South Dakota’s Third 2019 Creationism Bill — Dead

Creationist bill, road kill

There has been so much creationist legislation proposed this year that we’re losing track of it. Our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) recently posted this: “Controversial issues” bill in South Dakota defeated. They say, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

South Dakota’s House Bill 1113 (PDF), which would require local school boards to adopt a code of ethics to prevent “political or ideological indoctrination,” was defeated in the House Education Committee on February 11, 2019, when the committee voted 11-3 to defer further consideration of it to the 41st legislative day. There are forty days in the legislative session.

We checked our archives and saw that we had earlier posted Strange Creationist Bill in South Dakota. It was what NCSE called a “Controversial issues” resolution, but it was House Concurrent Resolution 1002 — and it’s still pending. The bill that just died wasn’t the one we had written about. What’s going on?

Oh, wait. We also wrote about a second bill in that state this year — see South Dakota Has Another One for 2019. That’s House Bill 1270 — one of those typical “strengths and weaknesses” jobs; but it too is still pending.

There must have been a third creationist bill introduced in that state, and somehow we missed the news. Let’s get back to NCSE. They say:

Similar measures introduced in 2019 include South Dakota’s House Concurrent Resolution 1002 … . Also currently active in South Dakota is House Bill 1270, which would allow the misrepresentation of science in the classroom.

Okay, those are the bills we wrote about — but we missed the one they’re discussing today. Wowie — South Dakota had three creationist bills introduced this year. Anyway, one of them is dead, and that’s good news. But they still have two more to go.

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4 responses to “South Dakota’s Third 2019 Creationism Bill — Dead

  1. “a code of ethics to prevent “political or ideological indoctrination,”

    I confess I would almost like to see that one passed in some states.

    Teacher: The war of Northern Aggression….—> Lawsuit
    Teacher: The founding of our American republic….—-> Lawsuit
    Teacher: The Cold War….—-> Lawsuit
    Teacher: The sky is blue….—-> Maybe OK
    What a field day for lawyers!!

  2. I understand ALL the stylish creationists in South Dakota are wearing yellow stripes this spring !!! The yellow is for intellectual and moral cowardice, the grey for natural selection at work.

  3. My apologies about the Pallalia Syndrome double post Curmudgeon.

  4. Do any of these dolts realise how easily such legislation, if passed, could backfire? Like GreenPoisonFrog suggests, just about any fact from a tumultuous past could be conceived as “controversial” by some party, somewhere.