Creationist Wisdom #942: Eternal Consequences

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the News-Gazette of Champaign, Illinois. It’s titled Universe was created by God, and the newspaper doesn’t have a comments feature.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Bill. We’ve posted about him before — see #907: Science Is a Fairy Tale. Excerpts from his latest letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

This is in response to Ian Cook, “A museum trip should be planned.” It is concerning that in the year 2019, we have people who believe that life and the universe created themselves through natural processes rather than creation by an all knowing and all-powerful creator.

This is the letter Bill is talking about. It was responding to him and suggested that he should visit a museum to learn that the Earth isn’t only 6,000 years old. Bill is upset and he says:

I have been to atheistic natural science museums in Chicago, British Columbia, etc. I have also been to planetariums with an atheistic interpretation of our origins. [And learned nothing.] I cannot even go on a vacation without being told we came from primordial soup (pond scum) and are just animals with no ultimate meaning in life.

Then Bill flips Ian’s letter around and makes his own recommendation for museum visits:

I suggest you head down to Kentucky and visit the Creation Science Museum and The Ark Encounter to educate yourself on a young Earth and a young universe. Try to be open-minded.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! After that Bill tells us:

It is sad that millions of elementary school children go to atheistic, taxpayer-funded natural history museums to be indoctrinated into the atheistic religion in America.

Yes, it’s sad. He continues:

The scientific method requires observation and repeatable observable experimentation. [That’s true. And what does Bill have?] We have eyewitness testimony — recorded in the Bible — of when and how our universe was created.

Wowie! Who needs observation and experiments when you have that? Let’s read on:

Of course, you are free to call God a liar. [Gasp!]

Bill doesn’t recommend that. He ends his letter explaining why:

There will come a day when everyone will believe in the triune God of the Bible and every knee will bow and confess Jesus is Lord. All the God haters will be silenced. God will have the last laugh. Continued willful ignorance is unforgivable with eternal consequences.

Okay, dear reader, you’ve been warned. Now get yourself to Kentucky and visit ol’ Hambo’s ark and his museum — before it’s too late! And remember: willful ignorance is unforgivable.

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6 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #942: Eternal Consequences

  1. I have no idea whether any of the 10,000 or so gods lie, but I pretty sure many humans lie about them.

  2. Poor Bill can’t even go on a nice, relaxing vacation to Disneyland Park, without Mickey or Grumpy the Dwarf sidling up to him: “Psst… hey, buddy. You know we all came from pond scum, right? I’m just tellin’ ya, okay? You’re nothin’ but an animal with no ultimate meaning in life. Have a nice day!”

    With killjoys like that ruining his every holiday, no wonder Bill turns surly and starts threatening hell and damnation to all the unbelievers.

  3. “Try to be open-minded.”
    Unlike silly Billy. Of course this is creaspeak for “accept its propaganda, because methodological naturalism means evil athiesm”.

    “Of course, you are free to call God a liar.”
    Your god doesn’t exist and hence cannot be a liar, silly Billy.

    “There will come a day ”
    Oooohhh, the Boogeyman god is after me! I’m so afraid! Fortunately I have put my faith in the Great Hand from Above, who despite all my manyfold sins protects me from Silly Billy’s god.

  4. “eye witness testimony”??? I don’t think the words you are using mean what you think they mean!!! You Have NO such thing. & if you were as honest as you claim religious people are SUPPOSE to be then you would admit it.

  5. More good news for those Hambo vacationeers. Kentucky’s legislature has voted that you can carry a pistol hidden in your coat or waistband or ankle, without a permit at all !! Kentucky is really free now. Enjoy ..

  6. The scientific method requires observation and repeatable observable experimentation. [That’s true. And what does Bill have?] We have eyewitness testimony — recorded in the Bible — of when and how our universe was created.

    Er . . . no. All we have are third-hand accounts of what happened. the only “eyewitness” there could have been is God, and His words and actions are recounted only by people who were told what someone else was supposed to have been told by Him.