Greta Thunberg, Climate Change, & Creationism

Your Curmudgeon doesn’t blog much about climate change because we’ve never studied it. Our assumption is that climate scientists know what they’re talking about and politicians don’t, but that’s pretty much all we have to say.

Today, however, we found something amusing enough to break our customary silence. It’s a letter-to-the-editor, but because it’s off-topic, it won’t be included in our “Creationist Wisdom” collection. We found it in the Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It’s titled God, not teenager, controls weather. The newspaper has a comments section — with no comments yet.

Because the writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name. His first name is Robert. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Here we go!

In September, a Manhattan teenage rebellion was on display for all the world to see. [We didn’t see it.] Witness Sweden’s poster girl for science, technology, engineering and math, Greta Thunberg, tumble out of the sky and entice America schoolchildren to cut class simply because they aren’t granted enough snow days.

He’s talking about 16-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden, who already has a write-up in Wikipedia. You’ve probably seen her in the news talking about climate change. Robert has seen her too, and he’s all upset. He says:

Thunberg took a know-it-all attitude as she lectured world leaders. Claiming to speak for her generation and adding that she shouldn’t even be here [Huh?], “Rapunzel” made no mention of Sweden’s obscenely high abortion rate.

We’ll ignore the irrelevant issue of abortion, and a couple of other irrelevancies he mentions next. After that stuff Robert tells us:

Instead, the drama princess [Hee hee!] cited an alarmist “Useless Nations” report that – short of the sun itself actually falling out of the sky – blamed global warming for all calamities of nature.

We didn’t watch her speech, so we have no idea how accurate Robert’s account is. It doesn’t matter. Now he lurches into what we think of as creationist territory:

None of Thunberg’s junk scientists are Christian. [Gasp!] None believe the Bible is the literal word of God. [Egad!] They believe in evolution, not Adam and Eve. [Evolution? Aaaargh!!]

Good, huh? He continues:

Yet, Genesis 7 does speak of climate change. [Really?] The year God flooded the world was the year the climate changed.

Wowie — he brought the Flood into it. Let’s read on:

Afterward, God promised that he would never again punish the world with a second global flood. In spite of this, global warmers such as Thunberg continue to have a morbid fear of drowning.

They’re all fools! And now we come to the end:

Remember, God controls the weather, Greta, not you.

A powerful letter indeed! And now that Robert has rebutted everything she said, we’ll probably never hear from Greta again.

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21 responses to “Greta Thunberg, Climate Change, & Creationism

  1. Michael Fugate

    The no true Scotsman defense –
    True Christians don’t accept anthropogenic climate change, don’t accept evolution, worship the Bible, are raving misogynists, etc.

  2. Whether what she said is right/wrong, HE is an idiot!! Climate change has very little to do with a global flood!! The oceans will rise and some major rivers will cause damage, but all that damage is to the coast where people silly enough to live there will experience, the real changes are heat and invading species, diseases, fires, and other people moving in mass and the resulting wars. NO world flood, dim one!

  3. You all know the statistic, “Three percent of climate scientists are skeptical that humans play a role in climate change.” Hey, they should start a list!

    So, a climate scientist from Texas Tech University rounded up all the published papers that dispute anthropomorphic climate change, 38, and analyzed the results.

    Of the 38 papers examined, none of the results could be duplicated. None. She found three types of errors: cherry-picking data, loosening data acceptance to include statistically invalid data and simply ignoring physics. Further study continues to find out how these papers slipped through the peer-review process that should have caught these flaws.

    Having done peer reviews, myself, I can say that it is time-consuming work, although important. In my years of reading manuscripts I never came across a case of fraud or even statistical misuse, most errors being typographical or suggesting that the description of a graph or presentation of analyzed data be made more clear.

  4. I’ve already written here about how creationist organisations, including DI, are into climate change denial: “Why the fear-mongering by climate change alarmists? Well, they believe in evolutionary ideas and millions of years. Because they have the wrong starting point, they wrongly interpret the evidence.” , , , commentary on that day’s March for Science, Heading into Today’s March, Here’s When to Doubt a Scientific “Consensus”.

    Do any creationists accept the reality, or even the plausibility, of human-caused global warming?

  5. The letter writer states: Neither did Thunberg reach out to visiting Polish President Andrzej Duda, also in New York, and apologize for her countrymen vandalizing our lady’s shrine at Jansa Gora and slashing her face some four centuries before.

    I love a challenge! What the huh is he talking about? Random, dude!

    OK, so there’s a monastery at Jansa Gora, Poland, that has an icon, the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. The Swedes did invade Jansa Gora in 1648. BUT the Madonna icon had already been damaged in 1430 by the Hussites. Slashed in the face. Surprise, surprise, the letter writer is wrong about this, too!

