Creationist Wisdom #945: Darwin & Socialism

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Nevada Appeal of Carson City, the capital of Nevada. It’s titled Truism of faith, and the newspaper has a comments feature.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote her by using her full name. Her first name is Krista. Excerpts from her letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

I am a registered Democrat. However, I do not agree on all the issues that Democrats stand for. The big issue is their universal health care for all. Sounds all warm and fuzzy. But dig deeper. A vet who is seeking health care waits for an appointment that is six months out. Some die before being seen.

Krista goes on about that a bit longer, but let’s skip to her next subject. She says:

In Oregon, they have assisted suicide. [Gasp!] A woman who was ill went to a doctor to receive health care and get well. Instead, it was more cost effective to “put her down.”

How did things get so bad? Krista tells us:

It all started with evolution (science), [Aaaargh!!], Darwin, atheism, big brother and now socialized medicine for all members of a class or group population administered by state/government agencies.

That’s one of the worst paragraphs we’ve ever encountered. As we said in Marx, Stalin, and Darwin, Darwin was neither a communist nor a socialist; his work didn’t influence Marx (or vice versa); and communism has been around since it was praised in the bible. We also said:

Marxism’s maxim: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is pretty much the opposite of natural selection, according to which only those best adapted to survive will breed the next generation.

Krista continues:

I’m not a socialist. I do not promote to or promote socialism contributing to a political party that advocates socialism.

We can’t argue with that. Then she asks some questions:

Does the collective large group become broken down further, such as race, age, sex? Where does God fit into all this?

Krista answers only her second question:

My Lord is in control of my life and death, not some appointed man or agency.

The only two possibilities she recognizes are god and the government, so when it comes to her own life, Krista isn’t in control. The letter ends with this:

Appointed by who? Appointed by who? Amen (so be it). No on collective or governmental “ownership.”

So there you are. It’s all Darwin’s fault. Nice letter, Krista.

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17 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #945: Darwin & Socialism

  1. “That’s one of the worst paragraphs we’ve ever encountered.”
    Indeed, although I’m sure the reasons we accept are quite different.
    Does Krista think higher life expectancies as bad thing? According to WHO, 2015, the USA ranks 31th, behind many countries that do have socialized medicine (albeit not necessarily by stage/government agencies).
    Hmmmm ….. I seem to recall that our dear SC is on the same boat as Democrat creationist Krista on this topic. I also seem to recall that our dear SC wrote something about “all the evidence supporting Free Enterprise”. Life expectancy apparently doesn’t count.
    My point is of course (and it’s not exactly the first time I bring this up) that evolution and natural selection are not only about survival of the fittest and competition; it’s also about cooperation.
    Our dear SC also said:

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is pretty much the opposite of natural selection.”
    How cute – ant societies (especially the extremely successfull Argentinean ant) are exactly about “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. That’s why it has been said that Marx only got one thing wrong – the species. He actually wrote about ants.

    As always I like it when our dear SC, that staunch defender of Enlightenment Values, opposes them and as a result sides with creationists – like Krista. On the optimal organization of health care, for instance.

  2. Michael Fugate

    It might be a good idea to understand both evolution and socialism before writing a letter about either. Or as has been said “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    A letter frightening for its ignorance and conclusions.

    (Off to read Michael Fugate’s link about more frightening stuff. Why are we attracted to seeing these train wrecks?)

  4. Michael Fugate

    If a country no longer is buying sedans and is buying SUVs instead and a manufacturer decides to close a plant makings sedans, then is it capitalism if that country’s president tries to force the company to continue making sedans just so people are employed and to help the president be re-elected? Capitalism if it were ever practiced is brutal which is why both companies and governments avoid it at all costs.

  5. And of course if a company decides to move production (and jobs) to foreign countries to increase profit by employing cheaper labor, and a president attempts to bully them into moving production and jobs back to the U.S., that isn’t free enterprise either.

  6. I don’;t know anything about political economy.
    Is it socialism for the government executive to decide what kind of airplane an airline can fly, rather than leaving it up to the passengers to make therir own choice – for example, is the risk sufficiently small? Maybe the airline would offer trips on their new, more efficient planes for a smaller cost, and they would tell their pilots how to fly the new planes safely.
    BTW, I don’t know how to fly an airplane, either.

