Drooling School Board Chairwoman

We haven’t had one of these for a long time. The story appears in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, the largest city in the state of Minnesota. Their headline is Brainerd school board chairwoman questions teaching of evolution. They’ve got 144 comments so far.

“Brainerd” in that headline presumably refers to Brainerd, Minnesota. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

The chairwoman of Brainerd’s school board this week questioned the teaching of evolution and suggested that it’s incompatible with Christian beliefs. [Really?] “I did have a question about evolution,” Sue Kern said at a Monday board meeting after a presentation about the planned biology curriculum at Brainerd Senior High School.

What was her question? Here it comes:

“You know, Darwin’s theory was done in the mid-1800s and it’s never been proven,” Kern said. “So I’m wondering why we’re still teaching it.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What happened next? The newspaper informs us:

The district staff and faculty members who gave the presentation responded by explaining that the theory of evolution has actually gotten stronger with further scientific discovery — for example, the study of DNA.

That didn’t satisfy Susie Kern, did it? No, apparently not. We’re told:

Kern then wondered about those whose religious beliefs don’t include evolution. “And then with regard to your Christian students, then — how do you do that? How do you tell them?” she said. “Because they are taught not to agree with that, so….”

Great question! It’s wonderful to see a public official who is so concerned with good education. What happened next? The newspaper says:

Craig Rezac, a Brainerd science teacher who led the presentation to the school board, answered that teaching evolution is not in conflict with Christian beliefs. “This is science, and science doesn’t deal with a belief system,” he said. “We deal with facts. It doesn’t have to be a dilemma or a concern with someone to choose between evolution or Christianity,” he said. “You can actually embrace both.”

Did that satisfy Susie Kern? We may never know. The Star Tribune tells us:

Kern didn’t respond to requests for comment.

How frustrating that meeting must have been for her. The news story continues:

In a statement, Brainerd Public Schools Superintendent Laine Larson said Kern’s comments “reflect her personal views and do not reflect the views of the Board of Education as a whole or the Brainerd Public School District. “The District’s approved science curriculum aligns with the MN State Standards,” Larson’s statement said, adding that “the Board of Education unanimously approved the Science and Biology curriculum at Monday’s meeting.”

Jeepers. Susie didn’t get any support from anyone. How frustrating it must have been for her. Here’s our last excerpt:

Kern was first elected to the school board in 2012. In a candidate questionnaire in 2016, as she ran for a second term, she promised “to maintain family conservative values and culture.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Kern is a registered nurse and works as a realty assistant.

Well, the people of Brainerd elected her, so now they’re got what they wanted. She’s good blogging material, so we hope she keeps fighting the good fight. Go, Susie, go!

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4 responses to “Drooling School Board Chairwoman

  1. Theodore Lawry

    When Dover lost, the school district had to pay the anti-creationist sides costs about $1M or $1,000 per pupil. That dampens enthusiasm for going creationist in just about everybody.
    I fought the law and the law won.

  2. She would say, of course, that she wasn’t pushing an agenda – she was only asking polite questions. What, you leftist libral pinko soshallist hippies don’t like public officials asking questions? What are you, against democracy or something?

    Lenin actually wrote somewhere about how to slip a presupposition past an opponent before asking a question based on it. Susie practices that technique, a little more crudely than Vladimir Ilyich would have done, but the intent is there: “Darwin’s theory was done in the mid-1800s and it’s never been proven,” says Susie.

    Not that I think Susie has read Lenin, or Marx, or anybody like that. Perish the thought. But she sure has absorbed some principles of propaganda. I wonder where?

  3. 288 comments now, most of them sensible.

    @Dave Luckett, I expect you know the origin of the expression “propaganda fide”.”Propaganda” became derogatory in the early 20th-century (OED) perhaps earlier (Wikipedia)

  4. “You know, Darwin’s theory was done in the mid-1800s and it’s never been proven,” Kern said. “So I’m wondering why we’re still teaching it.”

    Or in other words, never mind about teaching creation alongside evolution; let’s just teach creation, to which God Himself testifies in His Holy Word. What more proof do you need? Let’s get those heathen Darwinist books out of our classrooms! Let’s burn ’em, in fact, and their authors too!