Hambo Says British Morality Is Getting Worse

Folks in the UK are sinking into the slime, according to Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. That’s the lesson to be learned from what he just posted at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Are “Adult Magazines” Immoral? Only 22% of Britons Say “Yes”. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

Abortion, pornography, and taking drugs — are these things immoral? [Is he asking us?] Well, that depends on your foundation for morality. In much of the West, the foundation for morality is now predominantly subjective human opinion, so, as time passes, attitudes and beliefs on various moral issues change. … And that’s what a new study out of the United Kingdom clearly showed.

The “study” Hambo refers to is a link to a website called “Evangelical Focus.” You can click over to Hambo’s post if you want the link. Then Hambo says:

This study from King’s College London compared figures from 1989 with polls taken this year to see how Britons’ views on various issues have shifted. And, as you might expect, it’s a downward trend. [Gasp!] The outlier of them all, by the way, was infidelity. In 1989, 49% of people viewed unfaithfulness as morally wrong, but now 55% do. Here’s more on what the study found:

He gives us a summary:

• In 1989, 40% of Britons thought gay relationships were wrong. Now a mere 13% hold that belief.
• In 1989, 24% of Britons believed having children out of wedlock was immoral. Now only 13% believe that.
• In 1989, so-called “adult” magazines were considered immoral by 38% of Britons, but that number is now only 22%.
• In 1989, 60% of Britons believed taking soft drugs (e.g., cannabis) was wrong. Now only 29% do (and 33% of people now view heroin use as acceptable).
• In 1989, 35% of Britons believe abortion was wrong. Now only 18% of individuals believe that.
• In 1989, only 22% of people thought euthanasia was immoral. That number has now dipped even lower, to 17%.

Looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? Why is this happening? Hambo continues:

Generations have been raised in a government education system in the UK that teaches atheism, naturalism, and humanism. [Why didn’t he mention evolution?] Church attendance rates since WWII have fallen dramatically, and the number of Christians in Britain is very low. (I have visited the UK many times and have seen firsthand the spiritual darkness there.). It’s no wonder people have given up biblical ethics! … Sadly, the USA is well on the way to becoming like the UK if the trends continue.

Interesting — the UK is more immoral than the US, at least for now. Let’s read on:

How is morality determined? Morality comes from our Creator, who has given us his Word. The Bible tells us what is right and wrong and gives us an absolute standard upon which to base our thinking. And someday, each individual will be judged — not according to our arbitrary standard, but according to God’s perfect standard.

You will be judged! Things seem rather grim, and they’re getting worse, but Hambo ends on an optimistic note:

But we don’t have to face God’s wrath for our sin! [Skipping some salvation information.] We can be forgiven and receive eternal life if we believe the gospel! What a wonderful promise for every sinner!

Fascinating! The UK is descending into the depths. So is the US. But you, dear reader, can still be saved — if you follow Hambo’s directions.

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21 responses to “Hambo Says British Morality Is Getting Worse

  1. The UK needs you Ken! You should go…..

    ….take the d*mned boat with you.

  2. @Kosh, YES, the sooner Hambo goes to the UK the better off we will be. Oh, wait, then our host here, Curmudgeon, would have one fewer creacrapper to blog about. Well, he did find material to post about from a UK rag, so he’d still be able to blog about ol’ Hambo.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that Kenny Boy will be going to the UK. With seemingly only 13% of Britons agreeing with his brand of creacrap, his market there would be way too small. No, we’ll have Kenny around to amuse us for quite a while, it seems.

    Although – he’s probably not happy with the way Kentucky’s gubinatorial race turned out. He’s not likely to get any more state tax perks, at least not for the next four years. But even then, he would only move to a different state, not a different country. He might find Oklahoma OK, or Arkansas a good home for the Ark, but then, really – why would he want to leave a state that’s named for him?

  4. chris schilling

    “I have visited the UK many times and have seen first hand the spiritual darkness there.”

    The spirit of the Blitz lives on among the Brits. They switch the lights off and pull the shades down ’cause they don’t want to attract Ken and other unwelcome creationists. They light candles and hope to hell there’s no light visible to creationists hovering overhead.

