Cruise To The Edge of The Flat Earth

Your Curmudgeon has been interested in this topic ever since we learned what the bible teaches — The Earth Is Flat! So we were delighted to spot this headline at the Live Science website: Flat-Earthers’ Cruise Will Sail to Antarctica ‘Ice Wall’ at the Planet’s Edge. Right. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Organizers of an annual conference that brings together people who believe that the Earth is flat are planning a cruise to the purported edge of the planet. [How wonderful!] They’re looking for the ice wall that holds back the oceans. [It’s there!] The journey will take place in 2020, the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) recently announced on its website. The goal? To test so-called flat-Earthers’ assertion that Earth is a flattened disk surrounded at its edge by a towering wall of ice.

Hey — this is really exciting! The news article says:

Details about the event, including the dates, are forthcoming, according to the FEIC, which calls the cruise “the biggest, boldest adventure yet.” [Yeah!] However, it’s worth noting that nautical maps and navigation technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS) work as they do because the Earth is … a globe.

Don’t be misled by that globist propaganda! The article tells us:

Believers in a flat Earth argue that images showing a curved horizon are fake and that photos of a round Earth from space are part of a vast conspiracy perpetrated by NASA and other space agencies to hide Earth’s flatness. These and other flat-Earth assertions appear on the website of the Flat Earth Society (FES), allegedly the world’s oldest official flat Earth organization, dating to the early 1800s.

Great bunch of folks! The article continues:

However, the ancient Greeks demonstrated that Earth was a sphere more than 2,000 years ago [Globist fools!], and the gravity that keeps everything on the planet from flying off into space could exist only on a spherical world. [Huh?]

What are they saying — a flat planet wouldn’t have any gravity? That’s absurd! Let’s read on:

But in diagrams shared on the FES website, the planet appears as a pancake-like disk with the North Pole smack in the center and an edge “surrounded on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back.” This ice wall — thought by some flat-Earthers to be Antarctica — is the destination of the promised FEIC cruise.

Wowie — we gotta be on that cruise!

The article ends with a few paragraphs of globist propaganda, which we’ll skip, but if you like that stuff you can click over there to read it for yourself. Your Curmudgeon will make every effort to be on that voyage. Perhaps we’ll have more information in a week or so — around April first (if you know what we mean).

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26 responses to “Cruise To The Edge of The Flat Earth

  1. If EEIC and the Alliance of Advanced Apologetics Research for Geological Harmony teamed up with AIG, Ham could sell these trips too. An ark load of creationists photographing each other floating next to the wall of ice at the edge of the earth. That could really be a big seller…

  2. Eddie Janssen

    If the North Pole is at the centre of the surface of the earth and the South Pole is at the edge then the equator is somewhere in the middle. This would mean that you have to change your direction to stay on the equator while traveling the equator. Meaning additional forces to keep velocity and course.
    Which is not the case in real life.

  3. Eddie Janssen

    “Wowie — we gotta be on that cruise!”
    We could start a crowd-funding?

  4. I would be interested in hearing how the ‘motion’ of the sun is explained by flat earthers. There must be some very strange laws of physics to allow the observed changes in the sun’s ‘path’.

  5. If the centre of gravity on a flat plate is the centre of the circle, as I’d expect, it would constantly pull you to the side, and you’d only stay in place if the planet revolves fast enough. Otherwise all car trips to the Centre will be free.

  6. If you look at a map of the world as described by these Flat-Earthers, it is a very long trip around the wall of ice. about twice as long as the “equator”. While us globalists think that it is rather short trip. It should be easy to tell the difference – is it 50,000 miles or 15,000 miles?
    One other trip that they should think of taking. Take a scheduled airline non-stop from Sydney, Australia to Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you take a look at the Flat-Earth map, a straight line fight will take you over North America. That shuld be easy to spot from your window seat. Remember that both cities are in the “so-called southern hemisphere” if the Earth is round, so us globalists would say that you should stay “south of the equator’.

  7. I’d like to draw the attention of our dear SC to some news that will make the IDiots from Seattle crow from joy, but enrage Ol’Hambo.

    Needless to say that this nice blog will report on their reactions.

