Hey, Hey — Hambo in the UK

This is big news — especially for our readers in the UK. It’s from none other than Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Take a look at what he just posted at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Join Us October 24–26, 2019 for Our UK Creation Mega Conference. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

God’s Word commands us to “contend for the faith” (Jude 3) — something that we need to do increasingly in our secularized age when the Bible and Christian faith are under attack.

Under attack? For the record, your Curmudgeon doesn’t attack the bible. We treat it like Kansas — it’s fine for the Kansans, but we don’t go there. Anyway, then he says:

And we want to equip you to stand strong and have the answers for the questions of our day so you can effectively share the gospel with others. That’s why we host conferences around the world — and, if you’re in the United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe, we invite you to join us in West Midlands, UK, October 24–26, 2019, for the AiG–UK “Contending for the Faith” [Link omitted.] conference.

Wowie — an invitation from Hambo himself! After that he tells us:

During this conference, you’ll hear from world-class scientists [World class!], researchers, and theologians, including Dr. Georgia Purdom, Simon Turpin, Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr., Dr. Stephen Lloyd, Prof. Stuart Burgess, Prof. Andy McIntosh, Prof. Steve Taylor, Paul Garner, and me. [Hambo too!]

We don’t recognize some of those names, but (aside from Hambo himself) the rest are creation scientists who work at AIG. World class indeed! He continues:

Sessions will cover topics such as the genetics of Adam and Eve [Gasp!], Genesis and the state of the culture, design in creation, racism, dinosaurs and the Bible, eugenics, sexuality, and much more.

What a list of topics! We’ve blogged about all of them, more than once — well, not the genetics of Adam & Eve. What a great conference this is gonna be! Here’s one last excerpt:

Learn more and register today for this exciting conference — I’d love to meet you there!

That link tells you what you need to know, including pricing (£58 for adults, or £52 each for a married couple), information about the speakers, and a schedule of events. You gotta go, dear reader!

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21 responses to “Hey, Hey — Hambo in the UK

  1. Andrew McIntosh is Prof of Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory at the University of Leeds. His group did some good work developing a device based on the operations of the bombardier beetle.

    He is part of the group Truth in Science that distributed Meyer’s Explore Evolution to British schools and universities. He uses in his lectures the anti-devolution argument from the second of thermodynamics. When challenged on this, he says that the extraction of useful work requires a machine. (This of course is totally true, since a machine is anything that extracts useful work. An example is the climate system, which separates pure water from seawater and causes rain. Very useful).

    His book, Origins; Examining the Evidence, of which Steve Taylor is also an author, cites the greatly accelerated beta-decay of fully ionised 187Re, observed in red giant stars, as compared with the decay of the same isotope under terrestrial conditions, as evidence that radiometric dating methods are unreliable. He really really should know better.

  2. If ever they set foot on New Zealand soil we’ll make it hot for them. I hope he gets a challenging time in Europe (is it still part of Europe?)

  3. No fee is mentioned for attending this “conference”, but I’ll bet there is one, and that it is substantial.

  4. Oh, I beg Ham’s pardon. The prices are given on the link. 50 GBP for a two-day event. Not bad. It’s a fine line to walk. Much less and you’d start to get critics who’d be prepared to pay a small amount just to roast Ham’s panel of idiots; much more, and you wouldn’t get the marks in. I wonder what preparations Ham has made for shutting down debate – if any actually takes place.

  5. Michael Fugate

    What could possibly be said at the conference that hasn’t been said a 1000 times over the past 50 years? Tell me you’ve heard this apologetic before?

  6. Scientist’s Lament by Richards and Jagger

    When I’m riding around the world
    Doing this and signing that
    And I’m doing some research
    Ham tells be better come back later next year
    ‘Cuz I’m on a losing streak

    I can’t get no
    Oh no no no
    Hey hey hey
    Ol’Hambo in the UK

  7. “join us in West Midlands, UK, October 24–26, 2019”
    Within a few weeks it’s highly unclear whether a Dutchman like me still can cross the pond without a visum. Perhaps PaulB, if Scotland hasn’t declared its independency yet? I mean, the Scots are preparing.