    When Ken visits, the old air raid sirens sound their dismal wail all over London. The Brits shuffle off good-humouredly down the Tube with their knitting and sandwiches and thermoses of tea. There, they wait it out, telling old music-hall jokes and singing songs from before the war to keep their morale up.

    Eventually, the all-clear siren is given, and they all troop back up above ground, and resume their lives.

  5. Same old, same old. Ken seems to be right – Britain, and Europe generally, are post-Christian now. It is very much in Ken’s interest to lament that to the fullest, but he has no intention of doing more. He’s not about to leave the US Bible belt to minister to the benighted, because the benighted are a hard sell. He found that out even in provincial Queensland, way back. So he went to where the faith is, and where the faithful are prepared to support the Lord’s work. And to provide a modest competence to a man of God like himself.

  6. @Hey guys, such a bad idea! The poor Brits might feel forced to reopen the Brexit negotations once again, so that they can pass Ol’Hambo on to the continent, eg my native country! We already have our own creacrappers to deal with, thank you very much. Ship him back to the Outback of Queensland, I say!

  7. “a government education system in the UK that teaches atheism”; so much so that schools are required to hold regular assemblies of a predominantly Christian nature, and in both England and Scotland local authority education committees are required to have Church nominees.

  8. Really, PaulB, christian Darwinists also teach atheism according to Ol’Hambo’s dictionary.

  9. Vulcanthunder

    I guess he doesn’t consider murder to be a moral issue. Maybe because the murder rate in the “Christian” United States is 5x the rate in the UK or 10x times the rate in China. Or maybe he wants us to be like El Salvador where 90 percent of the population is Christian and has the highest murder rate in the world 10x more than the US even.

  10. @FrankB, reproof well taken. How could I have forgotten that every Christian non-literalist from Origen onwards was really an atheist?

  11. As far as variation in interpretation of the Bible in early days, see this book:
    The Bible As It Was
    James L. Kugel
    Belknap Press of Harvard U. Press, 1997 isbn 0-674-06940-4
    This gives examples of how people understood the Bible in the culture in
    which the Bible was produced. A few centuries across the divide of the eras BCE-CE.

  12. Old Hambo really, really, really, really doesn’t to study Ancient Rome!

  13. Sorry Hambo, your bible is as bad for morality as it is for science and history. Far too many contradictions, lapses and ambiguities. Lots of genocide, murder, support of (or indifference to) slavery. Why wasn’t it adultery for Abraham to have kids by two women, or for Solomon to have many wives and concubines? Four of the 10 commandments are about god, not morality, and all of the remaining six are routinely violated. And if you repent and believe you’ll still go to heaven. Sounds like a free pass to misbehave.

  14. @Scientist
    I’m curious about “family values” in the Bible. ISTM that there is only one example of a non-dysfunctional family in the Bible, in the Book of Ruth.

  15. If Hambo thinks that morality is getting worse, we can take that as evidence that it’s getting better.

  16. @TomS. Right. I cringe every time a preacher or politician embraces “family values”. Those OT families weren’t models of “family values” touted by the christian right or left. Adam and Eve’s kid murdered a sib, Noah (the saved one) was a drunkard, and Joseph’s girlfriend Mary was pregnant by another, out of wedlock. Unfortunately, I do not see many christians following Ruth’s purported examples of kindness.

  17. BTW, the story of Ruth does not seem to be taken by many today as useful.

  18. @TomS, indeed not. It’s all about funding welfare and accepting immigrants

  19. Karl Goldsmith

    “Church attendance rates since WWII have fallen dramatically, and the number of Christians in Britain is very low.”

    I read figures recently that said even in the 1930s church attendance was only 30%,

  20. Dave Luckett

    @ Karl Goldsmith: Yes, indeed. It was the First World War, as in so much else, that seems to have been the watershed.

  21. @Dave Luckett
    ” It was the First World War, as in so much else, that seems to have been the watershed.”

    So I guess a lot of atheists were made in the fox holes? 🙂