Hambo’s Big UK Conference Is Coming

You remember all the excitement about the creationist conference in the UK which was staged last year by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. Sure you do. We wrote it a couple of months ago — see Hey, Hey — Hambo in the UK — Update.

The thing must have been a roaring success, because ol’ Hambo is announcing another one. This just appeared on Hambo’s blog at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Join Us in the UK for Our World Religions Conference, October 30–31, 2020. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

The United Kingdom, like much of the Western world, is a melting pot of cultures, peoples, and religions. How can Christians follow Christ’s command to share the gospel with others who have very different (even very foreign) views to us? [Just keep preaching, whether they like it or not!] Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with those of many different religious backgrounds at our World Religions Conference, taking place at The Kings Centre in Oxford, Oxfordshire, October 30–31, 2020.

Ooooooooooooh! If you go to Hambo’s conference, you’ll get equipped. Here’s Hambo’s website for the conference, with all the info you need about registration and pricing. He says:

This two-day event [Two days? Wowie!] features teaching from a variety of experts, including Simon Turpin, the director of Answers in Genesis–UK, and Roger Patterson, one of our curriculum writers (and a former Mormon) and a frequent guest on our Answers News live program. These Answers in Genesis speakers will be joined by Dr. James White, Dr. Jay Modha, Derrick Morlan, Dr. Alan White, and Dr. Nagy Iskander.

That’s a lotta names! One looks familiar. We wrote about Nagy Iskander two years ago — see Creationism in Scotland. He’s a friend of Hambo’s, known as “one of Europe’s most active creationists.” Getting back to Hambo’s post, he tells us:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be equipped to share the only message that truly saves — the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you’re nearby in the UK or Europe (or elsewhere!) register today [link omitted] to join us at this incredibly powerful event.

You gotta go, dear reader, if you wanna be equipped. Hambo continues:

This event helps show the phenomenally diverse aspects of the Answers in Genesis ministry. We are not just about the age of the earth or creation vs. evolution.

Wowie — Hambo is involved in diversity! Well, not that kind of diversity. Let’s read on:

We are an apologetics, biblical authority ministry. We are helping to raise up generations with a truly biblical worldview — so they will be able to contend for the faith in our ever-changing culture.

Ah, so that‘s Hambo’s version of diversity. Here’s the end of his thrilling post:

We try to keep on the cutting edge of the battles raging against God’s Word. That way, we can effectively equip Christians and challenge non-Christians as we proclaim the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

Yup — Hambo stays on the cutting edge. You can usually find him there with his replica of Noah’s ark — except when he’s visiting the UK to teach those heathen The Truth™! We won’t delay you any longer, dear reader. You’ve got to start preparing for the big UK adventure.

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11 responses to “Hambo’s Big UK Conference Is Coming

  1. “If you’re nearby in the UK or Europe”
    Crossing the North Sea during the Brexit mess? No, thanks. But perhaps PaulB will go? Then he might like to ask some questions, using repeatable, observational science.


    Only today this made it to a Dutch newspaper. Ol’Hambo will not be aware of it yet, but I’m sure he’s not going to like it a bit. Summary: the transition from Asgard Archaeota to Eukaryotes (like eg Homo Sapiens) has been charted in a Japanese lab. Yes, it’s far more complicated (hey, it took 12 years), but go read the article then.

  2. @FrankB, thanks for that most interesting link. At last, revealed, the Flying Spaghetti Monster with all his noodly appendages! But even for you heathens who have not yet accepted the FSM as your Saviour, the science is fascinating.

    Before anyone asks, Iskander is still presumably in place. The petition to remove the requirement for religious representatives from Scottish Education Committees has rather fizzled out as we have been paying attention to other things, but the Scottish Government has “reinterpreted” the legislation so that whether or not the religious representatives have a vote on Committee is up to each local authority to decide.

  3. Michael Fugate

    Why put more pressure on the Bible? Isn’t the morality problematic enough without history and science?

  4. Damn! I’ve just checked my diary for October 30–31, 2020, and it appears I’ve already booked those dates for watching some television.

    [With apologies to the late, great Peter Cook]

  5. Megalonyx says he can’t attend the event. We checked our own calendar, and ooops! — that’s Halloween. No way we can leave the country and miss out on that.

  6. Dave Luckett

    Halloween would not detain me, nor Samhain, nor the Day of the Dead either, since that day will come soon enough. But alas, close as Australia is to the UK in a cultural and linguistic sense, in the sense of mundane distance for the purposes of physical transportation, it is about sixteen hours by plane, even though Qantas (may their record remain spotless!) has instituted a direct flight with no stops from my home city to London Heathrow. Sixteen hours is but a moment in the eternal night, but it feels like an eternity when enduring it. In my invariable experience, you are seated, sleepless, in what feels, for noise and vibration, like a operating washing machine that goes into spin cycle every now and then. It’s too much for my aged frame. I shall not be able to attend Ham’s London Preacherthon, Is there a fund I can contribute to, for the purpose of someone going there to speak truth to dolts? .

    I’m afraid that the same would apply to any Ham and egg event unless it took place in our local conventicle, just down the road from me, Margaret Court’s Tennis Giggle Academy, a sacred (well, holier than thou) site housed in an industrial unit in the charming commercial suburb of Osborne Park. As somebody wisely remarked, it’s neither Osborne (“bear-like”) nor a park, unless you mean car park. If Ham were to lend his presence to an event there, I would show up briefly – I suspect it would be long enough to ask one question, plus the time required to hustle me out the door while shouting “Liar!”, or “Fraud!”.

    I doubt that I would have the time to add “Hypocrite!”, that being three syllables. Ham’s guards – er, sorry, acolytes (no, not acolytes, dumbass; that’s a Romanish word) pastoral assistants are no doubt at least as efficient as my own, and corporeal as well, which mine are not:

    I keep six guards about my gate
    Lest in my sleep I twitch.
    Their names are Anglo, Cis and Straight,
    And White and Male and Rich.

    They guard me well. My gate they keep,
    Lest in my sleep I quake.
    I cannot see them while I sleep,
    Nor even when awake.

  7. @DaveL displays the right attitude:

    “If Ham were to lend his presence to an event there”
    Exactly – if I can reach such a meeting by about half an hour bicycling (or less) I might consider it. Unfortunately even Dutch creacrap outfit Logos.nl selects the most remote places, from my point of view.

  8. Ole Hambo hits the dog whistle:

    The United Kingdom, like much of the Western world, is a melting pot of cultures, peoples, and religions. How can Christians follow Christ’s command to share the gospel with others who have very different (even very foreign) views to us?

    Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and the rest of the Leave brigade are howling along in delight!

  9. Karl Goldsmith

    Talking of Ken Ham and AiG, they are shutting the Ark and museum on Sunday and Monday for the winter months, and reduced hours most of year by changing the closing times.

  10. Ashley Haworth-roberts

    One of those world religions being the religion of young earth creationism. Where people are taught not to think for themselves but to accept uncritically the so-called ‘biblical’ worldview espoused by Answers ‘in’ Genesis.

    Like that Easter conference Ken Ham keeps banging on about, this conference in the UK will be yet more brainwashing for willing or not so willing fundamentalists.