Discoveroids: The Festering Evil of Darwinism

Everyone has heard of the George Floyd protests which have been plaguing American cities since May of this year. The protestors claim all kinds of noble justifications for their lawlessness, but there’s one we haven’t heard before — until now.

Look what we found at the creationist blog of the Discovery Institute: How Much of Today’s Anarchic Nihilism Can Be Laid at Darwin’s Feet? It doesn’t get any better than this. Seriously, we’ve never seen a wilder post at any creationist website. It was written by David Klinghoffer, a Discoveroid “senior fellow” (i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist), who eagerly functions as their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. As you’ll soon see, he’s wildly flinging the stuff today. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

There’s a pervasive sense afoot that something has gone wrong, in a very serious way, in our culture. Just in 2020, problems that were of, let’s say, an outpatient nature in their gravity have gone to full-scale emergency — a cytokine storm of trouble, is one way of putting it. But why?

Due to their intricate knowledge of the mysteries of creationism, the Discoveroids are uniquely able to explain our cultural problem. Get ready, dear reader, because here comes a Discoveroid poo-storm:

I’ve watched the once-beautiful city where I live, Seattle, pummeled by violent protests, the police undermined by those above them in the government. The city watches endless chaos as the mob rampages, and no one in authority seems willing to stop it. Neighboring Portland is worse. Such things are happening across the country. It is anguishing.

Indeed it is. Then he says:

We’ve seen things that were previously unheard of. A random example: as others have pointed out, you may have noticed from the videos of urban anarchy that it’s now women, not just young men, who are assaulting police officers and otherwise creating mayhem. [Gasp!] It used to be that males had a monopoly on protest violence. Not anymore. What drives the astonishing anarchism, the nihilism of the young? What has drained the confidence of the adults, who should be the ones acting to assert order?

Klinghoffer modestly suggests that he has the answer:

I’m not sure anyone knows the full truth. But watch this striking three-minute video from Discovery Institute:

There’s a video embedded in Klinghoffer’s post. We haven’t looked at it, but there’s a hint of what it says in Klinghoffer’s next paragraph:

That there might be something unique, exalted, and worth defending about human lives, about our traditions of moral and spiritual belief, about institutions like marriage or the family or about property, about our freedom or our equal dignity, about our privileged place in the cosmos — all these ideas, once agreed on across the culture, are eroding, with a gathering speed, before our eyes.

Ooooooooooooh! Why are those ideas eroding? Klinghoffer continues:

Of course I’m not saying everything can be laid to Darwin’s feet. But see how much nihilism has been justified and advocated by some very smart and influential people in the name of evolutionary theory. [What?] This is not just a scientific theory of biological origins. It’s a powerful myth.

Wow — Darwin’s theory is also a myth that justifies nihilism! That’s shocking, isn’t it? Let’s read on:

That observation alone doesn’t make Darwinism false science. A myth could be true. It only means that Darwinism conveys a vision of reality that can’t help but shape us deep within. The malignancy of it [Malignancy?] has been building for more than a century and a half. Something wrong in the way Americans are shaped reached a critical threshold this year.

After a century and a half of festering, the malignancy of Darwinism has burst open like a hideous boil. Klinghoffer finishes his fascinating post with this:

If you want to understand how that happened, because you want to know how it could be reversed, it’s not possible without considering the role of evolution advocacy, which begins in school and continues to bombard us into adulthood. Take three minutes and see if you agree with me.

You wanna look at Klinghoffer’s video, dear reader? Go right ahead. Then let us know what we’re missing.

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27 responses to “Discoveroids: The Festering Evil of Darwinism

  1. Ken Phelps

    I’m still trying to get past the concept of being undermined from above.

  2. The first minute is OK – several quotes that are meant to sound shocking, but in my eyes sound very sensible. Then the Karl Marx quote I recently gave is presented, followed by

    “At some future period ….. the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace ….. the savage races.”
    (Charles Darwin)

    Follows some more garbage and then … some very sensible quotes again. The last one is

    “Darwin’s theory undermined the foundation of [the] … entire Western way of thinking about the place of our species in the universe.”
    (Peter Singer)

    What exactly the impact is on our (American) society, what this has to do with the current uprising against racism and why similar protests in other countries (where evolution theory is more widely accepted) are far less violent you won’t learn from Kcluncky’s video. So except for the suggestion that Darwin is responsible for Gulag skulls and abortion it’s a good video.

