Hambo on Climate Change and Evolution

As our title suggests, you’re about to learn The Truth about two important subjects, and your guide will be Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Look what he just posted at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Angry Spiders? Blame, You Guessed it, Climate Change. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Have you run into any angry spiders lately? Well, you may in the future [Hambo links to this at Fox News: Spiders are getting angrier because of evolutionary trick to survive ‘climate chaos’] thanks to, you may have guessed it, the villain in many news stories — climate change. [Gasp!] And, of course, throw in evolution, as well! Researchers discovered that “angry” (aggressive) spiders in storm-prone areas survived better and reproduced more offspring than tamer spiders. This is attributed to evolution, while the storms are attributed to climate change.

You can imagine ol’ Hambo’s reaction to the claims of those researchers. He’s mad. He’s read in the face and foaming at the mouth. He’s rolling on the floor and chewing the carpet. He says:

But it’s not evolution. The spiders remain spiders — there’s been no change of spider kind. Some behaviors are simply more beneficial than others under certain circumstances, which may drive a change in the population. This is natural selection, not evolution. [BWAHAHAHAHAHA!] Even though news items and scientific journals frequently equivocate the two, they aren’t the same thing.

Population change due to natural selection is not evolution. Got that? Good. Let’s move along. Hambo tells us:

Natural selection works on already existing genetic information, whereas evolution requires the addition of brand-new genetic information to form new features that never previously existed. (Something that has never been observed!) Information always comes from other information and ultimately a mind, and in this case, the Creator’s mind.

Hambo seems to be denying the existence of mutations, which are observed to occur in every act of reproduction. And you already know what we think of the creationists’ notion of information. If you don’t, see Phlogiston, Vitalism, and Information. He continues:

Are these storms (such as Hurricane Dorian, the storm that devastated the Bahamas and parts of the United States in recent weeks) really the result of man-made climate change? Well, climates do change — that is observational science. But the cause of climate change isn’t straightforward. Some scientists have suggested that it may be dependent on the sun and cycles of the sun (such as sunspots), with humans only playing a very minor role.

Hambo relies on the opinions of his world-class team of creation scientists — and so should you. Let’s read on:

You can discover more about climate change, and a biblical response to this issue, at our upcoming Easter conference [:Link omitted.] (April 9–12, 2020) at the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter, south of Cincinnati. We’ll tackle two kinds of climate change — physical and spiritual — as we look at what’s happening in our culture and in the environment from a biblical worldview.

The rest of Hambo’s post is a promotion for his creationist conference, so we’ll leave him here. And now you know all you need to know about evolution and climate change: They’re lies promoted by hell-bound naturalistic evolutionist fools!

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11 responses to “Hambo on Climate Change and Evolution

  1. Of course he’s gone for all money, conceding climate change. Genesis 8:22: “As long as the Earth lasts, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, they will never cease”. The text is quoting God.

    Climate change means that for some parts of the Earth, summer and winter, seedtime and harvest, WILL cease. Summer and winter will merge; land that used to support crops and knew “seedtime and harvest”, will do so no longer. Ham is denying scripture, again. The fact that he has no choice should be no excuse. Like all fanatics, Ham is perfectly capable of looking a fact in the face and denying that it exists. Who you going to believe, the Good Book or your lyin’ eyes? It says that seedtime and harvest won’t cease.

    The area around the Dead Sea, now harsh desert, supported grain crops and cities up until around five thousand years ago. But climate change dried the land out; the crops failed; “seedtime and harvest” ceased; and the cities were abandoned, leaving tells that began to be investigated in the late nineteenth century. “Bible believers” will tell you that two of them were the “cities of the plain”, Sodom and Gomorrah. Well, maybe. But if “seedtime and harvest” hadn’t ceased, there’d still be cities there. What’s a fundamentalist to do? Concede climate change, which contradicts scripture, or deny it, which also contradicts scripture? Answer: believe whichever of them is convenient at the moment. Easy.

    And he’s conceded natural selection, as well. So changing conditions cause selection pressure, and selection pressure causes change in genome. This has been repeatedly and undeniably observed. (Well, undeniably for anyone not capable of believing two mutually opposed statements at once.) Ham just wants – oh, how he wants! – there to be some kind of limit to the change. He has no idea what that limit might be, or what might cause it, or why it would exist at all, but he wants it so bad. And what Ham wants, Ham’s mind supplies. A limit must be there. It must be.

    Well, there is. The limit is the laws of physics and chemistry. And a form of Murphy’s Law: “Whatever can happen, will happen.” That’s it, though.

    Climate change happens. Change in genome happens. Both have consequences. And shutting your eyes, putting fingers in your ears and shouting “La la la, I can’t HEAR you!” makes no difference to any of it.

  2. Ol’Hambo produces the Summum cum Laude of creacrap thinking.

    – Information always comes from the Creator’s Mind.
    – hence random, unguided, naturalistic processes never produce Information (the capital is no typo).
    – hence information that looks new is not new but stems from already existing genetic information.
    – hence Information always comes from the Creator’s Mind.

    Our dear SC can’t follow the brilliance of this logic:

    “Hambo seems to be denying the existence of mutations”
    Mutations always are destructive and hence cause a loss of Information (again capital intended).

  3. @DaveL suspects that Ol’Hambo is giving in: “and he’s conceded natural selection.”
    Well, he has conceded evolution as well. As long it’s not Darwinian evolution and Darwinian natural selection (ie turning one “kind” into another, whatever that means) Ol’Hambo is totally OK with it. In the end it all boils down to the famous “I ain’t no kin of no monkey”.

  4. Karl Goldsmith

    Oh that is priced at $149.

  5. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    I see that Pharyngula (P Z Myers) has also blogged (angrily) about these latest LIES by that hypocrite in Christian clothing Ken Ham.

  6. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    This page (or my computer) somehow screwed up my comment.

    Genesis 8:22 does NOT say that all climate change/global warming is ‘natural’ and/or caused by God and that ergo current GLOBAL warming is ‘not’ caused by human activities and is ‘nothing to worry about’ – as falsely claimed by the right wing LIARS and FOOLS at Answers in Genesis. (The verse is mostly about Earth’s orbit and spin – and is saying that there won’t be a further massively destructive flood judgement:

  7. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    As Dave says global warming will make harvests impossible in some parts of this planet. (Not God’s plan – but something caused by HUMAN activities.)

    The LIAR Ken Ham also claims there was an ‘ice age’ after the Genesis flood (but it’s NOT in the Bible). Harvests would have been difficult in some parts of this planet during an ice age.

    Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and the Cornwall Alliance will be LYING to Christians during this Easter conference. These people are despicable, disgraceful and DANGEROUS. Real Christians should know better.

  8. @Ashley Haworth-roberts
    Thank you for reminding us of the construction of the ice age after the Flood. Not only is there no Biblical basis for such an event, it is contrary to a promise for the ongoing cycle of seasons.

  9. “Equivocate”? Jeez, the Hamster doesn’t even know English, let alone science! The word he was apparently groping for is ” equate.” He’s like the lunkhead sidekick in a comedy gangster movie! And this is one of the creationists’ heroic champions?

  10. “It’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of those that survived!”

    That Ken, he’s smart!!!!