Bill Nye & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Aaaargh!

Back when Bill Nye volunteered to debate Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) we thought he was wrong and we said so — see Ken Ham to Debate Bill Nye — Big Mistake! Although Nye certainly won the debate, Hambo has never stopped bragging about the event.

But that was nothing. Take a look at this headline in the New York Post: Bill Nye surprises Ocasio-Cortez at SXSW. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

“Science Guy” Bill Nye showed up at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s appearance at the South By Southwest festival in Austin on Saturday — turning up at a Q&A microphone to chat about climate change and immigration. … “Do you have a plan to work with people in Congress who are afraid?” he asked. “People are just afraid of what will happen if we try to make these big changes,” Nye lamented.

AOC leaped at the opportunity Nye gave her:

But “Courage begets courage,” responded Ocasio-Cortez, whose push for a radical, emissions-limiting, public-works program called the Green New Deal has been met with widespread opposition. “Once that one person stands up, it becomes immensely easier for the second person and the third.”

There’s not much more to the article, so where does this leave us?

First of all, your Curmudgeon is far from being a climate change denier. Our only concern is that when politicians get involved, they’ll use the issue to enhance their power over the economy, and then never let it go. For that reason, we’re opposed to politicians doing much more than promoting research and education. Well, they should certainly cut back on their opposition to nuclear power, and there may be another thing or two we wouldn’t oppose, but generally speaking, politicians are mindlessly using the issue as the pretext for a power-grab.

Anyway, it appears that Bill Nye will appear anywhere, with anyone. First he boosted Hambo’s career, now he’s doing it for AOC. Is there anyone he won’t show up with?

We know that many of don’t share our opinion of AOC, but your Curmudgeon thinks that she is to economics what Hambo is to science. And Nye is willing to hang out with both of them.

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20 responses to “Bill Nye & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Aaaargh!

  1. David Raymond

    Science should never be made political. It should be left to the scientists. A politician should accept what the scientists tell them. Now I do think the right are far more harmful when it does to using or denying science as a political tool but both sides do it for different reasons.

  2. Science is almost inevitably going to be political. Leonardo da Vinci depended on powerful patrons. Galileo escaped the stake because he had friends within the Catholic Church hierarchy as well as enemies. The Manhattan Project was thoroughly political; even the decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima, and then on Nagasaki, was motivated as much by a desire to intimidate the Soviets as by the hope for a quick surrender by the Japanese. Then there’s Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

  3. Michael Fugate

    I can never understand why private business should be more likely to act in my interest than government should. Solar can work on small scales demonopolizing power generation – nuclear like fossil fuel externalize much of the real cost.

    Science can help but political; it is done by humans.

  4. Yeah sorry SC. Some are picking up on the fact that you find Cortez a person of interest. And yeah. Bill Nye is not exercising good judgement.
    Ha ha

  5. “She is to economics what Hambo is to science”… Big grin going on here.

  6. Bill Nye: it’s kinda odd, but he always makes me think of that Frank Zappa song ‘Crew Slut.’

  7. @DR: “A politician should accept what the scientists tell them.”
    Like AOC. Still our dear SC claims to defend Enlightenment values by voting for politicians who don’t accept that and don’t defend them. Which makes “AOC is to economics what Hambo is to science” a delicious mixture of irony and hypocrisy.

    “your Curmudgeon is far from being a climate change denier.”
    No. But you’re not going to do anything about it either. What d’ya think – is the Invisble Hand going to protect Florida and your home from being flooded due the raising sea level?

    “we’re opposed to politicians doing much more than …..”
    Several weeks ago: “Free Enterprise doesn’t mean lawlessness.”
    An incoherence that would make the IDiots from Seattle drool. Hello, wake up, it’s politicians who make those laws (or in your incorrect terminology: prevent an economy from turning into ‘anarchy’).

  8. If industry is given completely free rein, it will make you work to death in their factories, then use your carcass to boil to soap and make lamp shades out of your skin. That’s why we have democratic rule.

  9. A young, charismatic, enthusiastic outsider with a genuine desire to improve the world gets into Congress, and conservatives lose their goddamn minds, our dear Curmudgeon included. I mean, she’s just a junior congresswoman, so none of her crazier economic ideas are ever going to materialize. But in the meantime, she’s shining some much-needed light on some very dark, cockroach-infested corners of Washington, and it’s nice having someone in the spotlight who is frank and communicative, rather than an illiterate imbecile with a history of corruption.

  10. Leave it to Bill Nye to screw things up just to get in front of a camera. That guy does more to set up scientists for ridicule and any one I know. The last thing we need is the Nutty Professor flouncing around making a fool out of himself. If Nye cut the schtick and got on the stick doing some real advocacy, maybe we’d be on a better track. AOC may look good on Nye’s resume, but not so much the other way around.

  11. Michael Fugate

    I have a Economics professor friend who has no problem with AOC’s economics understanding. The big problem with most conservative economics is the externalizing of costs – the invisible hand can’t work well if people lie about the true price. Which is of course why conservatives hate regulations – we are paying the price for cheap fossil fuels and cheap plastics.

  12. David Raymond

    Yeah I realize science can’t help but be political. I don’t have to like it.

  13. docbill1351

    Republicans (and ‘Mocrats) will keep having a hard time with AOC because she’s a woman and she’s smart. On science, she talked with actual scientists. On economics, she sought out and talked with leading economists. She’s no dummy and hasn’t hidden behind the “I’m not a scientist” dodge. She’s a good dancer, too, and that drives them extra nuts.

  14. Michael Fugate

    Probably best to quietly exit when you find yourself in bed with Pat Robertson…

  15. Michael Fugate

    And this is classic – Fox News is touting Patrick Moore as an environmentalist and GreenPeace co-founder. He was last associated with GreenPeace in 1986. He claimed one could drink Round-Up without any consequences, but refused to do so…
    He is a climate change denier and works for Heartland Institute – wow!
    Here is GreenPeace on Moore:

  16. @SC; “Our only concern is that when politicians get involved, they’ll use the issue to enhance their power over the economy, and then never let it go.”
    Exactly. We need only look at European politics, where practically all politicians pay lip service to anthropomorphic climate change, then waste vast amounts of resources on useless or counterproductive measures.

  17. Michael Fugate

    Like the Germans putting solar panels on every building?

  18. Techreseller

    Carbon Tax anyone? Price is a clear determinator in the marketplace. Make something more expensive and people find alternatives. Can price the tax to capture negative externalites and use to reduce deficit/debt.

  19. @Techreseller
    What about tarriffs?
    Or spending government money on private businesses?
    Socialism, I call it.

  20. And what about one person i the government deciding which airplanes can fly, wihtout any evidence about why one plane shuld not be allowed to fly?
    Socialism, again.

    BTW, I not expressig my own opinion about the flight-wortiness of any airplane. I have absolutely no expertise in this matter. Or, for that matter, I am not expressing any opinion whether the action is warranted. I am only pointing out that the action is government telling busnesses how to run their
    business: socialism.