Hambo’s Website Down for a Week

You may not have noticed, but we certainly have. In our daily quest for creationist entertainment, we routinely visit the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

But for a whole week, our attempts to visit that place have been met with a notice that says: “Website Down for Intelligent Design.” What does that mean? There are two possibilities: (1) they’re cooking up something amazing; or (2) it’s business as usual, but they’ve figured out how to block your Curmudgeon from visiting. Either way the result is the same — we don’t have Hambo’s amazing output of creationism to blog about.

We therefore declare this post to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. Aside from your speculation about what’s going on at Hambo’s place, we’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. But beware of the profanity filters.

Okay, the comments are open. Have at it, dear reader.

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40 responses to “Hambo’s Website Down for a Week

  1. It works for me, Curmie! I think they may be blocking you!

    (If they were competent at software (hehe) they would know how to develop the new site until it was ready, then do a “green/blue” deployment which minimizes downtown of the site while they switch over.)

  2. Michael Fugate

    Happy International Women’s Day.
    Here’s hoping the climate improves for women all over the world.
    In the US, women are not feeling very respected…

  3. I find it interesting that “Intelligent Design” in this instance does not explain.
    Interesting, not because it is surprising, but rather because it is the rule, Intelligent Design does not explain anything.

  4. Works for me as well. Unfortunately.

    Has our Curmudgeon been…(gasp!)…expelled!!!

  5. Are you guys joking with me? I still can’t access the site.

  6. https://answersingenesis.org/ works for me, with an article about neutrinos created one second after the big bang, or were they? (Spoiler: no, since neutrinos were not directly detected, so the evidence for their existence requires interpretation and therefore doesn’t count).

    If the problem persists, seek professional help. You might want to check that other sites are working okay, and if it looks like you’ve really been blocked, ask the professional how they could have known it was you.

    But what’s this about “Website Down for Intelligent Design.”? I thought that, officially at least, AiG and DI hated each other. You’re not having us on, are you?

  7. So much for the superiority of ‘intelligently designed’ website!!!!

  8. Michael Fugate

    It’s not April 1…

    AiG, ICR, EN all work for me.

  9. Like Kosh I can read the AIG just fine as well. The latest “article” is called “Neutrinos from One Second After Big Bang Discovered . . . Or Were They?” It’s from our favourite ayatollah himself, published just yesterday. The highligth:

    “Rather, what we have are two lines of indirect “evidence”
    Apparently doesn’t accept the idea that electrons have something to do with switching lamps on and off either. Because “it’s simply an interpretation, an inference, from indirect evidence.”

  10. Hot news from the Dutch front.


    Stef Heerema doubts evolution because how’s it possible that dolmen came to the Netherlands via icemass.

    A few quotes:

    (When asked about the Global Flood): “Yeah, this event has many bizarre aspects. That’s why many people want to argue it away and hence don’t take Christ’s words seriously.

    They say that my research is inspired by religion. I don’t recognize myself in these words.

    Yes, this research is a part of defending religion.

    It’s a problem that if you want to pursue a scientific career as a christian, you don’t get far if you start out with the Bible.

    Want to learn more? Visit The Netherlands on april 9. Stef will speak at Doorn – so you can also visit the palace where Kaiser Wilhelm II spend the last 20+ years of his life.

  11. From just a little bit of googling around, it seems to be possible to ban someone’s IP address from visiting your website. That’s probably what’s going on here. Interesting that ol’ Hambo thought it was worth doing.

  12. @SC, even more interesting that he was able to identify your IP address. You might want to change it. Can your address be discovered just by visiting *your* blog? if so, you need to find some way to hide behind smoke and mirrors

  13. I can see the IP address of everyone who comments here. I think that’s true of all blogs — at least those on WordPress. But Hambo doesn’t have comments at his place, so I don’t know how he could learn someone’s IP address. But it’s obviously possible.

