Discoveroids: The Miracle of Photosynthesis

This one from the Discovery Institute is just plain weird. Fortunately it’s brief. The title is Michael Denton: Remarkable Coincidences in Photosynthesis, and it has no author’s by-line.

Denton’s name doesn’t come up much around here, but this from a couple of years ago might fill you in: An Amazing New Discoveroid Book. Also, Wikipedia has an article on him: Michael Denton, which says:

Denton’s book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, inspired intelligent design proponents Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe.

Wowie — that is impressive! Here’s the book at Amazon. They say the publisher is Adler & Adler, but when we looked them up we only found articles that say they’re out of business.

Anyway, Denton is a giant in the world of creationism! Let’s see what the Discoveroids have to say about him today. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

On a classic episode of ID the Future [Ooooooooooooh! A Discoveroid podcast!], listen in on a a few minutes from a lecture given by medical geneticist and CSC Senior Fellow Michael Denton. Download the podcast or listen to it here [link omitted].

What’s the podcast all about? The Discoveroids tell us:

We’ve all heard of the importance of photosynthesis as an oxygen-creating process. [Yes, we’ve heard of it.] In this segment, Denton explains the “remarkable set of coincidences” that makes the creation of oxygen through photosynthesis possible.

Remarkable coincidences? We want to know more! The Discoveroids say:

From the specific energy of visible light to the unique properties of water, this degree of improbability screams DESIGN.

It does? How so? Unfortunately, that’s all there is to the Discoveroids’ post, so we’re left with the option of looking at Denton’s podcast. We’ve never looked at any Discoveroid podcast and we don’t intend to start now, so we’re leaving it up to you, dear reader. If you watch the thing, then let us know what’s going on here.

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12 responses to “Discoveroids: The Miracle of Photosynthesis

  1. Michael Fugate

    Oxygen is a waste product and toxic. Life on earth is lucky to have survived.

  2. “Denton’s book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, inspired intelligent design proponents Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe.”

    You didn’t mention the exciting updated 30-year anniversary edition, “Evolution: STILL a Theory in Crisis.”

    Dang it, evolution is gonna die any day now! Any day now, I tell you!

  3. “If you watch the thing”
    Thre is nothing to watch, only fifteen minutes to listen and that’s at least 12 minutes too many.

  4. this degree of improbability screams DESIGN.

    Mark Twain wrote, “to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Denton’s carrying a hammer and its name is “design”.

  5. Derek Freyberg

    Oh &*$%^& (insert your deity of choice here), it’s the shape of the puddle theory again.

  6. What about the creator of the universe? They were not able or interested in making a universe which needed all sorts of tweaks.
    And the designer of tweaks had to follow the laws of nature in solving the problems that the original makeup of the universe left undone.

  7. “They were not able or interested …..”
    How do you know? Were you there? In Oogity Boogity Land everything is possible, even able and interested creators.

    “And the designer of tweaks had to follow the laws of nature …..”
    In Oogity Boogity Land the laws of nature can be suspended as creators see fit.
    Stubborn Tom, do you really want to join someone like me in the Lake of Fire (whether literally or metaphorically, eg defined as the state of brokenness that resulted from our sinful nature)? Remember

    Pro 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge”
    1 Cor 1:25 “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

    You’re trying to be too wise for your own good. Let you be warned by an incurable sinner (ie me)!

  8. Hey, those guys are the ones that are saying that God could not create a working universe, and that God had to cope with the laws of nature in fixing the failures of original creation.

  9. Hmm, electrons in chlorophyll are raised to higher energy levels by photon impact and that energy is transferred to other chemicals that use the energy to split H2O and CO2 (releasing the O2 waste product Michael Fugate mentions above) and to make molecules of tasty starch. Which step has the magical mystical sky fairy and can I see he/she/it in an electronmicrograph of a leaf? (Full disclosure: I used to be an electron microscopist and studied muscle, which eventually uses the energy from the photons of sunlight after it’s been transferred through a number of chemicals, and there was no evidence of a sky fairy there, either.)

  10. Public schools are for education. Charter schools are for profit. Here in Texas public school teachers buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets. In two recent cases, a charter school company was shut down after the husband and wife owners (ALWAYS a bad sign) were caught embezzling nearly a million dollars. Another charter school company has come under fire when it was revealed they planned to lease a private jet. Executives at that chain pulled in $400 k per year.

    You may recall during Bet$y deVo$ confirmation she was asked if charter schools would be held to the same standards and requirements as public schools and she replied, “Of course! We need to ensure that charter schools don’t just steal taxpayer money! They must be regulated. They must be accountable. They must meet standards.”

    Yeah, right. She didn’t say any of that. She hemmed and hawed and never answered the question.

  11. Oh, well done, Doc, posted on the wrong thread! That’s what I get for trying to shine a light on a subject that doesn’t get much oxygen. Back to my coffee.

  12. Michael Fugate

    CO2 + 2H2A + light -> CH2O + H2O + 2A, where H2A represents a reductant such as H2, H2S, H2O2, or H2O, and CH2O represents biomass.

    Other reductants are S, SO3, S2O3, and ferrous iron.

    Notice that not all photosynthesis produces oxygen…