AIG: What To Do While Secluded at Home

This is exactly what you need, and of course it’s from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. You probably didn’t know what ol’ Hambo is also the most compassionate man in existence, but he is, and his new post will prove that to you.

Look what we found at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Free Online Resources Available from Answers in Genesis. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

For those who want to use this social-distancing downtime as a period of personal growth in studying biblical apologetics, I’ve got some exciting news! [Ooooooooooooh!] We have great (and free) online resources for you to use personally, for your family’s spiritual growth, and for educational opportunities for you and your children.

Hambo has free stuff for you, dear reader. Aren’t you excited? He says:

Perhaps you were unaware that many of our most-popular books are available to read for free on our website. Simply go to our online books page and check out what’s available.

Books on line that you can read for free! Wowie! After that stunning news, ol’ Hambo tells us:

From books with answers to the most commonly asked questions (like those in the New Answers books), to books that provide answers to supposed Bible contradictions, to math and science texts, to world religions, to books that deal with death and suffering — it’s all here. [Hambo has it all!] Plus you can learn about topics like the ice age, Egyptian history (from a biblical timeline perspective), and even read one of the most-beloved (one of my favorites) Christian books of all time: Pilgrim’s Progress.

You probably doubted us when we said that Hambo is the most compassionate man in existence. You don’t doubt us now, do you? Hambo’s post continues:

But we don’t just have free online books. [There’s more?] AiG also has a treasure trove of free online videos available. [Ooooooooooooh! Creationist videos!] You can view videos on the topics of the age of the earth [Hee hee!], animals, the Bible, creation/evolution, God, science, worldview, and … . [The list goes on, but who cares?]

Hambo finishes with this:

I encourage you and your family to take advantage of these free resources and incorporate them into your home teaching, devotions, and self-study.

Isn’t that wonderful? You’re locked up in your home, hoping to avoid the coronavirus, and you’ve been wondering what to do. Now — at no cost! — you can become a well-informed creationist. Go for it, dear reader!

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21 responses to “AIG: What To Do While Secluded at Home

  1. Stephen Kennedy

    These AIG resources should not cost anything because that is their value, they are not worth anything. Therefore I take issue with the claim that Ol Hambo is the most generous man around.

  2. He would need to pay me to read or watch that stuff!

  3. Thanks Hambone. I’m using my social distancing time to re-read On the Origin of Species. I’d advise you and your followers to do the same, so you might have something informed to say about evolution.

  4. Historically, fear followed contagion, as it does today. In the Middle Ages, people turned to religion. Christians were flagellating themselves with whips. in Western Europe. Now, apparently, we hoard TP.
    Creationists don’t have to whip themselves AND, they can accept scientific explanations for how the virus its transmitted by avoiding crowds at work or church (curiously Hambo seems to think potential followers are doing this Why not ? They drive cars, use electricity and cell phones so why not listen to the science regarding the pandemic ?).
    THEN, Hambo teaches them to deny any science that contradicts his interpretation of the Bible in his online preaching.Perfect parasitic behavior.

  5. Dave Luckett

    Stephen Kennedy – of course you’re right, the AiG materials should cost nothing. They are worthless. Alas, the classic definition of price remains: the price of something is what a buyer will give for it.

    It’s on the difference between “worth” and “price” that a seller like Ham subsists. More than subsists, in his case. But selling worthless commodities and useless services has always been the most profitable of transactions – after all, the profit is something over nothing. And that, I am told, is incalculable – or infinity, or meaningless, depending on who you ask.

  6. “that ol’ Hambo is also the most compassionate man in existence”
    Oh, I know very well. The problem is rather that I’m better off without his kind of compassion.

    “a period of personal growth in studying biblical apologetics”
    Cancer also tends to grow. But OK, at least Ol’Hambo is honest enough to call his stuff what it is. The word apologetics stems from Greek apologia, just like apology (though the two English words took different routes).
    So in the end apologetics means “searching for cheap excuses” – uncharitably, of course, but not incorrect.
    The fact that Ol’Hambo presents so many books and videos confirms this.

    “you can become a well-informed creationist.”
    I can do this in five minutes.
    Then consult

    and you’re done.

  7. @StephenK is in a friendly mood today:

    “These AIG resources should not cost anything because that is their value, they are not worth anything.”
    Wrong. Their value is negative. So I should be paid for watching and reading them. As I sometimes can be charitable the first three minutes of watching and first ten minutes of reading are free. After that, 10 bucks (excluding taxes and additional costs) an hour.

    @Abeastwood: I prefer something more modern – the two books written by Jerry A Coyne and Donald Prothero.

  8. It’s probably more educational to binge-watch zombie films. They at least tell you something about epidemic development.

  9. @FrankB
    Unfortunately, libraries are closed and there is slow delivery of books ordered.

  10. Look on the bright side. If the stores run out of food, then you won’t need any toilet paper.

  11. @FrankB Well I’ve read those books also, but more recently than I read the Origin. And I deliberatey picked Darwin’s because Hambone is always ranting about it and probably wouldn’t recognize the titles of any more modern books.

  12. @Abeastwood: good point.

  13. I am starting Hegel’s Philosophy of History. I just came across this: “The question of the means by which Freedom develops itself to a World, conducts us to the phenomenon of History itself ” Whatever that means, and however he is going to answer, I find it interesting that he recognizes the legitimacy of the question. Unlike the creationists.

  14. Michael Fugate

    As FrankB mentions, apologetics is simply a means to keep believers believing – its mottos are “the ends justify the means” and “whatever works”.

  15. @Michael Fugate
    And when it comes to creationist apologetics, it’s whatever works for this moment, forget what I said before, Reliance on a short attention span, one of the length of a TV commercial.

  16. Folks, we all can sleep well and quietly tonight. Dutch creacrap blog has theanswer to the corona crisis!

    “Heel de wereld is in de ban van het zogenoemde Coronavirus en wat zal de toekomst ons brengen? De Schepper van hemel en aarde weet het en Hem ontgaat niets. Wat een troost!”

    “The so called Corona virus has put a spell on the entire world. What will the future bring us? The Creator of heaven and earth knows and He doesn’t miss anything. Such a comfort!”

    And the origin of the virus is also crystal clear.

    “….. er is geen sprake van een tegenstelling alsof iets óf van God óf van de duivel komt. Alles komt van God. Toch kan iets tegelijk ook van de duivel komen. En ook nog van mensen.”

    “There is no opposite as if something is coming from éither God ór the devil. Everything comes from God. Still something can come from the devil at the same time. And moreover from human beings.”

  17. Dave Luckett

    Huh? Everything comes from God, but something can come from the devil? What’s the Dutch for “self-contradiction”, Frank?

  18. Self contradiction is one of the signature traits of creationism.

  19. @DaveL: “jezelf tegenspreken”
    @TomS: yeah, but I thought this one a remarkable example.

    Glad you guys appreciate it.

  20. In English, there are also “oxymoron”, “lack of continuity”, etc.

  21. Oxymoron is not English but Greek and then you can safely assume it’s the same in Dutch. This often applies to Latin as well, albeit sometimes with some modification. I’m sure you’ll recognize the words “instituut”, “organisatie” and “continuïteit”. However “discovery” = “ontdekking”.

    “Lack of” translates as “Gebrek aan”.