Theory of Evolution Dismantled!

This one is really going to shake you up, dear reader. We found it at the blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else.

The title of his post is Watch Dismantled Documentary Premiere on Answers TV. We know — you’re wondering what gets dismantled in that documentary. Bear with us — all will be revealed. Here are some excerpts from his post, with bold font added by us for emphasis, and occasional Curmudgeonly interjections that look [like this]:

“Where did everything come from?” That’s a big question — and how you answer it has major consequences. [The wrong answer will doom you to the Lake of Fire for eternity!] The secular world says life and the universe came from the big bang and millions of years of astronomical, geological, and biological evolution (and, sadly, much of the church borrows their ideas). [The fools!] But these ideas aren’t supported by the observational evidence.

Wowie — Hambo says the evidence.doesn’t support those secular ideas! This is fantastic news! Then he says:

Discover the truth in a new documentary from Back2Genesis, Dismantled: A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution [link omitted], premiering for three days (beginning today!) for free [Free!] on AiG’s high-quality, God-honoring streaming service, Answers TV. [Link omitted!]

This is your big chance to discover The Truth, dear reader. Now Hambo tells us:

This documentary — featuring some familiar faces from Answers in Genesis, including Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, and Dr. Andrew Snelling [Brilliant creationists!], as well as other scientists — powerfully dismantles evolutionary ideas, demonstrating that the evidence from biology, paleoanthropology, and genetics contradicts what we’d expect starting with naturalistic, evolutionary ideas about the past.

Incredible, isn’t it? Hambo continues:

You won’t want to miss this excellent documentary — and I encourage you to watch it with unbelieving friends and family, challenging them with both observational science and truth from God’s Word. It’s very well suited for watching with skeptics.

Just imagine those skeptics and unbelievers squirming as you all watch Hambo’s documentary together! Let’s read on:

Subscribers and non-subscribers can both watch Dismantled for free on our streaming service, Answers TV [Link omitted!], during the three-day premiere, October 9–11, 2020. After this weekend, Dismantled will then be available on Answers TV for rent for both subscribers and non-subscribers of Answers TV.

Hambo finishes with a pitch for subscribers:

This documentary is fascinating as it thoroughly dismantles evolutionary ideas. [Gasp!] I urge you to subscribe to Answers TV [etc., etc.]

Okay, dear reader. You’ve been challenged. Do you have the courage to watch Hambo’s documentary? Or will you spend eternity regretting your decision? It’s up to you.

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9 responses to “Theory of Evolution Dismantled!

  1. Michael Fugate

    An hour and one half film by a bunch of hacks will without a doubt dismantle science as we know it. Just like Feed my Sheep foundation was going to feed the world using genetic engineering… so much of a failure by John Sanford (renowned geneticist according to his friends) that he switched from genetics to anti-porn? Four years of intense study show that humans were specially created? Eve really began life as a rib?

    As I looked at this, I ran across this site with which I was unfamiliar.
    Missionary Dr. Grady S. McMurtry
    Full-time International Creation Emissary Biblical Scientific Creationist Apologist

    Such a pretentious title for someone so clueless. There are hundreds of these people- each more inane than the last.

  2. Once again, they pretend that finding faults (imaginary, of course) in the world of science, from the Big Bang to evolution, is enough to establish their alternative (never described).

  3. Hambo should know, he was there. Can’t doubt an eye witness.

  4. Michael Fugate

    Yes, science points to Eve being fashioned from Adam’s rib. We know for a fact that male ribs only have X chromosomes in their cells. Or maybe it is that ribs are androgen insensitive and the Y was lost. There is no way common ancestry could make more sense than Genesis 2. Of course God would necessarily be confused about sex; according to accounts God is the only one of the type. Not too mention creating males first – when a female could have done it solo. Or could it just be human patriarchy telling the tale?

  5. chris schilling

    “… challenging them with both observational science and truth from God’s Word.”

    Why bother? Anyone impressionable enough to take the latter claim at face value is ill-equipped — and probably could care less, frankly — to understand the former. (And anyone making irony-free claims to the “truth'” can generally be reckoned not to possess any).

    Any time creationists try to co-opt disciplines like biology, paleoanthropology, and genetics — disciplines not rightly theirs — they cancel themselves out. It’s a tacit admission that science has more explanatory power than their faith, and they need one to bolster the fragility of the other.

  6. I admit that I’m tempted to access their bs, since it’s said to be free (only I bet it’s not), just to see if it’s anything but the same old, same old. But no.

    “Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin”. If I gave way, like all such capitulations, the result will be deeply disappointing. As C S Lewis’s creation, the devil Screwtape, remarked, “To get the man’s soul and give him nothing in return- that really gladdens our Father’s heart.” There will be nothing but curdled air on that stream.

    Still, perhaps someone on YT will advance into Answers TV, that Citadel of Falsehood, and post an utter refutation of the lies stacked seventeen deep there. Of course that won’t really matter to anyone much. Anyone with even a little factual knowledge is immune to their nonsense; anyone without it wouldn’t know a refutation from a recipe for grits. And if you’ve managed to avoid knowing any facts from the whole sheaves of sciences that are perverted and misrepresented in this, you are almost certainly incapable of following the refutation anyway. The creationist noise machine has thrived for generations on that demographic.

    Still, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  7. “But these ideas aren’t supported by the observational evidence.”
    Observing almost all galaxies moving away from each other (more precise: redshift of faraway galaxies) and cosmic microwave background radiation are not observational evidence!
    Sorry for repeating myself. Fortunately there is more:

    “You won’t want to miss this excellent documentary.”
    On the contrary. After that stupid and enormous lie – please note: on Ol’Hambo’s own terms – I already know it will be either crap, lying or both.

  8. From MichaelF’s link:

    Yes. It’s in the first lines of Gen. 1. YHWH speaks and poof! thinks begin to exist.
    But I actually agree with this one.

    “Personally, I believe that we should teach evolution side-by-side with creation giving equal scientific emphasis and have our students learn to think critically.”
    Because the scientific value and content of creacrap is zero and that should be emphasized in biology class. Also in philosophy class it should be used as a training ground for recognizing logical fallacies. Let me give one example. I repeat a quote from my previous comment:

    “….. observational evidence.”
    Grady McMuddy has written an article on Carbon-14 Dating Technique. He writes:

    “There are more than 80 such technologies that are claimed to work.”
    YECers reject them all, ie they reject what they call observational science the moment its conclusions are inconvenient. They don’t obey their own rules. So why should we? They are worse than hypocrites; they are frauds.

  9. @FrankB
    “Do you understand creation?”
    The Hebrew Bible does not teach creation “from nothing”.
    Some prominent Christians say that all things depend on God for their existence, and creation from nothing is that relation.