  6. chris schilling

    Ode to an Idyll of Complacency

    According to Greta
    The world can only get wetter
    She curses her betters
    They should put her in fetters!
    “You have stolen my dreams!”
    That’s just one of her themes
    So tiresome, so solemn
    And she looks just like Gollum!
    Give me my Robert
    That Bible-quoting Hobbit

    — B.S. Eliot

  7. @PaulB: “Do any creationists accept the reality, or even the plausibility, of human-caused global warming?”
    Yes. Reliable creacrap outfit reports that Dutch fundagelicals debate the topic:

    The title translates more or less as “climate strongly correlates with human behaviour”.
    RD means

    Both in this newspaper and at you can find deniers as well.

  8. @FrankB, thanks. Glasgow’s Centre for Intelligent Design, the now moribund branch office of the DI, and some (but when I come to think of it not all) other prominent UK creationists reject climate change. Perhaps the close linkage between creationism and climate change denial, like the close linkage between creationism and regressive social policies, is a largely US phenomenon

  9. In the Netherlands linkage between creacrap and regressive social policies is pretty strong as well. Compare

    But even this party advocates sustainable energy. The only ones who don’t are the secular crypto-fascist parties PVV (Geert Wilders) and FdV (Thierry Baudet).

  10. “We’ll ignore the irrelevant issue of abortion”

    Sorry to approach this subjet but according to this site , abortion rate in Sweden is 20.8 and in the US it is 19.6. This gives some perspective to the alleged swedish “obscenity”.

  11. So, where does this idea that “man cannot cause climate change” come from? I’ve heard it from evangelical Christians who are Trump supporters, and they defend the idea with a religious fervor. They are long-time friends so I haven’t questioned them on why they believe this; I’m assuming they have been told that only God can influence the climate.

    Sounds like a product of the same propaganda mill that promoted the idea that smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

  12. If I understand the argument correctly (always a shaky assumption when dealing with fundagelics) the idea that “man cannot cause climate change” comes from the conclusion that their god has made a promise after the Global Flood that such a thing would never happen again. Homo Sapiens violating it would mean challenging their god’s omnipotence.

  13. IMHO denial of human cause of climate change comes first, then one searches for a Bible proof text.
    A couple of centuries ago, there was a widely held belief that humans couldn’t cause extinction of a species. What God had created, man could not uncreate.
    If one can claim Bible backing for a heliocentric Solar System, post-Flood rapid speciation by microevolution, not to mention 21st century developments, anything goes.

  14. @retiredsciguy, ” a product of the same propaganda mill that promoted the idea that smoking doesn’t cause cancer”. The link is well documented; see wikipedia on “Climatechange denial”

  15. @FrankB; this, and the claim that all climate change since the eocene maximum, including the ice age, took place in the 3000 or so years between Creation and Abraham, so that the present trends are not even remarkable

  16. I’m with Paul B. (always a safe bet!) It’s the same propaganda mill that brought you the Kreationist Kangaroo Kourt in Kansas and the evolution wars in the Texas SBOE. Once low cognition, anti-science authoritarians get a position in government they can amplify nonsense. Just look at state school boards that aren’t infested with creationists or religious kooks – they operate perfectly fine.

    It’s like gerrymandered stupidity. Once your constituency is composed of creationists, climate change deniers, bigots, racists or whatever, you’re stuck pandering to them to keep your job. I think the trick is to break the gerrymander, get active, support and elect candidates who aren’t pandering grifters who will sell us all out to keep their jobs. It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s a way forward.

    (on a bright note, the demographics of my Tom DeLay gerrymandered district have changed in the past 20 years to be 25% young, immigrant, professionals (medical, engineering, education) such that the once safe seat congressman has decided to retire to “spend more time with his family.” The Democrat got within 3 points of winning in 2018 on a seat that won by 60 in the past. It’s going to flip. It can be done.)

  17. Robert, anyone who paid attention in high school chemistry and physics knows that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and why, and that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is due to burning fossil carbon. From your letter, I assume you far more ignorant of science than Greta is, or perhaps the science courses in Swedish high schools are somewhat better than ours.

  18. @TomS: “IMHO denial of human cause of climate change comes first, then one searches for a Bible proof text.”
    Indeed it’s a safe assumption that fundagelicals begin with their conclusions and then construct arguments that contain quotes from their favourite Holy Book. What I’m saying is that those arguments pretty often are so weird that they are hard to follow for intellectually sane people like you and me.

  19. This from my friend,the Rev. Michael Roberts, geologist, historian, advocate of science, and Anglican priest:

  20. @FrankB
    In the USA religious politics we have far more than mere weirdness.