Better Than What’s Out There Free Fire Zone

We’ve been trying, really we have. But except for the Republican Convention, there’s nothing going on. Well, there’s stuff like this:

In the Daily Express we found: Near death experience: Woman sees GOD in space in afterlife claims. That’s too ridiculous, even for a blog that provides entertainment by writing about nonsense.

Well then, what about the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the granddaddy of all creationist outfits, the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom? Their creation scientists haven’t been doing much lately, but today we found this: Picture Perfect: A Youthful Saturn. Yeah, yeah — the planets look young. Of course they do — it’s a young universe! They’ve written about the same stuff before, and we didn’t want to slog through it again. See, e.g.: ICR: It’s a Young Solar System.

Well, there’s always the Discoveroids. What have they been doing lately? They’re writing about dead fiction authors — e.g.: C. S. Lewis, Science, and Science Fiction. That stuff may thrill their fans and patrons, but we’re not going to bother with it.

So we’re declaring another Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. As with all our free-fire zones, we’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

Okay, we now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it.

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36 responses to “Better Than What’s Out There Free Fire Zone

  1. Michael Fugate

    Then there is the comedy of Jerry Falwell Jr – another completely unethical Trump crony. Does he know anyone who is honest?

  2. Maybe his sister and niece.

  3. How about near misses by asteroids?
    2020QG just missed yesterday. And 2018VP1 is scheduled for a near miss on the day before the US election.

  4. @Douglas E: Yeah, but he hardly knew them. Didn’t really have anything to do with them. And besides, they’re socialists.

  5. whines about a humanoid fossil found 15 years ago (there is an article on CMI about it from 2010) that’s a problem for the evolution tree. Apparently evilutionists are too dishonest and stupid to recognize it, because the finder

    doesn’t seem to write about the problem.
    Of course creacrappers don’t have a problem with it at all, because goddiddid covers everything and anything.

    @Notsogenuine feels sorry about the wrong people – he should feel sorry about himself that his brain is incapable of recognizing nonsense like “math challenging evolution”.

  6. While at one hand more and more scientists (so goes the claim) doubt evilution and accept creacrap it’s apparently the opposite with theologians.

    “Steeds vaker hoor je theologen beweren dat Darwin gelijk had.”
    “More and more often you hear theologians claim that Darwin was right.”

    So has an excellent advise:

    “Theologen die Darwin en Christus willen verenigen, zouden zich in de biologie moeten gaan verdiepen. Ze zouden daarmee een onweerlegbaar argument voor het bestaan van de Intelligente Schepper hebben, want informatie is de onstoffelijke signatuur van God. Theologen kunnen zich dan weer concentreren op dat wat ze zouden moeten doen: de verkondiging van het Evangelie.”

    “Theologians who want to unite Darwin and Christ, should study biology. Then they would find an irrefutable argument (of course it’s irrefutable – that’s why creacrap is not science!) for the existence of the Intelligent Creator, because information is the immaterial signature of God. Then theologians can concentrate again on what they should do: proclaiming the Gospels.”


  7. @abeastwood & Douglas E:, concerning Trump “hardly knowing” his sister — LOL! Guess that puts the lie to his touting her for the Supreme Court!

    Ah, well. What’s to be expected from a man who brags about “doctors being amazed” because he can tell the difference between an elephant and a giraffe. And he questions Biden’s mental fitness? Oh, the irony!

  8. Michael Fugate — Thanks for the New Yorker article about YEC Mark Meadows and the dinosaur. I wonder what percentage of YECs are Republican?

  9. About the brain test, in particular, the different animals: that isn’t a camel, it’s a dromedary.

  10. Michael Fugate, the nebulous terms religious liberty and separation of church and state have been specifically defined in the US Constitution’s First Amendment. First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  11. A timely reminder that VP Pence, who would be the expected Republican nominee in 2024 if Trump retains office in November, believes that creationism should be taught in schools: Imagine what would happen to the Kitzmiller ruling if Trump gets to appoint Supreme Court judges.

