Hambo Presents The Latest Creation Research

Think about it, dear reader. What is meant by “Creation Research”? Creationism is a collection of guesswork and stories that emerged millennia in the past, when humanity had no telescopes, no microscopes, and no information about the world beyond their homeland. They looked around and saw the Sun, the Moon, day and night, some birds and animals, and they experienced summer and winter. They couldn’t understand any of it, so they conjured up creation myths and deities.

We’ve come a long way since those days — well, some of us have. Others prefer the simple tales conjured up in ancient days. So it is with Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He just posted this at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Discover the Latest in Creation Research in a Brand-New AiG Resource.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The latest “creation research.” What in the world is that? How is it done? What does it tell us about — well, about anything? You’ll soon find out — maybe. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

I’m excited to announce we have yet another new resource available in our online store! I’ve always had a burden [A burden?] for AiG to produce as many materials as possible to equip people of all ages. But first, a little background.

Get ready for some background. Hambo says:

In 2017, AiG’s Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson [link to AIG’s bio info on the guy], who has earned a PhD in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University, released his book Replacing Darwin.

We wrote about that creation scientist a year ago — see The Mind of Nathaniel Jeanson. Hambo links to Jeanson’s book at the AIG bookstore, but we looked for it at Amazon — and here it is. It’s got 336 pages and it costs only $16.35 in hardcover. And get this — the publisher is Master Books. Their website’s “about us” section brags that they’re “the exclusive publisher for Ken Ham, the founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter.”

The background info on Jeanson isn’t over yet. Hambo tells us:

This incredibly powerful book looked at genetics — a branch of science that didn’t exist in Darwin’s day — and found a massive challenge for those who hold to evolutionary ideas. [Wow!] The book also put forth a testable prediction from the creation model.

Ooooooooooooh! Creationism makes a testable prediction — but it’s not described. Anyway, having given us some background, Hambo now gives us the news:

Dr. Jeanson has now written a second book, Replacing Darwin Made Simple [link to Hambo’s bookstore]. It is the “Cliff Notes” version of Replacing Darwin and is designed to give believers a good overview of the content of the longer book and answers many of the questions believers have about speciation, ark kinds [ark kinds?], and more. It also contains a practical section about sharing Replacing Darwin with others.

We can’t find the thing at Amazon, so if you want it, you’ll have to buy it from Hambo. He continues:

This new book, done in a similar style to our popular pocket guides, is only 96 pages and summarizes the key points of Replacing Darwin in a way that any layperson can understand and then articulate to others.

Drooler to drooler, so to speak. Let’s read on:

Discover the latest in creationist research in this short book. [Hee hee!] And it’s on sale for only $3.99, so I encourage you to order a few extra copies to share with others!

The latest creationist research was probably 3,000 years ago, when the Genesis myths were being assembled. Here’s another excerpt from Hambo:

It stands as a book on its own. You can also use it to get an overview before reading Dr. Jeanson’s detailed version.

Yes, the typical creationist probably needs an “overview” to prepare for the difficulties of understanding the bigger book. Hambo goes on for just a little bit more:

Here is a short interview with Dr. Jeanson, discussing why he wrote the book and some of the key points you’ll find in it. [Video at Hambo’s post.]

And now we come to the end:

You can find this new resource at our online store, [link omitted].

So there you are, dear reader. As Hambo’s title promised, you now have a source for learning about the latest creation research. Isn’t that wonderful?

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14 responses to “Hambo Presents The Latest Creation Research

  1. “The Latest Creation Research”
    This always gets me excited. I mean, we always can hope, can’t we? Will it be something else than quotemining respectable scientists?

    “found a massive challenge for those who hold to evolutionary ideas.”
    No, Ol’Hambo, challenging evolution theory is researching evolution (even if you creacrappers [bleep!] at that too), not creation research.

    “but it’s not described”
    Too bad – now I’ll lose a nanosecond of sleep tonight wondering what the testable idea might be. It’s not like the creation “model” produces such things every day, is it? Neither every year. Or every millennium, as our dear SC points out.

    “Replacing Darwin Made Simple”
    Huh? Is this the latest creation research? We have been knowing this for years and years – it’s just “goddiddid”. How do you turn that into a book of 96 friggin’ pages?

    OK then, let me watch the video – it’s just 1:38, so short enough for my poor attention span (when it comes to creacrap – I’m totally able to sit through movies and operas of three hours). A few quotes:

    “written specifically for a non-christian audience”
    “it doesn’t assume the Bible is true”
    Oh wait, that’s about his first book. The second one is for believers. Jeanson is not discussing anything, it’s just another advertisement. He says nothing about a “challenge for those who hold to evolutionary ideas”, whether massive or not. Let alone that he says something about that testable idea or about research.
    Given the well known thumbrule that creationists are lying until proven otherwise my conclusion is: just more baked air (TomS, is this Dutch expression also coming from Aristoteles?).

