Hambo Explains Dinosaur Extinction

One of the big questions rolling around in your mind is about to be answered, dear reader. Aren’t you excited? The answer comes from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

Look what he just posted at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear? Get New Film Now. That got your attention, didn’t it? Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Our ministry friends (Ray Comfort and staff) over at Living Waters frequently release new films to help equip believers to evangelize and, most importantly, challenge unbelievers with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. These films are always released, in their entirety, for free on the Living Waters’ YouTube channel. [Link omitted.]

Ray Comfort? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The former street preacher is best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”. Let’s find out about this new film. Hambo says:

But, of course, the movies aren’t free for them to make! Your purchase of the film, before its public release on YouTube, allows Living Waters to continue making new films, including their latest now available for download, Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear? [Link omitted.]

You have a choice, dear reader. Pay now, or see it free later. You can also ignore the whole thing, but that’s unthinkable. Hambo tells us:

This film starts with my good friend Ray Comfort asking the question, “What happened to the dinosaurs?” [Good question!] and moves from there to a proclamation of the gospel. Ray is incredibly creative [Hee hee!] when it comes to engaging people in gospel-centered conversations.

Hambo continues:

In my dinosaur presentation for children, I sometimes refer to dinosaurs as “missionary lizards” [Huh?] because you can start with dinosaurs and move into talking about the gospel message. And that’s exactly what Ray does. And it’s always fascinating and very revealing to hear the responses from the people he interviews. [After they stop laughing.]

Let’s read on:

As I mentioned above, this new film will be available on YouTube starting next month. Putting the videos on YouTube allows believers to share them with unbelievers (they even make invitations to the channel that you can give to others), and unbelievers are challenged [Yeah!] with the gospel message. (Their films have been viewed over 15 million times, and their channel has 80 million views!) It’s a great way of reaching millions of people with the gospel message! But I encourage you to purchase the download of this new film to support Living Waters and their evangelistic films.

Then he has a trailer for the film which is embedded in the post. You can see it if you click over there. What an opportunity! Hambo concludes his post with a commercial:

Download the film today to help support their filmmaking at LivingWaters.com [link omitted] or on our webstore [link omitted].

Well, dear reader, you’ve always wondered what happened to the dinosaurs. This is your big chance to learn the answer. Go ahead, click over there. Give ’em money. And tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya!

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19 responses to “Hambo Explains Dinosaur Extinction

  1. I presume that extinctions are caused by the Fall of Adam.
    What is the Intelligent Design explanation for the extinction of the (non-avian) dinosaurs?

  2. TomS: That in its (or their, or his, or her, or His) infinite wisdom, the Intelligent Designer provided a means for life itself, considered as an entire biosphere, to react to large changes in environmental conditions, viz extinctions, sometimes mass extinctions, necessarily providing new niches for life to diversify into. Or the IDer would design new living things to take advantage of them. One or the other. Both. Either. Don’t bother me with these petty details.

  3. Michael Fugate

    Is the connection that dinosaurs too came back from the dead in the form of fossils?

  4. “challenge unbelievers with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel”
    Indeed, also thanks to the close cooperation with the charismatic Kirk Cameron so many unbelievers trembled when confronted with that challenge!
    (from laughter, I mean)

    “But, of course, the movies aren’t free for them to make!”
    Huh? I would have expected that Ol’ Hambo’s and the Banana Man’s god would have inspired everyone involved to god’s work for free. Isn’t the first, second and third priority to reach out for everyone? Including poor people like me?

    “before its public release on YouTube”
    Ah, how comforting. I’ll wait for this then.

    “As I mentioned above, this new film will be available on YouTube starting next month.”
    Now only if Ol’ Hambo’s and the Banana Man’s god will inspire our dear SC to report about this utmost important event (and I do hope so much that the ever-benevolent Great Hand from Above will allow it) I can calmly go to bed again tonight. Because if anyone needs this video it’s me, incurable sinner that I am!

    “Then he has a trailer for the film”
    Ah, after my big words above I have no choice left. But you can save yourself the effort – the trailer doesn’t provide the Banana Man’s answer. But I liked the second one: “they never existed!”.

  5. @TomS asks: “What is the Intelligent Design explanation for the extinction of the (non-avian) dinosaurs?”
    Ad hoc naturalism, because in this case the naturalistic explanation doesn’t threaten “I’m no kin of no monkey”.

  6. As so often pastafarianism has all the answers.

    @TomS: [His Noodliness] “then created the dinosaurs as a companion to man. However, too many pirate ships sank due to the dinosaurs’ great size, so they too were destroyed. The same happened with the giant sloth and the woolly mammoth. The dodo actually passed the test, but this was the result of a clerical error and was corrected when humans invaded the dodos’ abode on an island.”

    @DaveL: “His ways are mysterious, and there are numerous texts that explain why.”

  7. Richard Staller

    “Alex, I’ll take ‘Creationism’ for $500!”

    The Answer is: ‘Original Sin’

    “Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear?”

  8. I think (in the immortal words of some ancient commercial) I’ll double my pleasure by not purchasing the film and not watching it on You Tube.

  9. What happened to the dinosaurs? They’re in my backyard eating sunflower seeds.

  10. Michael Fugate

    In my dinosaur presentation for children, I sometimes refer to dinosaurs as “missionary lizards” because you can start with dinosaurs and move into talking about the gospel message.

    Doesn’t Ken always move into the gospel message no matter where he starts?

  11. Karl Goldsmith

    Ray had announced this a month ago, and I noticed from the blurb he seems to have confused why with how. The end of the blurb even says “More important than how the dinosaurs died out, what does the Bible say about your death—and where you will go when you die?” So why the hell is the title Why?

    Free on Youtube the 1st November.

  12. @Dave Luckett & @Karl Gokdsmith
    Yes, an agent which is able to do anything can do anything.
    But that does not say what that agent does, how or why or when or where.
    It is not an explanation.
    It is not science. What is it? It is not history, either. The question of evidence is irrelevent – evidence for what?
    If the currrent consensus of explanation for such-and-such might be wrong, “the supernatural does it” is not the place to look for an alternative. Unless somebody has an idea about the constraints on the supernatural.

  13. “missionary lizards”

    So, that’s his position?

  14. docbill1351, you are — ahem! — prone to making comments like that.

  15. docbill1351:
    “So, that’s his position?

    Five stars! ( * * * * * ) Best comment of the decade! And SC, your “prone” is not far behind. Just to let you know that all the cleverness has not gone unnoticed.

  16. Ken Ham (& Ray Comfort):
    “Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear? Get New Film Now.”

    How do you know, Ray Comfort? Were you there??

  17. @RSG erroneously thinks he can catch Ol’Hambo and the Banana Man: “Were you there?”
    They have an infallible instrument. It’s called the Biblical Lens. Start with your personal interpretation of your favourite Holy Book, suck some stuff out of your big fat thumb and you’ll miraculously arrive at the TRVTH,

  18. Well, I think I’ll wait for Paulogia to ‘MST3K’ that movie!

    And watch THAT version for free….

  19. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    I think this is the same YEC film/article that someone blogged about somewhere at Patheos recently – one which suggested that basically dinosaurs went (unbiblically) extinct because of human sin. Strange how AiG make up stuff not found in the Bible. (And deny other things – eg man-caused climate change that we are currently experiencing – claiming, falsely, that this is somehow ‘unbiblical.)