Hambo Rants about Abortion

We almost never stray off-topic to discuss the so-called “social issues” such as abortion, alternative gender choices, and so on. But lately, those issues are most of what shows up at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He just posted this: Worldwide Leading Cause of Death in 2019: Abortion. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

What was the leading cause of death in 2019 worldwide? If you asked someone on the street, they are likely to point to things like cancer, heart disease, malaria, HIV/AIDs, or gun violence. (Of course, the correct answer, from a spiritual perspective, is sin, but more on that later.)

Ooooooooooooh! Sin is the leading cause of death. But Hambo has something else on his mind. He says:

Well, did you know that the major physical cause of death is completely preventable? The lives of 42.4 million people were lost last year because of abortion. Over 42 million unborn children murdered worldwide. Let that sink in for a moment.

Wait a minute! How many lives were lost — according to ol’ Hambo himself — in the global Flood that he celebrates so much? Except for fish, just about everything in the world that was then living was killed by Yahweh himself — humans, dogs, butterflies, songbirds — everything! Well, except for the passengers in the ark.

Not only that, but according to Hambo, death itself was caused by Yahweh — as punishment for the disobedience of Adam & Eve. So the number of “people” — if that’s what they were — killed by abortion is literally trivial compared to the deaths caused by Yahweh. Anyway, let’s get back to Hambo’s post to see what he wants to tell us. Ah, he quotes some article which says:

The 42.4 million deaths from abortion in 2019 was more than twice the number of all worldwide deaths caused by cancer, smoking, alcohol, traffic accidents, malaria, and HIV/AIDS combined.

Is that really true? Doesn’t matter. It’s not worth fact-checking. Hambo continues:

That’s 116,164 lives lost every single day. That’s 4,840 lives lost every hour. That’s 81 lives lost every minute. That’s more than one per second! [Ooooooooooooh!] We need, more than ever, to boldly stand for life. This is a matter of life and death — the lives of babies!

Although this isn’t a major issue for your Curmudgeon, we gave our own opinion on the subject almost five years ago — in Egnor Rants About Abortion. If anyone cares, it’s there. Let’s read on a bit more from Hambo’s post:

That’s why we’re building a brand-new sanctity of life exhibit at the Creation Museum, to open this summer. We are praising the Lord that, before the end of 2019, we raised all the funds we needed to fully fund this powerful new exhibit that will be constructed in two phases. What a blessing! Thank you to everyone who so generously gave and stood with us in standing for life.

We’re guessing, of course, but we’re willing to bet that not many people are willing to travel to Kentucky and pay money to Hambo so they can see an anti-abortion museum. One exhibit on that topic is probably the limit.

Anyway, we’ve blogged more than enough on this topic, so we’re outta here!

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20 responses to “Hambo Rants about Abortion

  1. Dave Luckett

    I must admit I don’t know a soul (that’s a metaphor, don’t jump down my throat) who thinks abortion is a good thing. There are many who regard it as a right available to all women on demand, but even they are aware that it is actually a serious surgical procedure, to be used only at need, and, like all surgery, to be carried out as early as possible. I said “many”, but I believe that in all western democracies, it means a large majority.

    So Ham is, as usual, representing a minority – I believe a small minority – in this. There are plenty who’d say that, being male, he has no right to an opinion on the matter at all. If that is so, then neither have I.

    Well, whaddaya know? It seems I have just told myself to shut up.

  2. What proportion of pregnancies result in spontaneous abortions? Including cases which occur before the woman was even aware of pregnancy.
    Of course, death due to god is not wrong. Whatever the reason. Just as it is not wrong if god takes away your property by flood or storm or whatever.
    What interests me is the application of that same principle to truth-telling. It is not wrong if god lets you be lead to think a falsehood.

  3. chris schilling

    As an evangelical obsessed with abortion and “sin”, Ken only sees the negative. On the positive side, that’s 42.4 million babies aborted who won’t go on to commit “sin”. Ken needs “sinners” so Jesus will have something to do, saving them all.

    But neither Ken nor anyone else can guarantee the well-being and safety of any child born into this world. Life is indeed, mostly suffering, and the churches cause their fair share. On the whole, it’s probably better not to be born.

    How is the antinatalist view any more dismal or fatalist than the Christian one, which condemns the individual from birth as an abject “sinner”, who must continually seek absolution, and ultimately reckon with God’s eventual judgement?

  4. 42.4 million less humans to feed and require the needs for survival, though many would die due to a lack of such things, e.g. disease, starvation, lack of care, etc. Rather than provide birth control to prevent unwanted children, people like Ham would rather force women to have them to please HIS deity. (The Handmaid’s Tale.)
    What puzzles me abort anti-abortionists is the lack of children they themselves have. Women are fertile from ~14 to 70 or so, roughly speaking. So why aren’t they having more kids, even just 10 or 20? What stops them from having more, by the pill, other bc methods? Why aren’t they pleasing their deity? Why, the very same reasons that women who have abortions speak of are the excuses they use.
    Sorry, aa people piss me off with their hypocrisy.
    Also, who’s verified Ham’s number?