  2. Karl Goldsmith

    Just watch this instead https://youtu.be/B9ciYnZeLGM

  3. chris schilling

    In the Curmudgeon’s previous post on Jeanson from a year ago, Dr. Jeanson outlined in an interview some of the cutting edge creationist research he’s involved with. For instance: what prevents a dog from becoming a cat? and that kind of thing.

    I could have told him: obviously, God created both dogs and cats, so if He keeps them separate, it’s because He doesn’t want to confuse anyone (That’s MY cutting edge research on the ways and means of God, and it’s as valid as anyone else’s who claims to know the immaterial mind of the Big Guy Himself).

    But it’s heartening to see Dr. Jeanson make allowance for all those rank-and-file creationists who couldn’t be expected to read his first book — with its pretence of science — but can find the followup guide more geared to their immediate needs and questions.

    Way to go, Natty J.

  4. Ol’ Hambo’s deliberately infringing on the brand of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), preparatory to a hostile takeover within a year.

    The integral interim step will be for AIG to copyright the phrase “Creation Research”, thereby depriving ICR of its use in their name — they will thenceforth be known as the Institute for (I). (AIG will underwrite the completion of its takeover with the misdirected donations of ICR’s confused patrons.)

    It’s gonna get messy, but Ol’ Hambo’ll win, and celebrate his victory with the erection in the Great American West of a life-sized, exact replica of the Tower of Babel. (Your gifts will be appreciated.)

    Ol’ Hambo’s gonna give those Burning Man pagans a run for their money. (He’ll be open year-round, with easy access to airports and plenty of parking.)

  5. “… answers many of the questions believers have about speciation, ark kinds, and more.”

    Or, in English: “Provides talking points about subjects that those who recite them don’t begin to understand.” Never forget the target audience – they will never concern themselves with the actual subject, or, in all likelihood, ever really discuss the subject with anyone with whom they do not agree. The very existence of a book that claims to demonstrate the scienciness of creationism is an end in itself. It will sit on many Christian bookshelves, rarely read and never understood, Simply a factoid in the drone of faith and trust and “here’s the proofness” that drowns out the dissonance of pesky reality.

  6. And don’t forget what the courts will rule.

  7. Theodore Lawry

    How strange, Amazon does say the book has 336 pages, but Ham’s own web page says 250. The ISBN numbers are the same, too. So which is it 250, or 336? It doesn’t seem like a really hard question to answer does it, especially for a man prepared to overthrow all of biology?

    Also, if we seek the real “creation research” why doesn’t Ham even mention his in-house journal, the Answers Research Journal? Can he have forgotten? Doesn’t he care?

  8. Michael Fugate

    Isn’t this destined to be the go to source for letters to the editors?

    If one believes in a god who can do anything why worry about science? If one is willing to jettison geology why bother? If the Bible says every living thing was on the Ark then why challenge it?

  9. @Michael Fugate
    God can do anything, and the supernatural in general – in the sense of being beyond nature – is not constrained by the laws of nature. While design involves taking account of what is possible. Supernatural design is an oxymoron..

  10. Michael Fugate

    As FrankB says believers already have the Bible, why do they need a book by Jeanson to tell them what the Bible says? If the Bible needs “authorities” to interpret it to believers doesn’t this nullify the priesthood of the believer? Ham or Jeanson is no better equipped to tell us what the Bible means by “kind” than the plumber or mail carrier down the block. Its meaning is not relevant to salvation; if it were it would have been operationally defined.

  11. @TomS: “God can do anything, and the supernatural in general – in the sense of being beyond nature – is not constrained by the laws of nature.”
    Who says a god can do anything? Many can’t, like the Greek ones, so why would YHWH? Perhaps there are laws of supernature. So I’d like to learn how especially creationists investigate them. Up to now the silence on this topic is deafening.

  12. @Michael Fugate “why worry about science?”
    Well, science is regarded as all-important by pretty much everybody (and rightfully so!). If something is proven by science, then it is regarded to be true on a higher level of certainty. So if creationists can prove that the Bible is “scientifically” true, then they are in business.
    Secondly, atheists use science to prove that there is no god. Creationists have to come up with counterarguments.

  13. Michael Fugate

    I think you need to put science in quote marks when you claim that theists or atheists can use it to prove anything let alone that gods do or don’t exist.

  14. @FrankB
    But the anti-evolutionists argue that evolution – or anything natural – can’t do XYZ – and that the only possibility is God. Therefore God does it. How do we know that God can do XYZ? Only because God can do anything. Nobody claims to know how God can do this or