  14. Bruce Lilly

    Sites visible from here also.
    Blocking scripts from those sites (and/or tracking sites) may help (e.g. via a plugin on compatible browsers).
    Maybe also check for / delete / prohibit cookies from those sites.
    Or you may be able to access via another site such as https://web.archive.org/web/
    Or use TOR or another anonymizer.

  15. Robert Baty

    Kent Hovind’s #1 prison convert, Shawn Stuller, just got out of prison and appears to have, for the time being, moved in with Kent on his 145 acre conpound near Lenox, AL.




  16. Stephen Kennedy, MD

    You are definitely being blocked. I was just at their site (it is always good for a laugh) and had no trouble getting in. In fact, I was able to get in simply by clicking on your link to them. Hambo frequently claims that he wants evolutionists and atheists to visit his website as well as his attractions so that they can learn the “truth” and abandon their unbiblical beliefs. Apparently, he has decided that you can not be saved. More importantly, he is no doubt very displeased by your practice of taking posts on his website, going over them line by line and showing how patently absurd they are. While you do the same thing with other creationist websites, Hambo is particularly thin skinned. After the first post I made on AIGs Facebook site I was banned. I often write posts critical of creationism on ICR’s Facebook site but have never been banned by them.

  17. Stephen Kennedy, MD says: “You are definitely being blocked.”

    Very stylish. It’s like being “banned in Boston.”

  18. “The weeks featured speaker, the man BANNED by Answers In Genesis and all muslim countries……”

    The marketing value is invaluable!

  19. If you want the Truth about neutrinos, go to the Bible.
    Only problem is, any Bible that I go to doesn’t tell us on what day the neutrinos were created.

  20. I note that this is Free Fire Zone.
    Th Guardian online has an opinon piece about lies, denial of obvius truth
    “Anti-vaxxers, the Momo challenge … why lies spread faster than facts”


    This essay traces it back to the David Irving trial in 2000.

    We we old-timers were well acquainted with the phenomenon. When I first heard about it, something like 25-30 years ago, it was already familiar territory. Quote mining. Last Thursdayism.

  21. SC, first try another browser preferably on another PC. You’ll still be coming from the same IP but you’ll be sure you have a clean cache. Some browsers are rather obstinate in caching pages, so once you’ve “caught” that temporary page, it may get stuck for quite a while.

    It strikes me as odd that Ham would block you after all these years. After all, bitching about people who defy him is his staple.

  22. Oh wait, answersingenesis.org is behind Cloudflare. If their Intelligently Designed analysis has decided they don’t like your IP(-range), they may block you and Ham knows nothing.

  23. Or you could browse from a different address, and mail screenshots home for discussion

  24. I was just on their site and it is up and running. Its the cutest little creationism propaganda site and backwards headed site around.

  25. Howdy. I was just on their site site. It’s running.

  26. Okay, I’ve figured out a work-around — which won’t be disclosed. I just visited Hambo’s site and didn’t see anything there worth blogging about. But in the words of the Terminator: I’ll be back!

  27. Michael McCants

    At AIG’s website:

    “Answers in Genesis is announcing the release of an eye-opening, myth-shattering book, co-edited by its well-known CEO Ken Ham and prolific author Bodie Hodge, entitled Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution.”

    Amazon says it was released on Feb 28 and you can now buy it at a 32% discount. But there is NOT a single review yet after a week?!

  28. SecMilChap

    Mostly retired, but still visiting homebound Vets in the VA’s Respite Care Program. One family had a CellFone problem and I got a very prompt, polite reply from an engineer at a firm in Orange County CA on a connector I used in making a passive repeater for them. I sent a letter of thanks-for-the-help, but an admin minion intercepted it and sent me an eMail flame. It’s clear from my letterhead that I’m a secular chaplain. She harshly castigated me for being a “con artist” and advised me to use Ken Ham’s WebSite to get my soul in order. She then used various paths to inflict more harm on me, but I feel unscathed. I did update my lawyer about a nutcase on the loose.

  29. Speaking of ol’ Hambo, check this out: Hambo Coney Island.

  30. SecMilChap says: “[She] advised me to use Ken Ham’s WebSite to get my soul in order.” Hey, that’s good advice. Unfortunately, Hambo doesn’t think it will work for me.

