Creationist Wisdom #938: Climate & Evolution

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Idaho Press-Tribune of Nampa, Idaho It’s titled The climate change hoax, and the newspaper has a comments feature.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Rocky. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

Global warming now called climate change is one of the biggest hoaxes ever foisted on the American people. [Egad!] And here’s why. All of these people who believe in the so-called “climate change” also believe in evolution [Gasp!], you know the survival of the fittest, how we came out of the primordial soup, there [sic] ancestors were primates [he means non-human primates] and slowly over millions of years we arrive at 2019.

Those evolution believers are all messed up. Rocky says:

Now remember the earth was nothing more than a molten ball and as it cooled it begin to have an atmosphere of some kind and then water. They [sic] were probably thousands of volcanoes going off spewing their gases into the atmosphere, yet an atmosphere developed out of all that toxic gases being spewed from the volcanoes and now here we are today enjoying the atmosphere that overcome [sic] all that toxic gas over millions of years and the so-called scientist are now trying to tell the American people that in less than 20 years if we don’t stop producing petroleum based products it’s all going [to] end.

Nothing to worry about, folks — the climate is just fine! Okay, get ready. Here comes the evolution debunking:

Now I don’t believe in the evolution theory because it isn’t plausible nor scientific. I do believe in a divine creator that created all this for our good [because that is plausible and scientific], and as yet no one is [sic] ever found a missing link [Hee hee!] and I’m going to stick to what the Bible has to say.

Ah yes, the elusive missing link. Rocky continues:

I [sic] been in the engineering field [whatever that means] for over 50 years and have yet seen a product, or a device or anything crop up all by itself without any intelligent input, I will make an exception for some in Congress.

Clever Congressional insult — but it doesn’t matter. Here’s the end of Rocky’s letter:

Now I would debate people on the so-called “climate change”, but that “science is settled” they say. No they won’t debate it because they have no foundation to debated [sic] on.

Too bad they’re afraid to debate. Rocky would be a formidable adversary.

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #938: Climate & Evolution

  1. Rocky took one too many punches to the head while he was in the ring. There’s a few missing links in that battered brain of his.

  2. I apologise that this is off-topic, but I read that Behe’s new book is going to be available on Audible. So the question is, “whose voice have they organised for the audio?”. We know that President Trump has had a bit of free time lately… I don’t suppose? Nah.

  3. Amazing that among all the howlers Rocky manages to get something right:

    “All of these people who believe in the so-called “climate change” also believe in evolution.”
    Very likely indeed.

  4. We shud beleve Rocky ’cause hes be edumacated engeer!

  5. Ah, the well constructed, fact-filled arguments of a disciple of Ken Ham. And since it’s a mere 2,000 miles from Rocky’s place to Williamstown, I’m guessing that Rocky is a regular at Chez Ham.

    Of course, Seattle and the DI is a lot closer to home, but those fellas believe in evolution! So I think we can take it as read that Rocky won’t be going to one of their Summer Seminars.

  6. @tedinoz, difficult to know what they actually believe in. Behe (more nonsense on the way shortly) believes in evolution but not in Darwinism, while Meyer apparently believes in an old Earth but not in evolution, though it’s difficult to tell.

    Everyone, am I unusual in noticing the increasingly close connection between evolution denial and climate change denial, and the role of the DI in promoting both?

  7. @Paul Braterman
    Climate change denial is, at least in part, driven by commercial interest. One would expect it to be like denial of the health effects of tobacco use, or the social effects of firearms (perculiar, I think, to the USA).

    Creationism, in any of its forms, seems to have no substantial commercial interest backing it. The same is true of anti-vax, Moon-landing denial, and many other famous conspiracy theories. Perhaps one could say they these are driven, rather, by authoritarianism or anti-democracy, which has its extreme form in xenophobia.

  8. Michael Fugate

    I see them as conservative talking points – like abortion, like taxes. It is a way of rallying the troops, but is it anything more than sloganeering?

  9. @Anonymous, yes; it’s the great deal more. It’s part of a decades-long and all too successful campaign to protect the interests of fossil fuel industries by casting doubt on the underlying science.

  10. Global warming now called climate change is one of the biggest hoaxes ever foisted on the American people. [Egad!] And here’s why. All of these people who believe in the so-called “climate change” also believe in evolution.

    Now let me get this straight: Climate change must be a hoax because people who accept it as real also accept evolution?

    What pods do these people hatch out of?

  11. “They were probably thousands of volcanoes going off” Hey !!!!! Rocky is Forrest Gump’s screen name !!! Very exciting… I need a brown paper bag and a dark room now.

  12. Michael Fugate

    There also are close ties between “free” market think tanks, tobacco,and fossil fuels..

  13. The link between evolution denial and climate change denial is often religion. Evangelicals deny the latter because God simply wouldn’t allow us to wreck the planet (only He gets to do that, if He sees fit).

    There’s an author in Oz called Roy Williams who, in one of his books, claims nuclear war has been averted because of divine intervention. His argument is basically: Hey, we haven’t destroyed ourselves, therefore God exists!

  14. As recent as the early 19th century, there was denial of extinction of species (btw the micro macro mambo had not been yet discovered in the Bible). There were enough parts of the globe which were not known to Europeans for some to hold out for there being still places for survival of animals like mammoths, etc.