    Conclusion: Kclunkcy may fling poo, none of it hits anything.
    Those who are curious but don’t want to visit that IDiot site:

    https:// watch?v=HzLkvoj5TTc

  3. Michael Fugate

    So the Darwinists are opposing racism and the non-darwinists are supporting it – contrary to everything Klinghoffer says? This does seem to be the case from the beginning of evolutionary biology, Darwin and Huxley in the 1860s lobbied for government officials in Jamaica to be prosecuted for the murder of protesting Black people.

    Not to mention, much of the current violence is initiated by the police playing soldiers (tanks!) and we now know that earliest arson attempts in Minneapolis were due to white supremacists. If the police and military decided to march with the protesters – opposing racism – then none of this would be happening. This is a failure of leadership – starting at the top. I attended an “All Black Lives Matters” march in Los Angeles with estimates of 25,000+ people – no police and no problems other than a couple of confused old people driving into the crowds at low speed. Almost everyone was wearing a mask too…

  4. @Michael Fugate
    AIUI, there is no military involved in the USA. At least in theory, the military in the USA is strictly trained against political action. I don’t know whether that is true of police.

  5. Michael Fugate

    National Guard?

  6. Derek Freyberg

    And how, Klinkerclunker, can you explain that countries in which evolution is far less controversial (i.e. more accepted) than in the US – like even our next door neighbor Canada – are not seeing endless chaos, urban anarchy, etc., etc.?

  7. Michael Fugate

    There is another great article at the DI by a religion professor “reviewing” Strickberger’s “Evolution” text. Robert Schedinger teaches at Lutheran College which appears to have a fully functioning biology department supporting evolution. In his review, he asks such great questions “if the corolla of a flower gets longer, how will the proboscis of a moth get longer in response?” Essentialism may work in religion, but it has been dead in biology for quite some time – by this point and if he actually read the text – he might have learned about populations and variation. Then again – obviously not….

    And he as usual offers no alternative.

  8. @Michael Fugate
    No, not National Guard.

  9. Exactly Derek F. If your explanation (K’s) has any power, why the
    disparity between countries, obviously disparate along religious lines (or his employers) with his reading of the social situation in our streets.

  10. @Michael Fugate
    I read that review of Strickbegr’s “Evolution”. The reviewer spends time on “if X evolkves because it is better thanY, how come there is still Y”. Such as if multicelled organisims evoved from unicellled organism, why are there still unicelled organisms?
    Would it be fair to ask the same about Intelligetn Design? If it serves God’s goals to design multicell, why did he make single cellls?

  11. chris schilling

    If you promote harmful myths of exceptionalism and “manifest destiny”, and then create divides between those who feel they’re more entitled to the privileges accruing from such notions — and those who aren’t — then it’s not surprising when things go pear-shaped. Putzberger would have people believe evolutionary theory is a deliberate conspiracy to derail America from its true providential path.

    America’s inability to understand and accept the implications of Darwin’s works, in contrast to the more general maturity with which the rest of the West has absorbed his influence, makes the nation exceptional in all the wrong ways.

  12. There was a lot of discoveries in the mid 19th century. In biology, the germ theory of disease, and it was abused to support racism. It was only in the 19th century that the bases for human reproduction were understood. In the field of Biblical studies, the Documentary Hypothesis, and Ancient Middle East archeology, and the deciphering of ancient texts relating to the Old Testament.

  13. Dave Luckett

    Being a pedant at heart, I can’t refrain from pointing out that a myth is a narrative that explains a natural event or human custom by some supernatural means. Therefore, a myth can’t be true, by definition. The stories of creation in the Old Testament are myths.