  31. @TomS: the Guardian is a pretty good paper, but the article you linked to is quite crappy. Of course David Irving was not the first one. It’s safe to assume that fake news is about as old as prostitution. What’s new in our time is modern technology used to spread it. But Joseph Göbbels was master of it, closely trailed by Soviet newspapers: there is not truth in Pravda and there is no news in Izvestia.

  32. Karl Goldsmith

    I see it has been found that an endorsement on the back of Darwin Delvoves has been quote mined from a New Yorker article.

  33. AIG releasing yet another book demolishing evolution??

    SC’s ‘IP black-listing’ by AIG reminds one of the important role played by this and other sites in the defence of science and, particularly, evolution.

    Sensuous Curmudgeon and similar sites are unique because they encourage public dialogue. Whether you agree or disagree, you can login and post a comment. Compare this with AIG, ICR, DI & co. Theirs is a one-way dialogue; whether serious or trivial, their communications don’t encourage ANY dialogue.

    Case in point, the DI currently have their knickers in a knot over the critical book review that appeared in ‘Science’. This has been followed up by several independent posts by the book reviewer authors elaborating on their findings and opinions. Richard Lenski, for example, has just posted his fourth article dissecting Michael Behe’s quackery.

    Just look at Lenski’s website (https://telliamedrevisited.wordpress.com). It accepts comments, and they aren’t all pats on the back, either. But it enables the dialogue to continue. Compare this to DI where at least half-a-dozen defences have been fired off, but they lack the fortitude to engage and DEFEND their work. A similar approach is to be expected from AIG.

  34. @Tedinoz brags about the openness of this nice blog:

    “Theirs is a one-way dialogue ….”
    Ah, but that’s because evilutionists like you and me make dialogues on creacrap sites totally impossible with our closed minds!

  35. @tedinoz @SC SC’s rules IIRC bar all advocacy of creationism. This could be a pity when creationist logic is what’s being discussed. I allow creationists two comments per post on my blog, more if (as did once happen!) they are sayihng something interesting (I’ve forgotten what, though). One person I recently blocked for good after a very tedious comment, which I left up for the record. I’d seen his smug moronic work elsewhere and wasn’t having it

  36. Actually, Paul Braterman, I’ve always allowed creationists to comment. They can be fun to have around as long as they behave themselves, which many of them can’t do. Some of them are crazed right from the start, so they get banned right away. Eventually they all get tedious and I have to ban them. But as long as they keep themselves under control, I don’t mind them.

  37. @SC, b ut your rules say ” We already know the creationist websites, and we know their “scientific” arguments — all of them debunked long ago. We don’t want such material recycled here. Don’t try to lecture us about the validity of creationism or the alleged weaknesses and evils of evolution. Just don’t. ”

    Which doesn’t leave much scope. It’s necessary to cut them off before they bore everyone away, but your rule seems a bit drastic. I find an articulate creationist (they exist) often helps me correct sloppiness in my own thinking, or gets me to look up stuff to plug gaps in my knowledge

  38. Yes, my rules don’t “leave much scope.” It’s true that I don’t want people showing up here to say there are no transitional fossils, or Darwin recanted on his deathbed, etc. But if someone showed up with a new argument, or new evidence, it would be welcome.

  39. Had a thought the other day about global warming, sea level rise, flat earth, and biblical literalism.

    So, the Bible implies the Earth is flat, and definitively states there was a Flood covering the entire Earth. How could this possibly be? If the Earth were flat, all the excess water would just flow over the edge, right? So how could there have been a flood on the flat earth? Is there a mystery mountain range all around the perimeter to hold in the water, or what?

    I looked for an Answer in Genesis, but found none. Maybe Hambo can explain — he has an answer for everything.

  40. Michael Fugate

    Someone named Kevin Carlson is posting on Lenski’s page https://telliamedrevisited.wordpress.com/
    Could it be our very own KevinC?