Self-Published Genius #90: The Magic Equation

It’s been six weeks since we had an addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses, where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

The press release we found today is titled Science, Math, and the Existence of God. It was issued by WebWire. Their website says: “WebWire distributes your business, organizational and personal news releases and press releases on and over the Internet.” Here are some excerpts from the press release, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Faith ­and science are stubbornly regarded as two opposing sides. Science explains the mysteries in life; faith accepts these mysteries as part of life. Science requires evidence to prove scientific hypotheses; faith needs none to prove its beliefs.

Okay, now what? The press release says:

What if you need neither science nor faith to unravel the mysteries around God and his existence? [What?] What if, somewhere in the world, a mathematical problem exists to answer the question asked since time immemorial ­— does God truly exist?

A secret math formula? Is that possible? It sounds like something out of an old comic book — see Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers). Wowie — we can’t stop now, so let’s read on:

Ken Ungerecht explores faith and spirituality to dispel the questions in between in “Divine Principles.”

Ooooooooooooh! We gotta have that book! The press release tells us:

Perhaps “Divine Principles” will lead you towards the elusive connection between science and faith. Perhaps it will inspire you to find the golden mathematical equation. [Gasp!] Perhaps it will prove that the search for truth is testament of faith itself.

The “golden mathematical equation”? Ooooooooooooh! The press release says the publisher is YourOnlinePublicist. We rarely encounter a website with that many pop-ups and wild graphics effects. There’s not much doubt — it’s a vanity press operation. Okay, with that and the press release, we know the book qualifies for our collection.

Now let’s see if we can find it at Amazon. Yes — Here it is! It’s 166 pages long and costs only $7.99 in paperback. Wowie!

Hey — Amazon says the publisher is different. It’s something called Bookwhip. We looked for their website. Google gave us a link titled “Getting Started with Self-Publishing — Bookwhip,” but our browser wouldn’t go there — risky website, they said.

Anyway, we know you’re wondering about the author. Amazon doesn’t tell us much, but the press release says:

Ken was raised with a love for animals and sports on a small dairy farm in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. He spent thirty years as an engineer in the field of electronic communications in Baltimore, Maryland. Along the way, he discovered his true passion was an effort to combine his love for science with that of developing a better understanding of the true nature of the human spirit.

He’s “an engineer in the field of electronic communications.” What’s that — a radio repairman? It doesn’t matter. We want to learn about the “golden mathematical equation,” and we know you do too. When you place your order, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya.

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20 responses to “Self-Published Genius #90: The Magic Equation

  1. Curious as I am I of course googled “golden mathematical equation”; zilch. I consulted my son, who studies math; his answer was laughter. Ken isn’t talking about the golden ratio, I may hope. That thing is older than Jesus.

  2. Michael Fugate

    I think this is a paid book review….
    The book is timely, and gives evidence that the foundations underpinning both religion and science are being shaken. The author refers to research that shows a dramatic increase in the number of reports of near-death experiences, including reports made by respected medical professionals.

    Such reports, Ungerecht affirms, challenge the contention of many in the scientific community that consciousness is solely the result of brain function. He also cites the conflicts raging between creationists and those who hold to the theory of evolution as new discoveries in the field are upending comfortable, long-accepted beliefs.

    “Dogma is the antithesis of a willingness to be wrong,” declares Ungerecht, who applies stringent mathematical calculations to his effort to determine answers to spiritual questions, like whether or not the existence of who we really are is dependent on the existence of our current physical bodies, and whether or not conscious planning from beyond the physical realm is involved in our human existence.

    Ungerecht states that based on the math, the probability of anybody having been brought into being by chance is “absurd in the extreme,” and that, accordingly, the answer to the first question is no, and the answer to the second question must be yes. The numbers he uses in his calculations are mind-boggling, and provide strong support for the truth of his conclusions.

  3. This guy sounds like the brother of the guy who just “translated” the Voynich Manuscript.

  4. Yeah, he’s an electronics engineer. Any biologist could tell him that, considering the number of sperm cells in the average human ejaculation, the probability of anyone having been brought into existence is around 1 in a few hundred million. Small, but not close to “absurd in the extreme”.