  5. To quote MichaelF’s link, “By far, the steepest decline in abortion rates occurred in Eastern Europe, where use of effective contraceptives increased dramatically; the abortion rate also declined significantly in the developing subregion of Central Asia. Both subregions are made up of former Soviet Bloc states where the availability of modern contraceptives increased sharply after political independence…”

    Yet the religious right undermines family planning services, and campaigns for chastity only sex education, of known ineffectuality.

  6. But it is necessary to come into the world to insure that the baby, mother,& dad all suffer & live in hardship for the glory of his psychotic gawd!!!
    Also the LIAR4jesus never mentions that many of the abortions is prevent with proper education and contraception!
    The most important part of existence for christANALs is to suffer for as long as possible!

  7. I tried to find any statistics on this. Perhaps as many as 50% of pregnancies end with spontaneous abortion. That would clearly be the most common cause of death by his criteria and not involve intentional

  8. @PaulB: ““By far, the steepest decline in abortion rates occurred in Eastern Europe,”
    Likely not as steep, but in every single but one (Sweden) West-European country where abortion was legalized the rates declined. The same within the USA. The states with the highest abortion rates can be found in the Bible Belt. DaveL hits the nail on its head; those countries made contraceptives easily accessible and combined it with decent till very good sex ed (watch for instance Norwegian sex ed at YouTube).
    Fundagelicals like Ol’Hambo being the liars they are never mention this, because their bigot religion also require to promote abstinence only.

    As a tribute to Ol’Hambo and his fans I present you a nice song from a favourite band of mine:

  9. TomS’s statistics are about as close to right as we can get at this point, mostly because despite the religious right being so concerned about the sanctity of life, they do not feel especially inclined to support research to prevent it.

  10. “Perhaps as many as 50% of pregnancies end with spontaneous abortion”

    If God hates abortions, why does he allow miscarriages?

    Asking for a friend.

  11. I don’t understand why religious fundamentalists do not actively promote homosexuality on the presumably-praiseworthy grounds that it does not lead to abortions…

  12. TomS: “That would clearly be the most common cause of death by his criteria and not involve intentional act.”

    How could we know about supernatural intentions? Perhaps God is not only allowing spontaneous abortions or miscarriages but favoring them? The question should be asked to a fountain (a flood?) of wisdom and knowledge like Ham.

  13. As Kosh mentioned, around 50% of pregnancies abort naturally. If you believe there is a god, then this god is the most prolific abortionist ever.

  14. Yeah, but that’s god and what god does by definition is good, because god can’t sin so god causing an abortion is good but man doing the same is evil and that’s totally objective morality. That’s also why our dear SC is completely wrong – abortion is murder so god murdering almost all life with a Great Flood is not murder at all, because god is good and hence the Great Flood was good and murder is not. You understand? No? Neither do I.

  15. Some more news Ol’Hambo is going to dislike:


    As always I trust our dear SC to keep us informed.

  16. @Desnes Diev
    My bad wording. I intended to point out that the most common cause of death, by his wording, would be miscarriage.
    Whatever rhetoric one uses to understand god’s killing of humans can be easily used to understand god’s misleading of humans. If the one is not murder, is not bad, but is fitting for god;
    Then so is the other not lying , not bad, but is fitting for god.

  17. Michael Fugate

    Our President’s good buddy Robert Jeffress wrote a book to tell you just that – God is responsible for everything.

    Every other religion is wrong.
    God sends good people to Hell.
    Homosexuality is a perversion.
    Evolution is a myth.
    God is ultimately responsible for suffering in the world.
    Husbands are to lead their families.
    America is a Christian nation.

    In Outrageous Truth | 7 Absolutes You Can Still Believe, Dr. Robert Jeffress issues a bold wakeup call to all believers–from college students to grandparents–to stop apologizing for and start proclaiming the tough but essential truths that Christians have historically embraced. And he provides the finest biblical, scientific, and historical evidence needed to defend these core beliefs in a culture turned hostile to God’s truth.

    He has 2 doctoral degrees – so you know it is the authoritative truth.

  18. Karl Goldsmith

    Never forget these people are against women taking contraception. They are in reality Forced Birthers.

  19. @TomS
    Miscarriages and spontaneous abortions are questionable in the minds of rabid anti-abortion legislators. In a number of states they write laws that assume a woman was actually responsible, unless she can prove it, for a miscarriage/abortion and want to subject her to jail time. Others also demand that any fetus aborted, or I think miscarriaged, be given a funeral burial at the mother’s expense of course. There are also the mandatory medical ultra-sounds required prior to abortion, I think the woman has to fork over for those too, and other medical means forced upon women to deter them from going through with an abortion.