A Victory for the Discovery Institute

This post will be an oddball quickie. We found the news at a website called The Car Guide. Their headline is Volkswagen’s Next-gen EVs to Start with “ID.3”.

No doubt you’re asking: “Has the Curmudgeon gone totally bonkers? Why is he blogging about a new automobile model?” The answer will be obvious with our only excerpt. It’s their opening paragraph:

As you’re well aware by now, Volkswagen is about to move on from Dieselgate in a big way by launching almost 70 new electric models within the next ten years. These will be led by the new ID. family, a name that stands for “Intelligent Design.”

Ooooooooooooh! Volkswagen is coming out with a new line of cars called “Intelligent Design.” You gotta admit, dear reader, this is stunning news!

And we’re left with a bit of a mystery. How in the world did a major corporation like Volkswagen decide to use a name that — at least to some of us — is not what we want for our car model? We wouldn’t want to drive around in a “Flat Earth” model either. Who would want such a thing?

Three possible explanations come to mind: (1) the Volkswagen people are all creationists and want to shout it to the world; (2) they’re not necessarily creationists, but they don’t do any market research when naming new cars; or (3) they do a lot of market research, but the Discoveroid “theory” is so insignificant that they decided it was safe to ignore it.

Perhaps you can figure it out, dear reader. All we can predict is that a few of VW’s ID models will be sold to eager buyers in Seattle. Beyond that, we’ll be watching to see if the new line of cars becomes successful.

Because this news is so strange, feel free to use the comments for an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Have at it!

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24 responses to “A Victory for the Discovery Institute

  1. State trooper pulls over Klinghoffer and says “You got any ID”?
    Klinghoffer, fresh from a marathon three martini lunch with Annie Green Screen says “‘ ’bout what officer”?
    State trooper says “Do you know what the speed limit is” ?
    Klinghoffer says ” Well it changes when you go back in time, much like the speed of light must have changed”.
    State trooper says “Whats that muffled thumping sound coming from your trunk”
    Klinghoffer says ” Thats my latest science experiment”
    State trooper says ” Whats that” ?
    Klinghoffer says ” I put an angry bobcat in there with Westie and Annie and tell them I won’t open the trunk until one of them kisses it”.
    State trooper says ” Hows that working out”.
    Klinghoffer says ” Still no raise , but I’ll stick with it”.

  2. I have been working on understanding design.
    I don;t expect to become an expert on design. Whatever I learn will be as a begining self-taught dilettante. But that will mean that I have a more serious understanding that the whole world of thought about “Intelligent Design”.
    Just now, a came across this very instructive short (13 pages) essay:
    Creativity in the design process: co-evolution of problem–solution by
    KeesDorst and NigelCross
    Design Studies vol. 22 issue 5, Spetember 2001, pp. 425-437

    (This essay is available for free.)

    “5. Conclusion
    “We hope to have shown that the ‘problem-solving’ aspect of design can be described usefully in terms of Maher’s model of the co-evolution of problem and solution spaces, and that the ‘creative’ aspect of design can be described by introducing the notions of ‘default’ and ‘surprise’ problem/solution spaces. Schön14 used the notion of ‘surprise’ in his theory of creative design, where it has the pivotal role of being the impetus that leads to framing and reframing. Surprise is what keeps a designer from routine behaviour. The ‘surprising’ parts of a problem or solution drive the originality streak in a design project.”

  3. “How in the world did a major corporation like Volkswagen decide to use a name that”
    Given the original country of this corporation I would have expected that the model would have been called Verständige Entwerfer.
    As we all easily can find on internet (specifically Wikipedia, in case you’ve never heard of it) the original Volkswagen was Intelligently Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and Josef Ganz. Those two did their work a lot better than the Grand Old Designer (blessed be MOFO!) Klinkleclapper and co worship. Not only is IDiocy insignificant and irrelevant, for the Intelligent Design of Porsche and Ganz there is actual evidence.

    “Why is he blogging about a new automobile model?””
    Indeed, I must admit that for a splitsecond the thought crossed my mind that our dear SC had fallen in love with Frau Merkel.

  4. Would it be in incredibly bad taste to point out to the sages of the DI that the Prime Mover behind the original Volkswagen in 1937 was…

    …Nope, that really would be in appalling taste.

  5. Giant Pleistocene Ground Sloth hits a Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.. . Too, too funny.

  6. Trusty Dutch YECers are not so trusty these days. I don’t have much to offer today.

    1. A translation of a lame article by one Bill Hoesch who wrote about Sand Pillars almost five years ago at AIG. The original source is not mentioned.
    2. Then there is an article called the Cheetah Test. It’s another translation, this time taken from an outfit called Search for the Truth (no prizes for correctly guessing the content of that Truth). For a moment I was thrilled, because I hoped that we could do a test. But no. The Cheetah tests evolution theory and the latter fails. Because “perfectly adapted body” and “oldest cheetah fossils essentially are cheetahs”. Also lame.

    3. Probably best is an article that’s very relevant for us. I mean, our dear SC always worries about us sinful secularist evilutionists. The question is: How can a Loving God send people to hell? The author points out that Jesus himself talked about gnashing teeth of souls in the Lake of Fire and he would never had said that if Hell didn’t exist.
    Well, Lord YHWHJesus has done everything he could. Really. Really really. It’s because we sinful secularist evilutionists keep on rejecting Lord YHWHJesus in unbelief. It’s a personal choice. We must accept him in belief (preferably as interpreted by these YECers – accepting evolution theory of course means rejecting Lord YHWHJesus in unbelief).