    I’d also mention how Grace Community Church, which believes that the churches have the God-given right to defy the law on mask wearing and restriction of gatherings, Is also rabidly anti-environmentalist, because Genesis told Adam to subdue the Earth, and besides, the rainbow:

  12. Charley Horse X

    All across the USA…including the White House…Republicans are doing all they can to get Kanye West on the ballot. The question that should be asked, though….”is a designer and rapper as qualified for the job as a pro-wrestling promoter”? I, like so many Republicans think that to be so. He’s even come out as pro prayer in public schools and anti-abortion. Plus..married into one of the more prominent families…Kardashian.

  13. @Michael Fugate
    We have been told that the resignation was due to pressure from self-righteous people.

  14. Michael Fugate

    GA we know what the Constitution says, but it still needs to be interpreted. Minority religions are never going to have as much freedom especially when majority or traditional ones see things as a zero-sum game and the ends justify the means.

  15. What do you think? Is it appropriate for a person who leads the faithful but has engaged in such shocking behavior, that such a person should resign?

  16. Michael Fugate

    So many of them want Trump as president – justifying their choice with the ends justify the means and god can use anyone to further the kingdom. If you believe something you can always rationalize it. If their goal is to turn young people away from organized religion then Trump and Falwell are your men.

  17. The Economist for August 22-28, pages 17-22, has a long essay about viruses. It covers topics like the Baltimore classification, phages, Endogenous Retroviruses, apoptosis, the large number of species and individuals, Line-1 elements, etc.

  18. Michael Fugate

    One does question the cynical statements by BIPOC Republicans at the RNC – “the US is not a racist country”. Oh please. Tim Scott one of only two black republicans in Congress knows better. Republicans in Congress are 96% white and 8% women – now that is a representative democracy – white supremacy style. Democrats have a long way to go, but are at 38% women and 19% Black. Even if not racist – which they aren’t – they wouldn’t be working for equality only sort of not opposing it.

  19. Paul, I believe most people in the United States want creationism taught in schools. You are in the minority here. Chris.

  20. As a Dutchman I want creacrap to be taught in USA schools as well. It will result in the opposite of MAGA by making the American population dumber. So you have my support.
    In my native country it’s the experts (and none of them are creacrappers), who decide what’s taught in biology class. Religious schools can teach creacrap where it belongs – in religion class. This principle applies to homeschooling as well.

  21. Most people? You have some data for that claim?

  22. If people want creationism to be taught, does that mean that they have something substantial, something positive, to offer as an alternative to evolution?
    If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
    Wishing that there were an alternative to evolution hasn’t produced one.

  23. Michael Fugate

    What they really want is for humans not to have evolved – the rest doesn’t matter.

  24. @genuinearticlex7, Do you have a link for that? The wording of the question is crucial in such a matter. I too would greatly enjoy seeing creationism submitted to critical examination in schools, in areas where it is prevalent, but I don’t think that’s what Pence had in mind

  25. One more recent thing, from,
    Survey of mustatils shows them to be some of the oldest stone structures in the world
    “Mustatils are rectangular structures which have been discovered from satelite imagery, and seem to be the oldest artificial structure known, dating from as old as 5000 BCE – well before the Pyramids of Egypt, a thousand years before before the YEC date of creation.
    The research paper is accessible to the public:
    HS Grouchutt, PS Breeze, M Guagnin et al.
    Monumental landscapes of the Holocene humid period in Northern Arabia: The mustatil phenomenon
    The Holocene, August 17, 2020
    doi 10.1177/0959683620950449

    Wikipedia does not have an English article on mustatils, but there is a German Wikipedia article on “Mustatil-Bauten”.

  26. genuinearticlex7:
    “I believe most people in the United States want creationism taught in schools.”

