Hambo Has Even More Proof of the Flood

You’ve been a Darwinist sinner all your life, dear reader, but that will surely end after you read what we found today from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

He just posted this at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry: Squid Was Fossilized Catching Its Dinner. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

We have an incredible fossil here at the Creation Museum that guests can see in one of our excellent exhibits. It’s a fossil of a fish halfway through swallowing another fish, which was supposed to be its dinner! [Hambo includes a picture of what seems to be that fossil.] This fossil clearly points to catastrophic burial — the fish didn’t even have time to finish swallowing its prey before it was rapidly buried.

Or maybe it choked, or maybe the fish it was swallowing was poisonous, or … who knows? Hambo says:

Well, a fossil discovered [link omitted] off the coast of England tells a similar story. [Wowie — another catastrophic burial!] A squid-like creature, called a belemnoid, with “ten arms covered with hooks,” was fossilized with a fish that had been viciously killed, presumably for the belemnoid’s dinner. But it never got to eat the fish; instead, it was catastrophically buried.

PhysOrg has an article on that: Fossil reveals evidence of 200-million-year-old ‘squid’ attack. For some reason, it doesn’t mention the Flood. Anyway, Hambo tells us:

This “most unusual, if not extraordinary fossil” is a puzzle for evolutionists. How could it be so remarkably preserved? The lead author of the study, Malcom Hart, offers a possible explanation:

[Hambo gives us a quote:] It’s possible that the fish was too big for the squid relative, or that it became stuck in the predator’s jaws. This could have killed the squid, which would have sunk to the seafloor with its last meal and undergone fossilization.

It’s possible. PhysOrg offers another quote from the lead author:

It points to a particularly violent attack which ultimately appears to have caused the death, and subsequent preservation, of both animals.

PhysOrg has other explanations too, including:

… they suggest that the fish was too large for its attacker or became stuck in its jaws so that the pair — already dead — settled to the seafloor where they were preserved.

But for Hambo, there’s only one explanation. Can you guess what it is? He ends his article with it:

Well, I submit there’s a possibility the author never mentioned because they start with the wrong starting point (evolution and millions of years). [The fools!] There was a catastrophic global flood that rapidly buried billions of creatures, including this belemnoid, in sedimentary layers, preserving many of them in incredible detail. If these researchers would start with God’s Word, this “mystery” would be solved.

Why don’t those scientists listen to Hambo? He always has the answers.

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15 responses to “Hambo Has Even More Proof of the Flood

  1. There is some difficulty with there being carnivory at the time of the Flood. If one accepts the many examples of fossils pointing to carnivory, such as this one, as well as bones in coproliths. Then what about carnivores *on* the Ark?
    Yes, one can say that the Ark was a special environment for otherwise obligate carnivores (like cats).
    Not as difficult as other issues, but …

  2. Creationist paleontology 101. Key Principles. #1. Organisms that were eating when they died MUST have been buried during “THE FLOOD”.#2 Organisms that weren’t eating when they died MUST have also been buried during THE FLOOD (see Principle #1). 3. If you can’t tell if the organism was eating when it died , as in the case of benthic invertebrates like clams and oysters, they also must have been buried in sediment during “THE FLOOD” (see Principles 1 AND 2).
    Class dismissed…

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    Great set up for the evolutionist retort about CSI TV shows. Or just WE’RE YOU THERE?

  4. Dave Luckett

    This is another example of Ham ignoring the scripture he purports to believe in order to try to create an impression of concordance with evidence – a completely false impression.

    For one creature to die in the very act of swallowing another required an extremely sudden disaster – a matter of moments. But Genesis 7:10-20 is perfectly clear: the inundation phase of the Flood lasted forty days. The waters “increased” over that time, as the rain fell. They rose, but not in an instant. In geological terms, yes, such an event would be extremely sudden, if it happened. One of the reasons it is known not to have happened is that there is no abrupt discontinuity to signal it. But in terms of the life of an undersea creature, forty days is a very long time. Far longer than it takes to eat dinner.

    But here’s Ham ignoring his own sacred word, because it doesn’t say what he needs it to say. For the fossil to be testimony to a catastrophic event, that event has to be a matter of moments – and scripture says it wasn’t a matter of moments. The Lord God took His sweet time about drowning everything and everyone but Noah’s arkload.

    People would have fled the rising water. They would have tried to get to higher ground – uselessly. They would have tried to save themselves, their children, their infants, their aged parents – but all were doomed to a slow creeping death. They’d have all drowned, taking forty days over it. God could have killed them all in an instant, like the Egyptian first-born, but no. Why deprive Himself of the entertainment?

    See, this why what you hear is the sound of Ham shooting himself in the foot. I know there was no worldwide flood. There never was a point when all of humanity bar Noah’s family, and all creatures “with the breath of life in their nostrils” drowned. It didn’t happen, ever. The story is a myth.