  7. And is Krista going to stay off all public roads and highways? They are, after all, financed, built and maintained by governmental agencies, socialist enterprises. Also, the products she buys and uses arrive at her doorstep via other government enterprises – shipping through harbors maintained by government agencies, airports similarly run, and, unless she is careful to have products delivered only by private enterprises, via the US Postal service, another socialist agency. I would say that Krista is a huge beneficiary of socialism.

  8. Here/s another possible example of sociaism. Ince again, not being knowledgeable about political economy, I don’t know whether this is sociaism.
    There is a recent article about a problem that all of us evolutionists are familiar with, the evolution of antibiotic resistence in bacteria.
    This is an article on The Guardian online, “The drugs don’t work: what happens after antibiotics?”
    This article describes how “random mutations and natural selection” beats the “intelligent design” of new antibiotics. Interesting enough to us “believers” in evolution. But it goes on to say that many pharmaceutical companies have quit doing research on antibiotics because it is not cost effective – for obvious reasons.
    But the UK government, which seems to be hooked on socialism, like all of thse crazy non-Americans, “In 2014, in a bid to develop novel, accessible diagnostic tests, the UK government launched the £8m Longitude Prize, which today is monitoring 83 teams in 14 countries.” Of course, the name “Longitude Prize” is a reference to the “Lngitude rewards” (see the Wikipedia article of that name: “The longitude rewards were the system of inducement prizes offered by the British government for a simple and practical method for the precise determination of a ship’s longitude at sea. The rewards, established through an Act of Parliament (the Longitude Act) in 1714, were administered by the Board of Longitude.”) An early example of socialism?
    Wikiedia has another article on this modern “Longitude Prize”.
    Is this a case of, where capitialism fails, we resort to socialism?

  9. Michael Fugate

    Another tidbit to ponder, just because an item is provided for in the US constitution like defense or transportation doesn’t make it capitalism. I still think the worse system is a government giving contracts to “private” companies – like defense contractors. Free market, hah!

  10. TomS says: “Here/s another possible example of sociaism. Ince again, not being knowledgeable about political economy, I don’t know whether this is sociaism.”

    Governments, using tax revenue, can afford to do certain beneficial but unprofitable things that no private business will do. Some examples from US history are national defense, post office, making roads into the wilderness, etc. The public usually supports those things because there’s no other way they will be done. However, merely because some things are done by government, they’re not socialism. But it is socialism if the government takes over an already-existing private business, allegedly because government ownership and management is “nice” and private business is evil.

  11. Michael Fugate

    Or give student loan money to private “colleges” – something we all support; I love giving money to theocrats.

    If you want to provide basic services for life liberty and happiness, then the government is the only possible source. It is not that private companies are evil, it is that they won’t serve everyone. The basics have changed since 1780 and include health care, education, communications, utilities.

  12. Wow. This is the most bat s//t crazy post I’ve ever read. It’s like the worst
    online troll took 30 Quaaludes and then drank a gallon of vodka before talking about her understanding of science, medicine and democracy.
    Best letter ever posted by SC. It blends lots of conspiracy theories and science illiteracy into a veritable creationist Brunswick stew of insanity.
    Is it a hoax letter??? Possibly ?
    Either way, she needs to be careful about the black helicopters and secret UN road signs in her neighborhood. Be careful man. I saw one fly over just the other day man…

  13. Did you intend to give the impresson that your defintion of “socialism” depends on whether it’s bad or good?

  14. Michael Fugate

    The common good – hmmm sounds socialist or maybe even (gasp) communist.

  15. “In Oregon, they have assisted suicide.”

    Krista makes that sound like a bad thing. Sounds kinda progressive to me. Oregon: that’s cities like Portland? (Apologies for my dodgy American geography).

    “It all started with evolution blah blah blah…”

    When Krista makes her famous Rock Soup, she throws in whatever comes readily to hand: onion, basil, Vegemite, old dirty socks, roofing tiles — the lot. No-one expects it to be digestible, but it’s her recipe, and she’ll carry on making it ’til she croaks, on the appointed day her god deems fit.

  16. @ChrisS I didn’t realise that Vegemite was so easy to get in North America.

  17. @tedinoz
    We export the stuff by the crateload to the US, as payback for Rob Schneider movies. If we must suffer, it’s only fair the Americans should, too.