Hambo’s Book-Selling Jamboree

We always pay attention to articles by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) about his mind-boggling Creation Museum, and his exact replica of Noah’s Ark known as Ark Encounter. Why? They’re fun to blog about. But we never pay attention to another aspect of ol’ Hambo’s creationist empire — his book and dvd sales.

Today we’re getting a bit of insight into that activity. He posted this at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Free Answers VBS Workshop at the Creation Museum January 26, 2019. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Why do people look different from one another? Do most people realize those outward differences are really minor? Why do we speak different languages? Are we really one family? Get answers to these questions and more with our 2019 Answers VBS The Incredible Race: One Family, One Race, One Savior [link omitted].

The acronym VBS appears in the title of Hambo’s post and in that initial paragraph. He uses it in the rest of his post too, but it’s never defined. We searched around his website, and it seems to mean “Vacation Bible School,” an entire curriculum of creationist podcasts offered by Hambo. As for his “one race” theme, we’ve written about that before — see Ken Ham: The Cause and Cure of Racism. He says there’s no such thing as race. We look a bit different because of what happened at the Tower of Babel.

Okay, now we have some idea of what he’s talking about. He says:

This totally unique VBS tackles the race issue in a fun way, taking kids across the globe while they complete challenges and learn what the Bible’s history tells us about race — that we’re all one race, one family, and all have one Savior, Jesus Christ. And now you can get a preview of this exciting VBS curriculum during our upcoming 2019 VBS Preview [link omitted] at the Creation Museum, January 26, 2019.

Wowie — a big “preview” event. What’s it all about? He tells us:

During this free [Free?], all-day event, you and other VBS leaders from your church will enjoy an overview of the biblical content, and a showcase of various aspects of the program including crafts, science experiments, decorating, and more. The Incredible Race is available at a 25% discount during this special event, and attendees get to take home goodie bags filled with VBS treats.

The fog is lifting. The “free, all-day event” is a big sales pitch to “VBS leaders” — presumably church school people. He continues:

You’ll also enjoy free [Free?] parking (with proof of purchase of The Incredible Race), a voucher for discounted admission to the Creation Museum, 10% off products from the Creation Museum bookstore, and you will be entered to win a Super Starter Kit, a scene setter pack, and more.

Did you like that “free” parking with proof of purchase? One last excerpt:

Whether you’ve used Answers VBS for years, or you’re brand-new to our curriculum, we invite you to come out to the Creation Museum for this special event. Register today [link omitted] to ensure your spot.

We doubt that just anyone can register for the event, but if you can convince Hambo that you’re a big-time purchaser of bible education materials, then go right ahead — click over there and sign up. Tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya.

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9 responses to “Hambo’s Book-Selling Jamboree

  1. Dave Luckett

    I wonder if Ham realises that his “One Family, One Race, One Savior” eerily echoes an earlier slogan. Is it unconscious, which is perhaps not the same as conscienceless, or is it mere happenstance and ignorance?

    As with most things creationist – as with most things whatever – I’ll go with the latter. But even so, a sort of shudder passed over me, reading those words.

  2. Perhaps he was thinking of Ephesians 4:5, or countless other of examples of “hendiatris” (see the Wikipedia article).

  3. @Dave L
    Unconscious, maybe? But perhaps all Abrahamic faiths unconsciously aspire towards the totalitarian.

  4. “we’re all one race, one family”
    Still I wonder how come it took christians so many centuries to derive that conclusion from their favourite Holy Book.


  5. Former slave Capitein “stressed that a slave who becomes a Christian does not need to be freed, and that slave owners therefore should allow their slaves to be baptized.”

    What you’d call “throwing your mates under the bus”, or carriage as the case may be.

  6. @Curmie

    VBS has been a church thing since I was a kid. Summer or other big school breaks is their big opportunity to act like a baby sitting service while brainwashing the kids.

  7. Vacation Bible School! Horrible memories in a fundie church: unbelievable bible stories (god really ordered Abraham to kill his son?), memorizing bible verses (out of context, of course, but too young to know), endless prayer, and propaganda that as better xians we’d be closest to the throne. Perhaps the worst: god is watching and listening all the time. What a way to spoil a kid’s summer. Hambo’s stuff must be pure torture.

  8. Michael Fugate

    If you really want to end racism, then it might be wise to stop using white as a metaphor for good…

    Click to access 11-5-010_OA-craft-guide-sample.pdf

    Christians should also own up to their racism – I am sure Ham has a lesson on why the Southern Baptists split off from Baptists. Or why a “Christian” nation enslaved some individuals and denied them their rights. Why it coveted and stole land from others.

  9. Karl Goldsmith

    I see Ken is looking for trouble. “If any public school wants to bring its students to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum as an educational experience, then I will offer them free tickets to get in,” Ham said