    Eemshaven is less than 50 km from where I live.

  8. @Hans: “(is it still part of Europe?)”
    Nobody knows.

    @DaveL: “50 GBP for a two-day event. Not bad.”
    Still I recommend you to wait a few more weeks. After the brexit 50 GBP will be cheaper compared to eg your AUD.

  9. That the pound will take a hit on Brexit I don’t doubt, FrankB. That’s a two-edged sword, as you know. But Britain will be able to negotiate free-trade treaties with, eg, Australia again. As for being part of Europe, it will be, as it always was, a major archipelago off the north-west coast of the continent, distinct from it by reason of sea borders, and with rather different interests and outlook to the continental powers.

  10. The pound took its Brdexit hit on the night the UK voted to Leave. It will be interesting to see how it responds to the events of last night and tonight

  11. chris schilling

    “…the genetics of Adam and Eve…”

    Classic. Will Annie Green Screen be there, leading the way? It’s a veritable freakshow when fellow travellers — YEC’s and IDiots — come together to reconcile the irreconcilable: Biblical mythology with science, in this case population genetics.

    Or even better: reconciling the myth of genetic degradation since the Fall, with the very self-evident flourishing and “ascendancy” of H. sapiens over the rest of the animal kingdom.

  12. @DaveL: “That’s a two-edged sword, as you know. But Britain will be able to negotiate free-trade treaties with, eg, Australia again.”
    Yeah, that will compensate for all those companies that are leaving the UK for European countries and for the long lines in Calais, Antwerpen and Rotterdam. Peculiar that British entrepreneurs think that one edge of that sword is so much sharper than the other. This includes Sony, Discovery Channel and Bloomberg, who are settling in The Netherlands. How come, you think?


    Why oh why would they think 55% more important than 1,5%?
    Why oh why would they think a market of 450 million people (UK excluded) on the nearby continent more interesting than 28 million people (New Zealand included) at the other side of the globe?
    Perhaps you can tell me.

  13. Karl Goldsmith

    Evangelical Times article claimed they had 1,600 at the UK one in 2017.

  14. Perhaps I can tell you, FrankB, but I doubt whether you’d believe me, and whether it is germane to the thread.

  15. When was the last time you went to science class or talks where the speaker says …here’s the info you need to contend against the religious who are persecuting us!

  16. I may not believe you, DaveL, but I’d believe reliable sources your provide, with hard facts, like I’ve done. Creacrappers always try to avoid that as well. We both know why.

  17. I wonder if they fly first class?

    Can you imagine getting stuck next to Hambo for an 8+ hour flight? Would you keep your mouth shut, or make a point to tell him what you think about his B.S. ? Or maybe just play a Poe?

  18. Karl Goldsmith

    Rolling out the UK creationist speakers as always.

    “Sessions will cover topics such as” Oh come on, you know we have nothing new.

  19. Michael Fugate

    Let me save anyone thinking of going some change – every speaker will claim that if everyone believed in Ham’s interpretation of Genesis, then magically there would be no more suicide, murder, marriage equality, LBGTQ+ community, divorce, abortion, racism, etc. And it is the perfect pitch too, because it will never happen that everyone will believe as Ham does – he can’t lose.

  20. @Michael Fugate
    And it was never the case that everyone – or even a majority of Christendom – believed that interpretaton of Genesis.
    For example, the idea of “kind” as something like a taxonomic family & the rest of “baraminology” – that is a totally new idea, aparently first floated in 1931. See the Wikipedia article “Created kind”.
    Of course, nobody before the rise of modern science believed in lots of their intepretatons of Genesis making it somewhat compatible with concopts introduced by modern science.

  21. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    I hope they don’t bother with their denials of human-caused climate change (wilful lies that have nothing to do with Christianity) – UK audiences are not as barmy as US ones on this subject.