Rev. David Rives — The Sinful Bald Eagle

It’s been a while since we had one of these. That’s because the Drool-o-tron™ has been quiet lately, but suddenly its sirens and flashing lights alerted us to the latest video from the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries, posted at the website of WorldNetDaily (WND).

Our computer was locked onto this headline: The bald eagle: Bad moral character? The video is actually titled: “The Majestic Bald Eagle.”

The rev is dressed in some kind of costume to give him a rugged outdoor look. That’s not important. Whatever he wears, he’s the world’s cutest rev! He’s with some guy who has a bald eagle perched on his arm. Neat looking bird!

But the rev says the bald eagle bullies smaller birds and steals their food. For that reason, he says Benjamin Franklin didn’t want the bald eagle to be the American symbol because it has a bad moral character. Instead, he wanted the wild turkey as the national bird.

Why is such a beautiful bird so wicked? The rev says that the bad character of the bald eagle is because of the sin of Adam & Eve. Because of them, all of creation is broken!

The video is about three minutes long before the commercial at the end. Go ahead, click over to WND and watch it. We’ve been having trouble viewing the rev’s videos using links from the WND website. If you are too, you can see the same thing at YouTube:

As we always do with the rev’s videos, we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, the comments are open. Go for it!

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19 responses to “Rev. David Rives — The Sinful Bald Eagle

  1. Benjamin Franklin didn’t want the bald eagle to be the American symbol because it has a bad moral character. Instead, he wanted the wild turkey as the national bird.

    It’s taken a few centuries since Franklin’s time, but at least America now has a wild turkey as its national leader…

  2. Rives,cuteness aside, knows nothing about birds. Google Dunnock, Prunella modularis, breeding habits to see a truly sinful bird!

  3. Thinking the way a bird gets the food it needs is because of the Adam and Eve myth is pretty lunatic!

  4. Michael Fugate

    What can we say about human exceptionalism when some goats are empathetic and some humans aren’t?

  5. Xtians, especially preachers,are incredibly self-centered egotists. They think the entire universe is corrupted because a fairy tale of two humans doing nothing really wrong but pissing off some gawd anyway. And at the same time denying that humans that are doing wrong don’t have the power to destroy the environment for humans!!

  6. Michael Fugate

    Seems sin has affected cichlid feeding too…
    “One example of a cichlid species that has evolved a feeding specialization is Perissodus microlepis. This fish has a curved head, and when it swims alongside a larger fish, it can suddenly attack and snatch a mouthful of scales. The population of this species is split between fish whose head is curved to the left for attacking the right side of its fish prey, and fish whose head is bent rightward to enable an assault on the prey’s left side. Other cichlid feeding specializations include those for scraping algae from rocks, biting out the eyes of other fish, and gobbling eggs knocked out of the mouths of brooding parents.”

  7. @abeastwood
    The Bible seems to object to the way that wolves get the food that they need. Yet that is part of the design of nature, isn’t it? Ecologists have learned that, and nowadays they will sometimes introduce predators like wolves into an ecosystem in order to restore the balance.

  8. Trump just tweetbragged about record high Dow topping 27000.

    $10000 invested in S&P500 on inauguration day would be worth this day in first term:
    Trump $13200
    Obama $16600

    Congrats on your win, Donny.

  9. One of the most entertaining aspects of reading/listening to creationists is that they are always so marvelously unaware of Dunning-Kruger and irony.

  10. Thrilling news, dear friends. Creacrap of capable to bridge a 500 years old schism! Orthodox-protestant blog has published a post from Catholic Forum!

    “Na de beer en het rund kan nu dus ook het ‘hert’ als ‘voorouder van de walvis’ naar de prullenmand.:
    “After bear and bovine also deer can be thrown into the dustbin as ‘ancestor of the whale’.”
    It’s all science fiction! So let’s see how real science is done.

