Incredible Information from Ken Ham

You’re going to be shocked — shocked! — when you learn what’s available from Answers in Genesis (AIG), the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

Ol’ Hambo just posted this: Replacing Darwin and Quick Answers to Tough Questions Now on DVD. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

People have a lot of questions about the truth of God’s Word.

• Hasn’t science proved millions of years?
• Where do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?
• Why is there death and suffering?
• What about evolution?
• And many more.

You have questions like that, don’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hambo says:

And you can find answers to these often-asked questions, and more, in two brand-new DVDs from Answers in Genesis.

Ooooooooooooh! At last your questions will be answered! After that stunning announcement, Hambo tells us:

These new DVDs feature teaching from AiG speakers and researchers Bryan Osborne and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, based on their books Quick Answers to Tough Questions and Replacing Darwin.

Here are links to AIG’s bio info on Bryan Osborne and Nathaniel T. Jeanson. Hambo continues:

Bryan does an excellent job in his new Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD giving quick but effective answers to these objections to the truth of God’s Word.

And it costs only $9.99. What a deal! Let’s read on:

In the Replacing Darwin DVD, Dr. Jeanson (who has a PhD in biology from Harvard) [They’re so proud of him!] shares his research from genetics about the origin of the species and how what we observe in genetics is a confirmation of a biblical model and a major challenge to the evolutionary model.

That one also costs only $9.99. Here’s the rest of it:

I encourage you to add these two presentations from two popular presenters to your home or church library. You can find these resources, and many others, on our online bookstore at [link omitted].

You can’t find information like that anywhere else, so what are you waiting for? And when you go there, tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya.

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10 responses to “Incredible Information from Ken Ham

  1. Karl Goldsmith

    Always repackaging the same crap.

  2. Remember, the Bible is the only authority you need. Except for my additions!

  3. chris schilling

    People have a lot of questions about whether Ken is telling the truth about ‘God’s Word’ [sic]. Here are some of mine:

    • Why won’t the US allow Australia to begin the process of extraditing Ham and Snelling back home to face charges of Crimes against Sheer Bloody Commonsense?
    • Why don’t ordinary Americans pelt expatriate Australian creationists with rotten tomatoes every time that stupid Aussie accent comes out of their mouths?
    • How come, if post-Flood dinosaurs made such great pets, no Israelites thought to create a dinosaur pet cemetery, like Americans do now?
    • And many more.

  4. Dave Luckett

    @ chris schilling:
    1. Because the US, being assured by confidential diplomatic channels that the last thing we want is to have those idiots back, is prepared to act in Australia’s best interests, nobly sacrificing its own, as always.

    2. Because then they’d have to do the same to anybody with an Aussie accent.

    3. There are no known Israelite pet cemeteries for dogs or cats, either. This is because Israelites and Americans don’t behave the same.

    But seriously, folks, it’s not just dinosaurs. 99% of fossilised land animals clearly belong to species that no longer exist – they’re extinct. But we are specifically instructed that Noah took two of every “kind” that had breath in its nostrils aboard the Ark. So it’s not just that Ken has to say that dinosaurs lived with humans. He has to say that everything lived with humans. All at the same time. Not just in pocket ecosystems, but across the whole globe. And that most of them – nearly all of them – died out after the Flood. The greatest mass extinction that there has ever been, a shoah of the species that would make the Permian “great dying” look like a walk in the park – and not a word about it ever made it into Holy Writ.

    Whatever happened to “the whole truth”?

  5. @Kosh: you should charge your audience for your excellent summary of two DVDs that cost almost 20 bucks. Yours is what I call a quick and effective answer.

    @DaveL asks a deep and profound question: “Whatever happened to “the whole truth”?”
    Around the time of the Scopes trial buried at the dinosaur pet cemeteries near Jerusalem.

  6. … Noah took two of every “kind”…
    Not the exact words of the Bible. The command is given several times, sometimes “two”, sometimes “seven”, once “two and two” and sometimes no number is given, but that is a minor detail. More interesting is that the phrase “every kind” does not occur. The closest is “every beast/all cattle after its kind” (and then there is “every fowl after his kind,every bird of every sort”!), whatever that means. What does “all cattle after its kind” tell us about “kinds” of cattle? I’m a city guy, so I had to go to Wikipedia “List of cattle breeds”, which tells me that there are over 1000 breeds of cattle worldwide.
    How many breeds of cattle were there in Noah’s time, and how many “kinds”?

  7. TomS: The word “cattle” is used in the King James version at Genesis 7:2, because in 1611 “cattle” could mean any kind of animal, primarily vertebrates. But at 6:19 we have, in the closer and more modern translation of the Revised English Bible: “You are to bring living creatures of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you, two of each kind, a male and a female.” That is the translation I use, generally. The words “every kind” are a close and accurate translation of the Hebrew – at least so far as I can make out from a concordance. It certainly does not mean only bovines.

  8. You are correct about the word “cattle”, and I withdraw all my comments about the breeds of cattle.
    But the Hebrew never uses the world “all” (Hebrew “kol”) with “kind” (“min”). The translators have supplied “kind” in Genesis 6:19.
    There is an interlinear literal translation available which points this out:</a)

  9. Michael Fugate

    It is interesting that Jeanson’s book is a complete dud – even among creationists.
    Within that post are links to a chapter by chapter review – which shows the “model” Jeanson uses is fudged and he knew it was when he published.

  10. Karl Goldsmith

    Replacing Darwin is now two years old and every comment on the book seems to be of him just making up numbers to fit the 6,000 year time scale,

    In a debate on the book last year with Heman Mays. Jeanson just kept repeating show me in my book.