  8. I think that, at least some flat earthers deny a gravitational force. The disc is constantly accelerating upwards, and that accounts for the pull towards the earth we experience.

  9. @ FrankB – “news that will make the IDiots from Seattle crow from joy, but enrage Ol’Hambo”
    Don’t worry about Ol’Hambo – he can handle things like that easily.

  10. @hans435 If the earth is constantly accelerating to simulate the force of gravity, even if the time scale of the YECs is accepted, we should be able to see relativistic effects in our every day life. Why don’t we see that?

    The earth is pretty massive and I assume that F=ma still applies; there must be one hell of a force involved!

    For some reason I don’t think I’ll accept their explanations.

  11. @Cynic
    When you’re talking to people who deny that the Earth is round, as well as the Solar System model, do you think that they have any concern about the Special and General Theories of Relativity?

  12. I wonder if penguins ever wander off the edge of the Earth.

    Little frozen penguins lost in space.

  13. The earth may be a flat disc, but to be so the ice wall has to be 130000 ft high to keep the atmosphere in place of it will flow off the edge!! Never mind the cats knocking everything off the edge!!!

  14. Go Fund Me. The Curmudgeon’s actual identity, is a tightly guarded secret, so he’d have to be register with a false name. Perhaps a beard. And an AIG sweatshirt. Which brings up the whole passport thing. How to get around that??? And then there’s the whole can the Curmudgeon deal with being surrounded by dozens of fruitcakes and loons on an expeditionary vessel for an extended period without throwing up all the time.And how long will this excursion last.
    The book rights alone are worth bazillions. This could be very lucrative !!
    Does anyone know how to crowd fund?? I’m scouting out the Flat Earther website for details on this expedition into the unknown.

  15. Flat Earthers must be quivering with fear at the specter of global warming. While we globists worry about Miami Beach disappearing under the waves, a Flat Earther must face their Ice Wall melting and the oceans spilling off the edge, drowning the elephants and turtles that are holding the whole shebang up.

    How do they sleep?

  16. The Earth is going to get pretty dry if that Antarctic “wall” melts, causing all of the oceans to drain over the edge. As suggested above, they need to bring along a long tape measure to measure the distance covered while circumnavigating the Antarctic and then take a similar trip around the equator. Zetetic Perspective will likely crop up again as a non-explanation.

    You can’t educate the willfully ignorant and it really annoys them if you try.

  17. Mark Germano

    So, a trip to the Antarctic to see if there’s a lot of ice? They should consider calling it an expidition.

  18. @After months, if not years of getting into creacrap minds TomS tries to understand FET-thinking – and fails:

    “do you think that they have any concern about the Special and General Theories of Relativity?”
    Of course they have.

    No problem. IIrc the tape-problem is addressed as well, but at the moment I don’t feel like exploring this particular rabbit hole. From the link I’ve actually only read the title. Enjoy!

  19. Don’t forget the Concave Hollow Earth Hypothesis.

  20. Somebody expressed concern that the atmosphere might drain away over the edge of the disc. The posters seems to have forgotten the solid dome, presumably airtight.

  21. Cnocspeireag

    ‘gravity only existing on a spherical world ‘, it’s sort of right, but back to front. Any large planet has to be spherical because of gravity.

  22. There are no details concerning the Flat earth cruise that I could find other than that it will occur in 2020.

  23. @Och Will has searched but not found. So I’ve searched a bit as well and found all kind of interesting stuff:

    If you are a FET street activist, don’t be selfish, share!

  24. @FrankB
    Some of the speakers’ bios at the FEIC website make for entertaining reading, if you’re in the right, silly frame of mood for that stuff. Like most conspiracy theorists — they bill themselves as “conspiracy realists” — they tend to way overestimate their own intelligence.

  25. There have been cases where merchants have not delivered the promised goods, even though they were paid for.

  26. @TomS
    That’s why I enjoy coming to this site. It’s refreshing — no-one makes extravagant claims about their IQ levels. They don’t need to, because their general good sense is implicit in what they write.

    It’s the cranks and crackpots who are obsessed with IQ, and how “in the know” they supposedly are, when it comes to seeing conspiracies the rest of us have apparently failed to perceive.