ICR Has a Wall of Creationist Fossils

If you’re a typical Darwinist, you probably think that creationists have no evidence other than the bible to support their view of the world. Well, prepare to be embarrassed by the latest at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom.

The title of their new post is Revealing Our Fossil Wall. It has no author’s by-line. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

It was an exciting week here at ICR as we watched workers carefully mount nine fossil replicas to the Discovery Center’s exterior wall. Each 12’×12′ panel weighs 3,500 pounds!

You don’t have any fossil replicas, do you, dear reader? ICR does, and they’re huge! They say:

Two of them are based on fossils in ICR’s collection. Artisans carved the replicas out of modeling clay and cast them in concrete.

Two of their replicas are based on real fossils! The other seven replicas … well, who knows? As for what those fossils reveal about the past, ICR tells us:

The sequence from left to right reflects the relative order these creatures were buried in the fossil record from bottom to top. [Deepest first, we assume.] Rather than showing evidence of evolution [No way!], this sequence actually demonstrates the progression of the global Flood described in Genesis.

Wow! They have fossil evidence of the Flood! All you have, dear reader, are some pathetic Darwinist excuses for your life of sin. ICR continues:

The trilobite, cephalopod, paddlefish, ichthyosaur, mosasaur, pterodactyl, Archaeopteryx, and Tyrannosaurus rex were catastrophically buried during the Flood [at the same time!], while the fully human Neanderthal fossil [Hee hee!] is from the immediate post-Flood Ice Age.

That “post-Flood Ice Age” is mentioned in the book of … ah, well, it must be somewhere in the bible. Let’s read on:

Now that we have the fossil wall in place, people passing by will have a glimpse into the compelling evidence for the Bible that awaits them inside.

The fossil wall is just a hint of ICR’s compelling evidence. Here’s our last excerpt:

We’re making great progress on this project as we seek to proclaim biblical and scientific truth to the next generation. Thank you for giving and praying!

If you’re in the mood to give more, dear reader, ICR has a link where you can do so. Go ahead, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya.

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31 responses to “ICR Has a Wall of Creationist Fossils

  1. Michael Fugate

    No unicorn? No Piltdown Man?

  2. Mark Germano

    Wouldn’t the animals with the ability to fly be at the top of the fossil record?

  3. Mark Germano

    Also, wouldn’t all the eggs be found in the same level?

    (Previous comment also mine.)

  4. More importantly, there is a pattern to the fossil record. Everyone agrees to that.
    Is that pattern due to design, or it is possible that there is a natural explanation for the pattern?
    If the creatinists give a natural explanation, such a hydrodynamic sorting, or whatever, then they are saying that natural forces can produce a complex pattern.
    That should be the end of the discussion.

  5. No behemoth? Leviathan? Dragon? Giant?

  6. Those able to fly would have taken a hike on the Ark, of course.

  7. the progression of the global Flood described in Genesis.
    I had to turn to my Bible, for I didn’t remember any “progression of the global Flood described in Genesis”.
    Can you believe this: there isn’t any progression of the flood. (Excuse me, but I can’;t resist noting that there is nothing about a global flood, either. But let that pass as a distraction.)
    And, by the way, what about the sorting of the marine animals? In the deepest layers, there are no vertebrates, fishes.The Bible certainly doesn’t say anything about that!

  8. Michael Fugate

    We’re making great progress on this project as we seek to proclaim biblical and scientific truth to the next generation.

    They wouldn’t be YECs if they were seeking to proclaim either…

  9. “The sequence from left to right reflects the relative order these creatures were buried in the fossil record from bottom to top.”
    That could actually backfire if somebody gets the idea of thinking a bit further. Why was the paddlefish ‘buried’ in the flood? Why before the ichthyosaur? Where are the mammal fossils?

  10. Indeed, Hans – and it has happened, somewhere in the 1930’s. Right now I’m too lazy to look up the source (either Donald Prothero or Jerry Coyne). The story tells how a YECer made the fatal mistake to actually visit an excavation, recognized the pattern and deconverted – became a frigging Darwinist evolutionist (iIrc he remained a christian, but not to ICR’s and Ol’Hambo’s standards of course).

  11. It is obvious that these people have no idea what they are talking about, and think that they are making sense.
    Whatever they say about the fossils cannot be based on the Bible, for the Bible has nothing to say abut fossils. The Bible has noting to say about extinctions. So what reason to they have for making these statements? How can they rule out that God, in his infinite wisdom, had some reason for this order? Or maybe that Satan did it?
    Shouldn’t it cause them pause to think that they cannot distinguish between some natural sorting process, and an act of God, and an act of Satan? The only ting that they rule out is that the order does tell us what it looks like, that there have been extinctions and new life. And why do they rule out that? Because then they would have to accept something that they don’t want to accept. Certainly nothing that the Bible says.