    …and there was a time when most people believed the Earth was flat, but that doesn’t make it so. Science is not “majority rule”. Science is based on FACTUAL observations and the inferences logically drawn therefrom.

    What is taught in a school’s SCIENCE class must be based on science, and not just a belief held by one branch of one religion. If you want creationism taught, teach it to your own child. You do not have the right to demand that your particular religious belief must be taught to other people’s children.

    And don’t make the argument that science is just another religious belief. It is not a belief; it is an understanding. Specifically, it is an understanding of the nature of reality based on observation of reality.

  27. Michael Fugate

    rsg – are you really telling me – me personally – if I want something to be true, then it isn’t automatically true? There needs to be evidence?

    I do love the conspiracy theories popping up and being propped up by social media. Like this:

  28. Michael Fugate

    This man has 18 – yes 18! – honorary doctorates (sadly not a real one though)! So someone must think he is important – other than himself (which is obvious). Did you know that civilization is wholly dependent on the Bible? The US is in decline because no one believes in the Bible anymore? How do we know this? Other than George telling us, the Bible guarantees the dignity of every human and without the Bible telling us this we would never have known it. It’s true. The US is proof of this biblical guarantee or at least it was – just ask any BIPOC – wait, no don’t them, ask an old white conservative male like George he’ll tell you the truth.

  29. There’s absolutely nothing out there that’s worth blogging about. We may need to continue this Free Fire Zone for another day.

  30. @Michael Fugate
    Interesting. This seems to be a Catholic writer. He seems to be saying that hte United States was on the right path up until about 1960. That hapens to be the first time that it was considered possible for a Catholic to be elected president of the United States. After that, nbody seemed to be concernred about nominating a Catholic. (I don’t think that pollsters bother with asking “would you vote for a qualified candidate who was a Catholic?”) It was not long before that the Ku Klux Klan included Catholics along with Jews and African Americans. Irish, Italians and Poles were among the lesser kinds.
    IS that the America that he is nostalgic for?

  31. Michael Fugate

    They blame everything that is wrong in the US today on the 1960s. It is nostalgia for a 1950s that never existed – Men worked, women stayed home, everyone owned a home in the suburbs with a car, a TV, and of course kids. It is sheer make-believe. But the 60s brought civil rights and voting rights, not just for Blacks, but women, Latinx, LGBTQ+, etc. They went to universities and workplaces where everyone didn’t look or think like them and it scared the hell out of them. How anyone can be so privileged and so afraid – baffling.

  32. @from MichaelF’s link to George:

    “because Americans have paid insufficient attention to Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde”
    Neither does George. From the German Wikipedia:

    “1967 trat Böckenförde der SPD bei.”
    He was a social-democrat and as we all know social-democracy by itself leads to the Gulag.

    If you want to understand what he meant with the Böckenförde-dilemma you should learn to read German, but I’ll link to the English Wiki-lemma:öckenförde_dilemma

    Especially relevant is the paragraph beginning with “Gerhard Czermak writes …..”
    Leave it to an apologist like George to do exactly what his role-model advised against. Böckenförde is and always has been a strong secularist. In Europe it’s overall uncontroversial what he claims with his dilemma. A popular version everyone will be familiar with is “how (in)tolerant should we be towards intolerant people?”

    Never trust an apologist when making an argument while referring to another author. The probability of mine-quoting is too high.

  33. Michael Fugate

    Thanks for the link FrankB – the idea that order comes from the top-down – not the bottom-up is typical of those in power and unwilling or afraid to share power.

  34. I have been toid, but I have not checked it myself, that the last Democratic candidate for president of the USA who won a majority of the white vote was Lyndon Johnson (1964).

  35. @TomS — Yes. That was a point made on either PBS, CNN or MSNBC by a Black Democrat about why Biden does indeed need support from Blacks. The quote was actually that 1964 was the last time a Democratic candidate got more than 40% of the White vote. (I think.)