  5. @abeastwood
    True, but I think it is more interesting to calculate the probabiity of one’s pedigree. One has 2^N ancestors of the Nth generation. Being generous, the probability that each of those ancestors survived to maturity and mated with the other ancestor is 1/2. That makes the total probability of the Nth generation 1/(2^(2^N)). Being very conservative abut this, and countng 40 years per generation, 400 years is 10=N generations, 2^N > 1000, the probability is < 1 / 2^1000 < 1 / 10^300 or one in a googol googol googol.

  6. docbill1351

    I don’t know the equation but the solution is 42.

  7. There is “Gödel’s ontological proof” – see the wikipedia article.

  8. We already know the mathematical equation for faith: 2 + 2 = 5.

  9. @TomS: yes, but that one doesn’t contain any equation, let alone a golden one. And I have a hard time imagining an engineer not knowing what a mathematical equation is – not knowing that it requires an “=” sign.

  10. Finally, an engineer applying mathematics to the longstanding problem of God’s existence and our evolution! We’ve never seen that before.

    (This post may contain trace amounts of sarcasm)

  11. “I think it is more interesting to calculate the probabi[l]ity of one’s pedigree.”

    And then multiply that by the probability that you wore those exact socks on your feet made exactly by whomever (or whatever) made them just in time for you to purchase and wear them and the result is zero!

  12. “he’s an electronics engineer.”

    It’s been my personal experience that at least half of *all* engineers are scientific illiterates. That include all of science and not just biology where the percentages are much worse. Many engineers and technicians are also creationists, sad to say (even some that are internationally recognized).

  13. Stephen edy

    Zetopan is correct. As a Medical Doctor I cringe every time that I see a creationist book written by an MD. For some reason, it seems like of all people with college degrees, it is Engineers and Medical Doctors who are the ones most likely to be taken in by pseudo sciences like creationism. It is see this. They do not teach creationism in medical schools and the three different U.S. Medical Licensing Exanations (USMLE steps I, II, and III) that you take after your second and fourth years of medical school and during Residency contain no creationist questions. All physicians must pass all three steps in order to get a license to practice medicine in any state. I do not remember running into any open creationists while I was a medical student or Resident. Now I got my MD in Philadelphia where there are four allopathic and one osteopathic medical schools and maybe there is something about Philadelphia that wards off creationists but it is certainly strange.

    Worse still is that much of the public regard engineers and medical doctors as scientists giving them more credibility than they deserve. Both engineers and medical doctors have had to take some science courses as part of their requirements to be awarded a degree that allows them to practice a profession. The required science courses are lower division courses and no one who has just a degree in Medicine or Engineering qualifies as a scientist.

  14. When done with your philosophy and math BS, show me evidence of gawd, then we talk. Till then the author/authors are idiots! Amazing how since there has NEVER been any evidence of gawd, they have to always jumb thru hoops of bad logic to show anything.

  15. How many people can answer this question? Including people with STEM degrees.
    What is the derivative of 2x^3?

  16. TomS: How about the integral of 6x^2 for that matter.

  17. @abeastwood
    You know the mathematician’s joke:

  18. @StephenD: “For some reason …..”
    The reason is probably selection. Creationists think high of Paley’s False Watchmaker Analogy, which leads to the Intelligent Design idea. The core activity of engineers and md’s is using their intelligence to design things. So the cause is not the content of the courses producing creationists, but creatioists feeling attracted to the content of the courses, because they feel that they confirm their religious views.
    So no, I don’t think it embarrassing.

    @TomS: you own me a keyboard. And sure enough I had Abeastwood’s challenge wrong.

  19. Steve Gerrard

    I would like to nominate this video as providing the much sought after golden mathematical equation:

    It starts with a 1 kg mass colliding with a 1 kg mass, which bounces off a wall and then bumps into the first mass again, for a total of 3 taps.

    Repeat with a 100 kg mass hitting the 1 kg mass, and the 1 kg mass will bounce back a forth quite a bit, resulting in 31 taps.

    Now with 10,000 kg (100 times more), and there will be some intense bouncing around, before finally finishing with 313 taps. No wait, the 1 kg mass is still moving and finally hits the wall once last time. 314 taps.

    100 times more again, or 1,000,000 kg. Final result is 3,141.
    For 100 million kg, it is 31415. For 10 billion, it is 314159.

    Lo, it turns out that the number of taps will be the digits of pi, with 1 more digit each time the first mass goes up 100 fold.

    Pure golden magic.

  20. Techreseller

    DocBill wins again with his comment.