    Klunkerdropper probably means that a legend can be true, but he confuses the cases. A legend is a narrative of the heroes, gods, ancestors and “mighty men of old”, told to glorify the present condition of the people. Legends can contain truth, although they can also be pure fiction. The stories of Robin Hood and Roland of Roncesvalles are certainly legends with a core of fact; those of King Arthur may be; possibly the Exodus legend might have some fact buried in it; and the Flood legend (which is also partly myth; see the rainbow) might recall the flooding of the Black Sea basin. Even the story of the Garden of Eden contains truth: once our ancestors wandered in a wilderness and took what it gave freely, without grinding stoop labour in the fields. And the stories of the empty tomb that Sunday morning show the embroidery and amplification that are the signatures of gathering legend, too.

    But Darwin’s theory is neither myth nor legend. It explains natural events by natural means. What is myth is Klangclapper’s explanation of the riots – he resorts to essentially supernatural means. Somehow a natural explanation for the origin and diversity of species has turned into a justification for rioting, looting and burning. The connection is not even described, let alone traced or explained. It simply is, in the mind of Klunkercopper.

    But that is the only place it is.

  14. Dave L, the second definition of myth does not include anything re supernatural, but rather refers to widely held but false belief e.g. US a Christian nation, manifest destiny, etc.

  15. Theodore J Lawry

    In the “wedge” document the DI planned to save civilization or at least the USA from materialism, by bringing back the Intelligent Designer. They had 5 and 20 year plans. That was about 22 year ago, Everyone can see that the project of turning us all to ID was an utter failure.

    But now Klinghoffer says the DI has not only failed to make it all better, they have failed so badly that the country is on the brink of total collapse! They have spent roughly $100 million (~5 million/yr times 20 years). Sounds like the DI’s donors’ money was even more shockingly wasted than we knew! Maybe Klinghoffer is hoping to scare the donors into giving more, but his gloom could well have the opposite affect.

  16. Dave Luckett

    Oh, poop, Douglas E has outed me. Words actually mean whatever the utterer means them to mean. How could I have forgotten Humpty Dumpty’s Law?

  17. Derek Freyberg asks the DI Poo-Flinger-in Chief:

    Klinkerclunker, can you explain that countries in which evolution is far less controversial (i.e. more accepted) than in the US – like even our next door neighbor Canada – are not seeing endless chaos, urban anarchy, etc., etc.?

    Would love to hear Klinky’s answer to that–but I doubt it will be forthcoming.

    But I can guess, on past form: to the Creationists, the rest of the world really has succumbed to Darwin-inflicted chaos, urban anarchy, &c &c. That is certainly the view one would get by living on an exclusive diet of Fox News and Breitbart.

    What others describe as American ‘exceptionalism’ is often IMHO a deeply engrained and utterly repellant nationalistic belief in American entitlement–and that requires a wholly Orwellina rewriting of American history, viz.

    “It is impossible to capture in words the splendor of this vast continent which God has granted as our portion of his creation.”

    —Ronald Reagan, accepting the Republican nomination in 1980

    Presumably God granted white European invaders their supply of repeating Winchesters to enable them to claim the continent divinely granted to them! How’s that for working in mysterious ways!

    …But, ‘genocide’? What genocide?

  18. Look who side with the rabblerousers too and contribute to the lawlessness on American streets:

    My bet is that over 1500 of them accept evolution theory too.

  19. @FrankB
    Mathematicians should know that evolution is mathematically impossible.

  20. I just looked up the standard definition. Hardly meaning whatever…

  21. Michael Fugate

    If one were to read Medved, then the US has been supernaturally guided to being exceptional – it is all a miracle that the US is the most exceptionalest of nations and we have God to thank for it. I figure it is the only reason Trump is president – humans aren’t that stupid…
    I think it might be the best strategy – let’s conclude God is responsible and to blame for all our problems.

  22. Klinghoffer:
    “That there might be something unique, exalted, and worth defending about human lives”

    You know, if they would realize that this applies to other humans besides old white guys like themselves, they might have a better handle on the protests.

  23. Michael Fugate

    Only in the US Constitution does one need to define “people” as including BIPOC and women – it was obviously unclear in the original what “people” meant, but it now apparently includes corporations – go figure. Which does make one wonder what was originally meant by such things as “speech” and “religion”.

  24. Michael Fugate

    Check out Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis – if only he had that much fire as president. I still can’t understand why voting is not a universal right in the US.