    1. Something good: praise Lord YHWHJesus!
    2. Something bad: blame Homo Sapiens!

  7. docbill1351

    Imma gonna put this here rather than buried where it belongs. Remember James Tour, the dishonest creationist chemist from Rice University who recently posted a video mocking origin of life research and a Nobel Laureate specifically?

    Well, our friend Gary Hurd posted a video podcast with Bill Ludlow breaking down Tour’s dishonesty and it really illustrates just how dishonest this Tour creep is.

    View it here.

    Tour starts his presentation with a lie and then lays out lie after lie after lie. Remember at the beginning when Tour says, “If I say anything untrue, stand up and correct me.” Right, to a room full of Baptists in a church basement.

  8. Michael Fugate

    Heaven or Hell – how does it work?
    Can only some be saved or can all be saved?
    Can one become unsaved?
    Is being saved enough or does one need to be good too?
    Which rules are critical for being good?
    Is it a sliding scale – can one be in Hell Lite?

  9. From the three explanations our SC has offered us I would go with #3: “They do a lot of market research, but the Discoveroid “theory” is so insignificant that they decided it was safe to ignore it.”

    Creationism was nonexistent when I grew up in those parts of the world. Lots has changed since then (think of Günter Bechly), but ID is insignificant enough to run with the catchy phrase.

  10. @MF
    No one is good enough to be saved.

  11. Michael Fugate

    Of course, but does living the life of a saint help? Do you end up in a better neighborhood of heaven? What if you aren’t saved and lived an exemplary life do you get a better part of hell?

  12. @och will
    State trooper:”Got any ID?”
    Klinghoffer: “Look around you, man! Who do you think made the birds, the trees!”
    State Trooper: “ID, wiseass!”
    Klinghoffer: “Sorry, left it at home. I’ve got a copy of the Wedge Strategy in the glove compartment. You can have that.”

  13. Megalonyx:
    “Would it be in incredibly bad taste to point out to the sages of the DI that the Prime Mover behind the original Volkswagen in 1937 was…”

    Ah, yes! What irony! To paraphrase the Tooters —

    “No Hitler, no Intelligent Design.” Or vice versa; take your pick.

  14. @DocBill is a bit worked up: “Tour starts his presentation with a lie and then …..”
    So it;s creationist business as usual.

    @MichaelF is worried about his post-death future: “Can only …..”
    As all YECers will tell you clinging to the since long refuted Darwinist Evilution guarantees you (and all of us) to remain unsaved.

    @Mega and RSG: sorry to spoil your fun with hard facts, but Intelligently Designing the Volkswagen started in 1922 by the two gentlemen I mentioned above. A few prototypes were build in 1932, before Mr. Schicklgrüber got the chance to turn it into a propaganda tool.

  15. docbill1351

    FrankB channeling Rachel Dratch – Whoomp whoomp whaaaaaa …

  16. Michael Fugate

    SC – a book just for you
    Dance of the Dung Beetles
    Marcus Byrne and Helen Lunn
    Wits University Press (2019)

    Dung beetles — which fascinated Charles Darwin — were once divine symbols. In ancient Egypt, Khepri (god of the rising Sun) had a scarab-beetle head because the insect ‘danced’ balls of dung across the Earth, just as the Sun moved across the sky. The beetle is thought later to have metamorphosed into zodiac sign Cancer, the crab. Now, thanks to experiments by entomologists such as Marcus Byrne, we know that dung beetles can navigate by the Milky Way. His collaboration with writer Helen Lunn, eye-catchingly illustrated, is a captivating compound of science, history and myth.
    Nature 8 May 2019

  17. Thanks, Michael Fugate.

  18. @ FrankB: Ah, but I was very careful to refer the Prime Mover of the VW–and not the designers thereof. Just as the Discoveroids are prime movers rather than Intelligent Designers…

    …but a joke that needs explanation is no joke at all. So your point is taken 🙂

  19. Michael Fugate

    One wonders if the first model will be called “Demiurge”…

  20. @Mega: indeed I always supposed that the Grand Old Designer (blessed be MOFO!) was the same guy/girl/unspecified entiy as the Prime Mover. Didn’t Aristoteles say something like that?
    Mmmmmh ….. perhaps it’s more accurate to call the IDiots from Seattle the Secondary Movers ….. would that save your joke?

  21. What is Intelligent Design?
    While waiting for the advocates of ID to show any interest in this question, I am doing “independent research”. Here is another interesting peer-reviewed article on the nature of design, in a open-access journal:
    K Shroyer, T Lovins, K Turns, ME Cardella, CJ Atman
    ‘Timescales and ideaspace: An examination of idea generation in design practice’ Design Studies 57(July 2018) pp. 9-36

    This is a study on an aspect of design, in part actually observing the process. Something positive and substantial.
    “Idea generation, as part of the creative design process, can be understood as an activity where designers generate and consider multiple potential solutions to a given problem. A growing body of research investigates idea generation as a critical part of the design process.” (p. 9)

    “Idea generation as a critical part of the design process.”
    “… designers generate and consider multiple potential solutions to a given problem.”

    What does real, actual design have in common with “Intelligent Design”, whatever it is? Not much, it seems. What problems are solved by “Intelligent Designers”?

  22. Michael Fugate

    Wasn’t God trying to solve the helpmeet problem?

  23. Techreseller

    Market Research does miss things. When Chevrolet came out with the Nova, they thought, you know like in the stars. Oh, No Va means No go in Spanish. Who knew? The car was quite difficult to market and sell in Spain, Central & South America.

  24. Eric Lipps

    Thumbs up to Megalonyx. Of course, Volkswagen’s patron You-Know-Who was no fan of Darwin’s either, whatever creationists may claim: he was all about how humans, in particular, had degenerated since ancient times (sound familiar?) and gave serious consideration to a variety of nutty notions about human origins.