Creationist Wisdom #1,017: Evolution Is Evil

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Monticello Herald Journal of Monticello, Indiana (population 5,378). The title is We need more Jesus and less Charles Darwin. It’s actually a column, and they don’t seem to have a comments feature.

Unless the letter-writer is a politician, preacher, or other public figure, we won’t embarrass or promote him by using his full name — but today we’ve got a preacher. It’s Gregg Nydegger, described as “the evangelist at Christ’s Church at Monticello.” We can’t find their website in Indiana. We wrote about one of the rev’s columns before — see #1,003: Life Is Meaningless. Here are some excerpts from the rev’s new column, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, some bold font for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]. Okay, here we go:

The following statements from Genesis would be false, if the Darwinian theory of evolution and the origin of life were true.

• “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
• “And God said, “Let there be light.”

After several more passages from Genesis that Darwin’s theory would nullify, the rev says:

Evolutionary theory, which is nearly the only theory taught in most primary and secondary public schools about the origin of life and matter [The origin of life and matter?] and the only accepted theory of earth’s origin [Huh?] by many elites in higher education, the news media and Hollywood, can lead to dark thinking with undesirable outcomes for our culture and society.

Ooooooooooooh! Darwin’s theory leads to “dark thinking.” After that shocking revelation, the rev tells us:

If there’s no unseen Director of creation, but only time and chance doing their haphazard, undirected thing over billions of years, then we — humanity — are an accident. [Gasp!] We have no purpose. Life has no intrinsic, God-given value; abortion, euthanasia, and suicide have no theological meaning.

The rev continues:

If evolutionary theory were correct, then death is the end. [Oh no!] No eternal soul means no eternity. Heaven and Hell are fictitious superstitions created and propagated by ignorant human minds. Therefore, just as animals die and cease to exist, so too do people die. They are no more because there’s nothing else. Life is only physical, not spiritual. There’s no soul, so it all ends at the grave with no hope of life after death. We live until we die and then we are no more. That’s all folks.

Evolution is so depressing! Let’s read on:

Logically, then, evolutionary theory leads to what we’re seeing lived out around us today. If this life is all there is, then live for today. If the grave is the end, then we’d better do all the living we can while we’re above ground. We’d better live for today because there’s no tomorrow. All we have is the here and now, and it’s passing quickly. Why hold back? Why alter our behavior if there’s no eternity and no God who’ll judge? If there’s no eternal reward, then the reward we get is if we give it to ourselves now. Why not selfishly live each day for as much as we can get out of it?

That explains why evolutionists are such horrible people. Another excerpt:

If we want or can do something, why not? [Yeah!] It’s kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. I’m an animal; you’re an animal. We’re all just animals fighting for food, power, turf and passing our genetic code onto the next generation. Morality? Ha! That’s for losers. We’re animals, and animals don’t practice morality. Animals survive. If you’ve got what I want, why shouldn’t I take it, if it will benefit me and my family?

The rev goes on and on like that, and ends with this:

This is the sad, savage road evolutionary theory takes us down. You be the judge: what has 60 years of saturating our society and young people with this godless, perverse idea done for America? [Teaching evolution started in 1960?] In 2020, turn your eyes upon Jesus for a clearer vision of life and the future.

The rev is wise. Ignore his advice at your eternal peril, dear reader.

Copyright © 2019. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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9 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #1,017: Evolution Is Evil

  1. Laurette McGovern

    How can one hope to have even a semblance of an intelligent conversation with someone who is so abyssmally ignorant?

    My advice: Don’t even try

  2. @Laurette: Indeed. I was going to comment that Gregg seems remarkably ignorant and confused, but you beat me to it.

  3. “The following statements from Genesis would be false …..”
    As a non-christian it’s not up to me to evaluate if this is correct. Were it correct then my conclusion would be “less OT, more Darwin”. Greggie’s falsehoods (also in his previous column our dear SC commented on) only confirm this.
    So picture my surprise that Greggie suddenly gets the naturalist/ materialist worldview correct! Take this:

    “If the grave is the end, then we’d better do all the living we can while we’re above ground.”
    Spot on! And I’d better do my very best, because there won’t be a second chance.

    “Why not selfishly live each day for as much as we can get out of it?”
    And that’s exactly what I’ve done for several decades now! I’m very selfish, I always pursue happiness. It’s just that I’m smart enough to realize that the Will Smith way in his silly movie won’t succeed. No, what makes me – and this is true for the vast majority of people – happy is making other people happy. That makes me feel good. Shared happiness is more than double happiness.
    Because, you know, Homo Sapiens is a social animal.
    Fortunately Greggie immediately goes off the road again.

    “Morality? Ha! That’s for losers.”
    A morality that includes lying for Jesus is for losers indeed.

    “animals don’t practice morality”
    My compatriot Frans de Waal has demonstrated otherwise. Better still, Greggie commits the sin of vanity here.

  4. @LauretteMcG: exactly. The only meaningful conversation mentally healthy people like us can have with creacrappers is mocking them mercilessly.
    Note that actually Greggie’s worldview is very dark. He maintains that he’s an incurable sinner, doomed to fail to do good no matter how often he tries. That’s why he expects to go on a crazy spree as soon as he doesn’t cling to his imaginary sky daddy anymore. Again, this is the aspect of christianity I dislike most.

  5. “… Why not selfishly live each day for as much as we can get out of it?…”
    Sounds like christANALs to me. They can do what ever they like and fear nothing as all they need is to say ‘jesus forgive me’ and off to heaven!!!

  6. chris schilling

    “If evolutionary theory were correct, then death is the end. No eternal soul means no eternity.”

    Sounds like a win-win to me if eternity is as prostratingly dull as Gregg and his brethren make it out to be. The problem with eternity is: what do you do with it? How much veneration does an “unseen Director of creation” need, anyway?

    Insecure bastard.

  7. Michael Fugate

    I always thought heaven sounds much like being dead – no pain for eternity…

  8. H.K. Fauskanger

    Gregg Nydegger on the depressing evolutionary perspective: “Therefore, just as animals die and cease to exist, so too do people die.”
    Yes, Gregg, that is pretty much exactly what your favorite piece of literature ALSO says:
    “Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; humans have no advantage over animals.” – Eccesiastes 3:19.

    Gregg: ” I’m an animal; you’re an animal.”
    Good to see that you have read Ecclesiastes 3:18 as well, Gregg!
    “I said in my heart concerning the condition of the sons of men, that God might reveal them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.”

    Gregg again: “We live until we die and then we are no more. That’s all folks.”

    Job 14:10-12 quite agrees: “But a man dies and is laid low; he breathes his last and is no more. As the water of a lake dries up or a riverbed becomes parched and dry, so he lies down and does not rise; till the heavens are no more, people will not awake or be roused from their sleep.”

  9. Think of heaven as a place where you get to meet and learn about relativity from Einstein.
    Now think of hell for Einstein.