    Stories about dragons! Ninth Century, near Cologne. A dragon creates havoc! It shouts “Gelre! Gelre! Gelre!” Never mind that the country is from the 11th Century, though the German town Geldern is from the early 9th Century.

    The point, dear reader, is that such stories of course contain mythical fantasies (remember, only the Bible is 100% trustworthy – FrankB) but still depict historical events and hence have a core of truth (pardon me the Dunglish). And that core is that dinos and humans lived side by side!
    Such a shame that secular scientists and authors don’t consider this creationist explanation.

  11. Ah, Ol’Hambo’s gay wooden box has reached as well. Nothing new, ao our dear SC lies when accusing Ol’Hambo of using tax money for the venue etc. Fortunately these Dutch creationists don’t forget to mention Huibers ark, which actually does float.. According to Eric Hovind we atheists don’t even know what creationists believe. So there!
    Oh wait – our dear SC hasn’t mentioned yet the exciting plans to expand the venue with a Tower of Babel, a Biblical village and old town with walls! I cannot help if the latter also will show, in detail, how the various Biblical genocides happened.

    Feet are the best shoes in the world, so human feet demonstrate that evolution couldn’t have happened.

    The geology of the French Cote d’Opal invalidates evolution theory.

    Finally God doesn’t commit adultery. We are living in the end times and Dutch churches are in bad shape (the second part is true; the first part perhaps due to climate change – when will creationists bring this one up as evidence for “creation science”?) Anyhow, the false church, symbolized by the tempting whore sits on a beast with seven heads and ten horns (Revelation). The beast symbolizes, brace yourself, dear reader, modern science which is a god to itself. The woman has embraced this doctrine as truth and this way tries to be attractive as bride for Christ. She persecutes her competitor, the true church with her true believers; their blood has made her drunk.
    I suppose she controls the Dutch media as well, because I can’t find any report on Dutch true christians slaughtered in the name of modern science.

    So this is what you can find on the meeting place for student and scientist.

  12. Michael Fugate

    Interesting paper – deer antlers as controlled bone cancer.

  13. In “The Wind and the Lion” Brian Keith played Teddy Roosevelt and in one scene refers to the bald eagle as a “dandified vulture” as he holds forth that the grizzly bear, (one of which he sits patting under a tree after shooting it), should be the symbol of America. Sean Connery goes on to be the hero arab and the US Marines save the day. Turn of the 20th century stuff. Plus it has Candice Bergen, who, while not nearly as enticing as the Curmudgeon’s Olivia, isn’t chopped liver either.
    David Rives wasn’t in the movie but there were lots of other religious types depicted. Mostly carrying Mameluke swords, tearing about on horseback and barbecuing sheep outside the tent.In the Atlas Mtns of Morocco. The barbary lion is the symbol of Morocco. And the tawny eagle is native to Morocco.

  14. @ och will: The real Olivia is far too enlightened to consort with Trump voters.

    Our “Curmudgeon’s Olivia” is an inflatable simulacrum and the antithesis of ‘enticing’

  15. Megalonyx, even after all this time, Olivia still trembles with fear at the memory of her brief encounter with you — from which she fled in terror.

  16. Eddie Janssen

    In the link a new explanation for the massive extinction of life at the end of the Permian with the usual suspects but also a whole new culprit.
    It does not however explain why some goups of animals survived and others
    went extinct because of the depletion of the ozone-layer.

  17. Olivia does indeed routinely tremble when we’re together–but not from fear.

    It’s the earth moving for her once again…

  18. And here I thought that assigning moral traits to any animal was anthroporphism, and that this was something sensible people should reject.

    The good reverend should be aware that according to Genesis even humans had no morals (no sense of right and wrong) before Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And the Bible presents their acquisition of a moral sense as a bad thing.

  19. Megalonyx, what you imagine to be the earth moving is really your motion as you swing from one tree branch to another. And you do that without any Sapiens companionship.