Hambo Is Settling the Ark’s Flood Insurance Suit

You may recall this story from a year ago: A Flood of Trouble for Hambo’s Ark? A suit was filed by the owner of Hambo’s Ark Encounter to recover losses incurred by — you guessed it — heavy rain. The suit claimed that an access road leading to the ark was washed away in a rain-caused landslide. As we said then:

Does flood insurance cover a landslide on an access road? Who knows? It’s amusing to learn that Hambo’s ark actually has flood insurance.

Today we found some news about the situation in the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky (not far from ol’ Hambo’s Creation Museum). Their headline is: Northern Kentucky’s Ark Encounter and insurance settle lawsuit over rain damage. We don’t see a comments feature. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

The owner’s [Why the apostrophe?] of Northern Kentucky’s Noah’s Ark replica, who sued their insurers in 2019 over rain damage, plan to settle the lawsuit. In a joint notice [link omitted] filed Thursday in an Eastern Kentucky court, The Ark Encounter and Allied World Assurance Company wrote they have settled the case and will file an Agreed Order of Dismissal in the next 45 days.

The newspaper’s link to the joint notice takes you to a website that requires a password to continue. We assume access is limited to people like Kentucky lawyers. Anyway, we’re not going to bother with it. Then the newspaper says:

The lawsuit was over a reported $1 million in damage from heavy rains in 2017 and 2018, which the Ark Encounter said caused a landslide on its access road which its insurance refused to cover.

Yup, that’s how we remember the situation. There’s only a little bit more to the Courier-Journal story:

The Ark itself, a 510-foot-long model unveiled in 2016 that is based on the Biblical ark in which Noah and his family survived a flood, was not damaged by the rain.

Obviously, something was looking out for Hambo’s ark. That’s twice in the last 4,000 years an ark has been spared from a weather catastrophe. Somebody — we’re not saying who –is trying to tell you something, dear reader. How long will it take you to figure it out?

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12 responses to “Hambo Is Settling the Ark’s Flood Insurance Suit

  1. Theodore J Lawry

    Does the Ark have lightning rods? You know, just in case?

  2. Michael Fugate

    One would have thought they could have marketed it as a model Grand Canyon?

  3. Charley Horse X

    replica….an exact copy or model of something, especially one on a smaller scale.
    A replica of the mythical Ark is impossible to make. Media needs to come up with a better description of that land locked barge made of wood, steel, concrete and plastics. Meanwhile, Trump will visit Kenosha where one of his Patriot Prayer gang members died after being shot. He and the Russians are doing a good job of stirring the pot and rousing the rabble.

  4. The thing in Kentucky tells how difficult it is to make something fitting a description of Noah’s Ark. It is just another case of a creationist argument going awry. Like the argument that life is so different from anything that any designer has been able to approach. To show that X has not been done by Y is not a good argument for Y being the way to do X. Whether we’re talking about building an Ark or designing life.

  5. @CharleyHX recommends: “Media needs to come up with a better description of that land locked barge ….”
    Gay wooden box would do.


  6. I agree that Hambo’s ark isn’t a “replica.” So what’s the word for it? Does Disney call Cinderella’s Castle a replica? Probably not. Then what do they call it?

  7. Michael Fugate


  8. Design.

  9. Artist’s impression?

  10. Charley Horse X

    Massive wood clad idol. But not gopher wood.

  11. I agree that Hambo’s ark isn’t a “replica.” So what’s the word for it?

    Well, since it’s the first ark ever built, I’d give it the honour of calling it “The Original”. Or “Second Original” if the Dutch one counts.