hey — the guy’s got computer models. This is serious! The tabloid tells us:

On his website [Here ya go] Montaigne says that a seven day period, starting on December 21 and ending on December 28, will mark the end of humanity. [Skipping details of each day.] The final judgement will see the Earth’s poles switch – he’s written another book about that – and a new world will be born.

Egad — the poles are gonna switch! The news continues:

Montaigne has previously predicted that the anti-christ would come to Earth on June 6, 2016 and has previously claimed that President Barack Obama was Lucifer.

Hey — he’s not wrong! Then the tabloid drifts off into other end of the world scenarios, so we’ll leave them here. There’s no time to waste, dear reader. We’ve gotta get ready! And as we always do with these doomsday posts, we close with this:

Thats all folks

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26 responses to “The End of the World Is Coming — This Year!

  1. I thought that we had already gone through the Mayan calendar end times.
    See Wikipedia, about December 21, 2012 phenomenon#Mesoamerican Long Count calendar

  2. Remember the Great Disappointment of 1844. This could be serious!

  3. Michael Fugate

    ETs from Ultima Thule?

  4. siluriantrilobite

    Why couldn’t the end have been in early April, before taxes are due?

  5. And this one will mark how many times the world has been alleged to end by some mystic or another? And is it the entire universe, or just the earth?

  6. Don’t you know that the entire universe owes its existence to support Earth, in particular, human life on Earth? That is why the basic parameters of physics have their precise values, why there are billions of galaxies and billions of years!

  7. SC:
    “The publisher is Adventures Unlimited Press, which seems to specialize in fringe science.”

    SCIENCE?!? Oh, don’t dignify them so.

    At any rate, it ain’t gonna happen in December. Did this genius forget about the Super-Duper Bloody Moon on January 20-21? We’re not going to make it to December.

  8. @Abeastwood is worried: “And is it the entire universe, or just the earth?”
    Only a small chunk of our Earth, probably Anglo-Saxon. See:

    “a particular alignment of the stars”
    This depends on where you are. We Dutchies are fine. Aussies too. So let me add: either the UK is doomed because of the brexit or the USA are because of Donald the Clown.

  9. Eddie Janssen

    How many different Doomsday Predictions are there within the next 5 years?

  10. See RationalWiki “List of predicitions of the end of the world”, section “21st century”

  11. Eddie Janssen

    @TomS: Thank you!
    Sandro Botticelli, 16th century Florentine painter, among the believers.

  12. Based on the list TomS provided is looks like we are ramping up the numbers of doomsday predictions and we’re just 18 years into the new century.

    My only question is will the end of the world come before the Jets win another Super Bowl?

  13. It isn’t enough that the Cubs won the World Series?

  14. isn’t enough that the Cubs won the World Series?

    Not if you are a Jets fan! I need the pain to end one way or another!

  15. So many doomsdays and not one genuine. The prophets have a lousy record. Maybe that’s why so many people ignore climate change,

  16. Twelve months is a good time span to milk the droolers. Any longer and people don’t show enough excitement, and it gives him almost a year to find some kind of explanation why it didn’t happen.

  17. I thought the end of the holiday season would bring us some news to blog about, but so far there’s nothing. It seems that for creationists, the End of the World has already happened.

  18. There has to be something about Ultima Thule which shows design! What are the three white spots?

  19. How about a naming contest for
    (486958) 2014 MU_69
    my suggestion is


  20. Wait, I though it all ended in 2011, as Harold Camping predicted. That must have happened because creationists are never wrong (even when they contradict each other). So anything you have experienced since then must be a reality show. 🙂

  21. One significant fact about Jan 1, 2019. See various sites about Public Domain Day 2019 USA. There was an extension of 20 years on copyright, granted in 1999. This means that a whole lot of works have gone off of copyright, everything published more than 75 years ago, 1923 and earlier. This applies only in the USA, of course.

  22. Ross Cameron

    The End Of The World has already come for Aussies with the Indians doing us like a dinner in the cricket Tests.

  23. Love the copyright joke Curmie!

  24. I’m assuming that the “poles’ in question are the magnetic ones, since switching the geographic poles would involving flipping the earth upside down. That wouldn’t leave too many to survive until Judgment Day or go through Tribulation beforehand.

    And th geological record indicates magnetic pole shifts have happened many times before without catastrophic results (though if one happened now it would sure screw up compass-based navigation).

  25. Geomagnetic strength and direction and at the time of a rock’s deposition is one of the features used in dating.

    Not much major navigation now depends on magnetic direction-finding, but there is real anxiety about what severe weakening of the field during a reversal might do to communication satellites, which would be exposed to a high level of bombardment by high-energy charged particles, from which the Earth’s magnetic field normally shields us.

    The Earth’s magnetic field is indeed currently weakening, and if things go on like this, it will fall to zero in 1600 years, though I get the impression that those who study such things don’t regard this as particularly likely.

  26. As if my ideas aren’t questionable enough on their own… my books are being misrepresented and mocked in multiple British tabloids and the articles have been copied and reused around the world for the last ten days without anyone paying attention to most of what I actually say. I’ve been lumped in with “time travelers,” wildly misquoted, and one guy even added “sharknadoes” to the list of my alleged predictions. Maybe even bad publicity is good… Maybe not…

    One of my fans wrote: “Readers of your books will have the discretion to see the difference between authentic sifting through of ideas versus inane prophecy declarations.” I don’t mind if millions of people laugh it all off, knowing a select few will be motivated to continue their search for evidence, and a better understanding of geology, mythology, religion and other relevant topics.

    There is a pole shift starting up; the new article in Nature even supports the idea. If interested there are many good books to learn from:
    POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced
    Earth’s Shifting Crust
    The Dimensions of Paradise
    World in Peril
    Earth Under Fire
    Forgotten Civilization
    Hamlet’s Mill