  12. Michael Fugate

    If God can do all the miraculous things Ham says God can do, then God can arrange the fossils any way God wants. Why expect any pattern when God is involved?

  13. @Michael Fugate
    There are many simple pattern which aintelligent designer culd choose.
    Ther are the ways that items are arranged in a grocery store.
    The are the ways that books are arranged in a library.
    The are the ways that the Bible arranges animals. (“clean” and “unclean”, day 5 and day 6, etc.)
    And, as long as we don’t know God’s purposes, who can say what is the most sensible. For sure, it isn’t a matter of what is easier for him.

  14. ICR:
    “We will build a fossil wall. And we will make DARWINISTS pay for that wall!”

    (Crowd goes nuts. Fist pumping. Chanting): “ICR! ICR! ICR!”

  15. @ChrisS – Crowd goes nuts. Fist pumping. Chanting: “ICR! ICR! ICR!”
    Then: “Lock him up” (meaning Darwin)

  16. Creation cultists: Where are the fossils of bunny rabbits in the Cambrian? Why are sea creatures (clams, snails) so abundant at the top of the column? (See the Pliocene-Pleistocene-Holocene of the Carolinas and Florida.) Why are sea creatures so abundant in the entire column, Cambrian to Holocene? Hydrodynamic sorting – mega-FAIL.

  17. @JSJ
    Is the order of the fossils due to intelligent design?
    Or it is the result of a mindless, natural process like hydrodynamic sorting?
    Or does it reflect the times at which the things we’re living, and died?

  18. I wanna’ know why so many of these marine organisms “drowned.”
    “Oh, well”, says Mom and Pop Creationist. “Floods produce a lot of mud and other sediments. The animals were buried in mud. Get it?”

    I dunno. A lot of marine fossils I’ve looked at are limestone. Since when were limestone deposits formed by floods?

    Mom and Pop Creationist: “Jesus died for our sins.”

  19. Charles Deetz ;)

    Why would ICR be dumb enough to talk about the order of fossil layers? And make it 12 foot panels no less. Show off some POSITIVE evidence for creation, or make up some like Hambo does. If I were them, I’d make each panel represent a day of creation. Then at least we’d know what a firmament looks like.

  20. @CD is not entirely honest: “If I were them, I’d make each panel represent a day of creation.”
    If you were them you’d deconvert ASAP.

  21. Christine Janis

    Paddlefish are still around today. Whoops.

  22. Karl Goldsmith

    “while the fully human Neanderthal fossil [Hee hee!] is from the immediate post-Flood Ice Age.” So where did they appear from?

  23. Karl Goldsmith

    How do they not understand that anything that flies would find the highest point, and that would ultimately be the Ark.

  24. Michael Fugate

    Can you imagine all the mosquitoes gathering on the Ark? Not to mention other flies? No wonder Noah took to drink.

  25. A standard YEC scenario of the Ark says that only air-breathing vertebrates were on the Ark. Insects and worms and such floated on debris. You ask for the eyewitness account for that?
    You ask about the calm waters which were carving out canyons, or the heavy downpour of rain? Silly questions.

  26. Michael Fugate

    Right, but if you are a blood-sucking insect, you will be on the Ark whether God wanted you there or not.

  27. Or any parasite. In general, any obligate symbiont.

  28. ICR needs this to counter the H Ross Perot Natural History Museum nearby.
    If you can put your fraud into the context of those kids who went on school trips to the Perot, then ICR strengthens its pseudoscience religion is always correct argument that’s this whole dinosaur thing is an either or thing. Meaning, that if you understand and use natural sciences like geology or paleontology, or biology, then you can’t be a “christian”. Plus, if you’re getting this stuff at your kids private church school also, then you’;ve build up a cadre of hard core closet creationists who keep their beliefs in their family, ICR and church groups, passing this on from generation to generation.
    Its a cargo cult with computers, banks and 21st century technology at their fingertips.

  29. @MichaelF: ” you will be on the Ark whether God wanted you there or not.”
    I guess so, but that god also will have made all the victims temporarily invulnerable. If you go Flood Geology there are no limits to what you can make up.

  30. @FrankB
    no limits
    Such as the limits of consistency or coherence.

  31. “ICR Has a Wall of Creationist Fossils”

    So they have Henry Morris Sr., Duane Gish, Luther Sunderland and other assorted dead creationists mounted on a wall? How quaint!