Hambo Offers What You Desperately Need

As you suspected from our title, this one is about something from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. At the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), his creationist ministry, he just posted Answering Atheists Conference Now Available on Video. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

In 2019 we hosted a very successful Easter conference, Answering Atheists, at the Ark Encounter. Hundreds of people attended and were equipped to engage with unbelievers on questions regarding God’s Word and the gospel.

We posted about that — see Hambo Has Proof and You Have Nothing. Let’s find out what Hambo has for us today. He says:

And now six of these sessions are available for preorder in a DVD set. [That’s wonderful!] This new set includes these six DVDs:

Here’s the whole glorious list, but with links omitted:

• Answering Atheists: Learning to Think Biblically (featuring myself)
• Answering Atheists: Genesis, Foundations, and How to Impact the Culture (another talk by me)
• Answering Atheists: The Bible vs. All Other Religions featuring Bodie Hodge
• Answering Atheists: Does Science Support a Flat Earth? by Dr. Danny Faulkner
• Answering Atheists: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? featuring Tim Chaffey
• Answering Atheists: Are Humans Related to Chimps? with Dr. Georgia Purdom

What a list! After that he tells us:

These sessions will equip you to graciously and boldly defend your faith [Graciously and boldly!] and answer the common objections many atheists have to the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

But wait — there’s more. Hambo continues:

These sessions are designed to give you confidence [Confidence!] in proclaiming to others the good news of the hope that we have as Christians. I encourage you to add this DVD set to your home or church library. You can save almost 50% [Gasp!] when you preorder the Answering Atheists 6-DVD set at [link omitted].

That’s all Hambo says except for some more promotional stuff, so this is where we leave him. And we leave you with one important question: You’re not going to miss out on this opportunity, are you, dear reader?

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13 responses to “Hambo Offers What You Desperately Need

  1. Michael Fugate

    Answering Atheists: Does Science Support a Flat Earth? by Dr. Danny Faulkner
    Shouldn’t the title be “Does the Bible Support a Flat Earth?”
    We know observation doesn’t support it, but does God’s revealed word?

    I wonder how inclusive “all other religions” is?

  2. Interesting that they make a contrast between the Bible and other religions.
    Is the Bible a religion? Some Bible believers say that they don’t belong to a religion (Jack Chick’s Big Daddy).
    On the other hand, there are differences among people who respect the Bible, including those who say that their faith is Christ, not the Bible.

  3. Stephen Kennedy

    I think Hambo is saying that even though they usually have a bible, Catholics are not really Christians because they often do not take it as useful for anything but religion and give the old testament, particularly genesis, short shrift. I graduated from a Jesuit high school and had to attend mandatory religion classes. These classes did not feature much bibsle reading. A supposedly non-fiction tome that has a talking animal on the first page just couldn’t pass the laugh test with most Catholic teenage boys.

  4. @Stephen Kennedy
    And the Catholics (and the Orthodox and even some Protestants) have more to the Bible. Mostly, these additions are harmless, except for a proof-text or two.

  5. Dave Luckett

    See, this is what I was nattering about two or three posts back. Ham is coming – with many a detour, to be sure – from the Protestant scriptura solus tradition, taken to lengths that would raise Martin Luther’s brows past his hairline. Ham really is calling the Bible a religion in itself. Yes, he really is saying that.

    Now, of course he is probably completely ignorant of the roots of this tradition, of which he is the last gasp of rococo efflorescence. Of course he neither knows nor cares where the idea comes from. Probably he has no idea of how the canon became canon, nor even what canon means, nor can he form, nor has he any interest in forming, an understanding of the origins, authorship, circumstances or provenance of the original autographs, nor of the fact that they are all entirely lost. The long, devious, convoluted and downright unknown processes by which the various manuscripts were written, redacted, copied, separated, reconciled, collected, selected, translated and interpreted is probably completely closed to him, nor has he the slightest interest in knowing it. He doesn’t need to know it.

    The Bible is the Word of God. It was inspired – which is a word that really means “dictated” – by Almighty God Himself. The text itself – whatever Ken Ham means by “the text” – is in and of itself sacred. That is an axiom. Axioms are not susceptible to demonstration.

    And that, ladles and germs, is (ta-da!) THEOLOGY. It might not be rational in itself – in Ham’s case, it certainly isn’t – but its implications can be rationally stated, and compared to reality. Specifically, to the reality of Ken Ham, his actions, his behaviour, his words. In that is a line of attack. It should be used, is all I’m saying.

  6. @Dave Luckett
    I’d just like to add something about the original autographs. Were there, in all cases, original manuscripts? In some cases, the present books were built up by editors, perhaps using oral traditions. Take a look at the book of Jeremiah. Even in publications in the US in the last century it can be unclear as to what counts as an original manuscript.

  7. Theodore Lawry

    Answering Atheists? Ham thinks that only atheists question him? Talk about deck stacking!

  8. chris schilling

    @StephenK notes:
    “…a talking animal on the first page just couldn’t pass the laugh test with most Catholic teenage boys ”

    No doubt a reminder of the Virgin birth was enough to shock you back into cold, hard reality and wipe those schoolboy smirks off your faces. 👼

  9. Answering atheists? I already know how to wave my hands around. Isn’t that enough?

  10. “the good news of the hope that we have as Christians”
    This allows me to repeat a question I have for Ol’Hambo and many other christians: how do you mean, good news? What’s good about eternal life in Heaven?
    I never got a decent answer; so the title of our dear SC’s blogpost (undoubtedly intentionally) is incorrect.

    @StephenK: “I think Hambo is saying that ….”
    You’re correct, except that it not only applies to catholics, but to all christian denominations who reject Ol’Hambo’s particular interpretation of his favourite holy book. And that of course explains “The Bible vs. All Other Religions”

    @DaveL: “Ham is coming – with many a detour, to be sure – from the Protestant scriptura sola tradition”
    Really? Quite interesting, but it must have been a long time ago, given all the nonsense he presents has “Biblical science”.

    @TheoL: “Ham thinks that only atheists question him?”
    What’s more, he claims that he provides answers.

    @GreenPF: “Isn’t that enough?”
    It is.

  11. Dave Luckett

    FrankB: “What’s good about eternal life in Heaven?”

    Good question. If Heaven – or, more accurately, the Heavenly City – were as described in Revelation, it would be like living in a gold box in Tiffany’s window, under a never-varying light that comes from everywhere. No morning, no evening, no darkness, no sky, sun, moon or stars, no seasons, no weather, no sea. No change. Nothing to do but sing praises to the divine Boss. For ever.

    I’d go crazy inside a month – which, of course I couldn’t count. No time markers. In fact, no time.

    It is said that one possible reason God created life and humans is that, by introducing something that had free will, he instituted the possibility of change to His Universe. Change, movement, difference. Unpredictability. Well, I can understand that. But if even God knew the need for it, how could He think that we don’t?

    I could get behind the idea of an opportunity to range across space and time, and see what I wanted to see, and learn and grow. But infinitely, for eternity? Wouldn’t that make me God?

    No. There’s too many paradoxes.

  12. Michael Fugate

    There is this comment on RationalWiki about engineer turned theologian Bodie Hodge
    No wonder he is building things…

  13. Stephen Kennedy

    @chris schilling: The Jesuits at my high school treated the new testament as absolutely true but basically thought of the old testament that it was mostly mythology. We also studied greek and roman mythology which featured many accounts of Zeus brutally raping a human girl who than gave birth to a son who was one of the heroes. Although I did not dare to say anything, the virgin birth, minus the violence, did not seem that different from the other myths of that time.