Intelligent Design for Simpletons

At the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog, there’s a brief post promoting … well, see for yourself. It’s titled Stephen Meyer Gets Animated in New PragerU Video.

The thing was written by Andrew McDiarmid. We have no idea who he is, but he hosts a bunch of the Discoveroids’ podcasts. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has, with some modifications, been embraced as unassailable by the science community over the last century. So much so that evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has famously stated that “If you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane.” But is that right?

Good question! Is Dawkins right? We once tried our hand at it and came up with the Curmudgeon’s manifesto: A creationist is either an ignoramus, a simpleton, a fanatic, a charlatan, or some combination thereof. That’s in Creationists: Ignorant, Stupid, Insane, or Wicked. But we can’t improve on Dawkins, so let’s get back to the Discoveroids. McDiarmid says:

In a new PragerU video [whatever that is], Stephen Meyer answers the question by presenting two big reasons to doubt the evolutionary account of life’s origins — the Cambrian explosion and the DNA enigma.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Big reasons indeed! After that, McDiarmid tells us:

The animated video [Animated? Wowie!] is a nice summary of Meyer’s book-length treatments of those two problems. And at under six minutes in length, the video makes a great conversation starter!

Conversation starter? Sure. Just walk up to a pretty girl and say: “Hey, how’d you like to see a creationist video?” Works every time!

Here’s McDiarmid’s final paragraph:

Watch it now, and be sure to share it with your friends and family. [Oh yeah!] Also note that a study guide is available, as well as a transcript of Meyer’s commentary. You can even take a five-question quiz after watching it to make sure you were paying attention. Enjoy!

The video is available at the Discoveroid post, so get on over there and take a look. If you do, let us know what it’s all about.

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15 responses to “Intelligent Design for Simpletons

  1. Pragar (which calls itself a ‘university’ but is only a You Tube channel) is the Discovery Institute of every anti-science conspiracy theory imaginable, plus some.

  2. The 6 min video is not just a good summary of Meyer’s book, it’s all there is in the entire book.

  3. Oh dear Stephen. You’re no better a paleontologist than you were a “geophysicist” at the ARCO lab in Plano, Texas.
    And for people with a pulse,(unlike our magical “science” friend Stephen), I have a few questions. I’m wondering what pathways of change evolution has taken on other planets in our universe(or just our galaxy). Some predictions about how that might work would be interesting. Since its likely there are A LOT of planets in our galaxy that have conditions capable of supporting life,
    has anyone seen any research postulating how that might work in different atmospheric/temperature/crust conditions?
    Stephen. The grown ups are talking. Hush.

  4. Michael Fugate

    If he were Pinocchio, he would be staring at a 50m nose.

  5. Michael Fugate

    Would be – oh Mighty Hand – I humbly beseech you.

    [Voice from above] I stretched forth my mighty hand, and behold! All is well.

  6. But Curmudgeon, how is this intelligent design program different from all other intelligent design programs? Aren’t they all for simpletons?

  7. “And at under six minutes in length”
    Still way too long. If you can’t present creacrap in less than three minutes you’re boring and quickly becoming unbearable.

  8. How is this different?, asks abeastwood. Intellectually, it’s the same, but look at the style — it boils a creationist book down to a few minutes, and it’s animated.

  9. Karl Goldsmith

    PragerU is a pretend university that is in fact just a Youtube channel. I’m pretty sure university is one of those words that can only be used in the UK by an actual university.

    Jackson Wheat as already done a response video.

  10. Unfortunately 16 minutes is way too short to teach an IDiot like Meyer some biology.

  11. Michael Fugate

    How does ID fix Meyer’s “problems”? He doesn’t say.

  12. @Michael Fugate
    That is the recurring problem with evolution denial.
    Let us assume, for example, that evolution fails to explain (a) the Cambrian Explosion or (b) the origin of first life on Earth. That does not thereby mean that (1) design or (2) creation does any better (or even almost as good a job) in explaining (a) or (b). Let alone, some of the (c) undoubted successes of evolutionary explanations and the undoubted failures of (3) anything-other-than-evolution.
    In brief: What is the alternative to evolution?

  13. Showing your date a Discovery or PragerU video could be construed as psychological assault.

  14. PragerU is like Wossamotta U but less entertaining.

  15. I watched the Video. Yuk. Nothing we don’t already know: Meyer understands very little about the Cambrian and even less about genetics.