    But suppose I believed it? Then I’d have to conclude that this God is a monster, a cosmic psychopath so evil, so cruel, so disgustingly hideous, that the only moral course would be revolt, no matter what the consequences. Somehow a way would have to be found to invade Heaven, batter down the Gates, storm the Citadel, rampage into the Presence and strangle the Criminal as He sits on His Throne. Armageddon would have to come, and we would have to bring it and win it.

    Ham is completely incapable of reasoning from evidence. That’s obvious, a matter-of-course given. What he presents as evidence for a Noachic flood is flagrantly the converse. Plainly. Blatantly. But Ham is also completely lacking in moral compass, and he proves it by approving of that nonexistent event. We turn with disgust, revulsion and nausea from the occasional human being who approves of genocide; but in Ham we have one who approves – approves, yet! – of worse. Even worse still, one who claims to be morally superior because of that approval, and who is supported by the State for broadcasting that approval.

    I contemplate Ham, and I feel contempt. But under the contempt is a creeping horror, a certainty that this cannot be allowed to stand. Again, Lenin asked the question: “What is to be done?”

  5. Stephen Kennedy

    It was one fish trying to swallow another one but Dr. Heimlich had not yet invented his maneuver and the fish choked. This is at least as likely as a global flood. And again I do not understand how a fish could die in a flood. They die when you take them out of the water.

  6. Eddie Janssen

    @Dave Luckett
    Rain has very little to do with the Flood. If anything, it lowers the waterlevel.
    The fountains of the deep (well, one at least) may have surprised our pair of hapless creatures if they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. These fountains could be quick and violent.

  7. Can somebody help me here? How do you flood the ocean? I’m really puzzled.

  8. “the fish didn’t even have time to finish swallowing its prey before it was rapidly buried.”
    Huh? The story says it was raining – how exactly does rain bury fish? Was it running away for a global tsunami or something?

    “a catastrophic global flood that rapidly buried”
    I repeat: how exactly do heavy rains causing such a flood bury creatures that already are underneath (buried, so to say) the water surface? Must I picture the poor fish getting hammered by YHWH’s raindrops as if they were bullets coming from a machine fun, or something?
    I have a vivid imagination, but this is beyond it.

  9. @EddyJ: “Rain has very little to do with the Flood.”
    Huh? Wasn’t it supposed to be raining for 40 or 365 days?

    “The fountains of the deep”
    OK, but how are such fountains to be supposed to bury our poor fish and his tasty squid?
    I still can’t get the picture right. Please, help me out!

  10. Eddie Janssen

    raindrops and clouds are evaporated oceanwater that is in the air, not on the earth. Ergo they lower the waterlevel on the earth. Only at the end of the 40 days when all the droplets fall in the worldwide ocean and clouds are no longer present in the sky do they contribute to the maximum possible waterlevel.
    Flood and rain are logical partners so 4000 years ago it seemed only natural to include rain in a (local) flood.

    For the second question:
    Mudslides, like the Burgess Shale for instance. And this is all creationists need. If there is a possible explanation for one isolated event, it explains all other similar events.

  11. Dave Luckett

    Eddie Janssen is right. Genesis 7:11 “…the fountains of the great deep burst forth…”. This is a reflection of the cosmology implicit in Genesis: the Earth is like a snow-dome, a flat-bottomed bubble suspended in an immense sea. If you make openings in the floor or the ceiling of the dome, naturally water will pour in. Hence “the windows of Heaven” and “the fountains of the great deep”.

    Still, that’s not what the Lord God said was going to happen. Genesis 7:4 “…I am going to send rain on the Earth for forty days and forty nights, and I shall wipe of the face of the Earth every living creature I have made.” No mention there of fountains. The Flood was primarily due to rain, according to this.

    I suppose immense geysers of unheard-of volume gushing up from below the ocean floor could have moved enough mud to bury animals rapidly. Except for the minor quibble that there never were any such “fountains of the great deep”. Water being incompressible, the water for these “fountains” must have taken up exactly the same volume beneath the ocean floor as it did above. The net result is simply that the floor collapsed. That is, such “fountains” could not have added to the volume of the ocean or caused water to rise on the land.

    But magic – sorry, the divine power of Almighty God – solves any and all problems. All that remains is to ask why people who actually believe that such an epic atrocity happened, do not abjure with contempt any Being who could cause it.

  12. You people just don’t understand, and I fear you’ll all end up in the Lake of Fire. You assume that Yahweh, in his omnipotence, was somehow limited in his method of killing creatures, and he relied solely on flood waters. That’s absurd!

    Yes, land animals mostly did drown, but not fish in the ocean. Yahweh was probably roaming around, smiting creatures everywhere, and then the storms and swirling waters would eventually cause them to be fossilized.

  13. To restate the hambone is incapable of being able to reason from evidence so is mentally challenged, or he is a bold faced LIAR! As the evidence he presented CANNOT lead to his conclusion.

  14. And then in Genesis 8:1 “God made a wind to pass over the Earth, and the waters assuaged:” and fountains and windows stopped and waters returned.

  15. Ah, thanks everybody for enlightening me. I got it.
    And dear SC, do not fear for me. According to Ol’Hambo I’ll end up in the Lake of Fire anyway.